September 2009 news

Metroid Prime Trilogy arrives in Europe

Friday, 4 September 2009 at 12:30 GMT

Today marks the release of Metroid Prime Trilogy in Europe! Stores across the continent should have the game available now, but it looks as though the metal tin was a North American exclusive. Nintendo of Europe still have the free NES Metroid on Virtual Console deal going too, so swing by their website for more details to take advantage of the offer. The official European Metroid website is also sporting a very pretty new look, with a nice UI inspired by the Trilogy's menu interface and plenty of hype.

A very special thanks to everyone sending in any changes spotted in the NTSC version of the game, with the PAL version now emerging I'll eventually compile a list of the differences between the original GameCube titles and the new compilation - if any Europeans notice any differences between the original PAL versions and this one (although I'm guessing there might not be any changes in the end), please send them in! (The Trilogy doesn't arrive in Australia till mid-October, so I'll be in the dark for a while longer... boo!)