December 2009 news

Merry Christmas and final update for 2009

Saturday, 26 December 2009 at 03:22 GMT

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone is having a great Christmas Day and enjoying this time of year. Guess what? More updates for those crazy soundtracks...

As it turns out, the Meta Ridley theme presented in the bonus Soundtrack gallery is the same slightly-modified track used in the UK trailer of the Metroid Prime Trilogy. Josh Corbett has also kindly reminded me that the Dark Trooper theme from MP2 was also slightly modified in the Trilogy version. So I've grabbed both those tracks and added them to their respective music pages (right at the very bottom of the lists). If you've already downloaded the full soundtracks recently, just pick up these tracks individually to complete your collection. Enjoy the new year!

New updates for Metroid Prime Trilogy

Friday, 18 December 2009 at 22:23 GMT

Over the past few weeks I've been slowly moving through the Metroid Prime Trilogy, taking note of any changes or additions to the original versions of the games. To that end I've updated most of the Trilogy's individual game sections to take note of any changes present in the Wii version (like Logbook changes, the new control system and the credits system for unlocking extras). Here's a quick summary of all the additions to date:

That's it for the major changes. There's also one or two other notes throughout the other guide sections whenever applicable. Thank you again to everyone who sent in all the other noticeable changes in the Trilogy, next up I'll prepare pages to summarise the changes to each game. But I think now is the ideal time to wrap this intense year up with a massive sigh of relief. We've had the fantastic release of Metroid Prime Trilogy in 2009 and a big year to look forward to with Metroid: Other M next year, so on behalf of all of me here at Metroid Recon, have a fantastic festive season and a wonderful new year!

Update: Ok, so maybe I should've checked first how long it would take to piece the game version pages together. As it turns out they didn't take long at all:

Any new details found will be added in due course. Enjoy the festive season!

Metroid Prime Trilogy soundtrack additions (Updated x3)

Sunday, 6 December 2009 at 10:23 GMT

There's been plenty of minor changes and updates to Metroid Prime 1 and 2 in the Metroid Prime Trilogy besides the control overhaul, and while the music in the original Metroid Prime seems unchanged, a few tracks were modified in Metroid Prime 2 (like the themes played when picking up the Energy Transfer Module and any Dark Temple Key). Although chances are these tracks may have been changed in the original Japanese release of Metroid Prime 2: Dark Echoes and just carried over into the trilogy... I've recorded these changes and added four extra tracks to the Metroid Prime 2 soundtrack, they're all right at the bottom so if you've already picked up the big zip archive before just grab the four individually.

Along with these I've also prepared the Wii Menu Theme and Title Theme from the trilogy itself - grab these from the bottom of any of the music pages from the trilogy's individual games. I also found some annoying glitches in the Metroid Prime soundtrack too (gah), so I've refreshed it again with fixed tracks. Apologies to anyone who needs to download it again :( Enjoy!

Update #1: Special thanks to Damian for letting me know that I'd missed the multiplayer theme from Echoes that plays with only one minute or score left in a match - all fixed now.

Update #2: Another very big thank you to Caploand who has kindly provided us with the Wii Menu Themes of the Japanese versions of Metroid Prime 1 and 2 - both tracks are presented with the other two Trilogy themes at the base of each of the main games' music pages. Enjoy!

Update #3: Phew, I really hope this is the last one. As it turns out there were a few musical changes for Metroid Prime 3 in the Metroid Prime Trilogy too... I've added the extended Bryyo main theme and Natives of Bryyo (which if you listen closely was altered slightly from the original) to the end of the list. Unlike most tracks the Bryyo theme only runs for one loop otherwise it'd end up beyond 14 minutes long. The beginning of the Phaaze main theme track needed fixing too, so if you've already downloaded it before grab it individually for the final version. Now hopefully that should finally be the end of all the music updates...