June 2010 news

More Other M screenshots from E3

Friday, 18 June 2010 at 11:18 GMT

The media from E3 keeps rolling out... Swing by the Metroid: Other M screenshots page for the latest batch of colourful, vibrant and incredibly varied sneak peeks of some environments and foes you'd certainly not expect to see aboard a space station.

Nintendo have also posted an inspirational interview with producer Yoshio Sakamoto, head to their special E3 media section for the clip. Good stuff!

E3 Media Frenzy

Thursday, 17 June 2010 at 12:55 GMT

Metroid: Other MPhew, E3 was worth the wait this year... By now you've probably already digested the million-and-a-half announcements from Nintendo's E3 conference in LA, from the Nintendo 3DS to the new Zelda (and Kid Icarus!) to a very nice looking new outing for Donkey Kong Country (developed by Metroid Prime-creator Retro Studios!).

Metroid: Other M was given plenty of media coverage, and we have some shiny new screenshots, artwork a new trailer and the game's boxart to enjoy. These are some mighty fine assets, and the trailer reminds us that isolation, atmosphere and good old Metroid fun is alive and well in the game. August can't come soon enough!

This week is already a blur with all the E3 news, so head to Nintendo's E3 media section or 1Up to keep apprised of all the latest developments.

Update: I've added downloadable versions of the E3 trailer. For good measure, I've also added better-quality download versions of the E3 2009 trailer as well. Enjoy!

Other M and Super Metroid updates

Friday, 11 June 2010 at 11:58 GMT

E3's only a few days away! Nintendo will be presenting their take at 9am PDT on Tuesday 15th June, and with any luck we'll see some fresh new media from Other M (and hopefully something for that pointy-eared elf too...). With all the behind-the-scenes info released over the past year documenting Yoshio Sakamoto and Team Ninja's collaboration, I've prepared a new background page for Other M with a summary of all the development info we've seen.

Good news for Australia too, as Other M has been given an M rating by the OFLC, meaning that a final release date can't be too far behind (for Europe hopefully too).

I've also added two new small missing tracks to the Super Metroid soundtrack: Escape for the Space Colony and Approaching Planet Zebes. If you've already picked up the entire soundtrack in the past, simply grab the two tracks individually to complete the updated collection. I can't believe I missed Approaching Planet Zebes - it must be one of the most spine-chilling tracks of the entire series - just give it a listen and all the good memories come flooding back...

We've also been alerted to a new Metroid Prime-based fan game project: Metroid Multiplayer.

Metroid Multiplayer

The current team is based in France and is looking for new talent so this may be better suited to those who understand French, but it's still looking mighty promising. I'm not entirely sure what the game's developed in (possibly the Unreal Engine?), but be sure to drop by their official Facebook page for a look at the work-in-progress.

Metroid: Other M dates, pre-order bonuses and the Metroid manual

Friday, 4 June 2010 at 11:20 GMT

Metroid: Other MGood news! Nintendo have revealed the local Japanese release date for Metroid: Other M - September 2, 2010. That's only two days after the US release on August 31, not bad! They've also heavily updated the official Japanese Metroid website, giving it some much-needed content in the form of some new pics, plenty of up-close shots of all those pretty CGI cutscenes and two haunting new musical pieces by Kuniaki Haishima - and they're orchestrated!

Most of the site's sections bear coming soon messages, so hopefully we'll see more revealed on the site leading up to the game's release. A translated version for all the other official Metroid sites would be very welcome too...

Gamestop have also apparently begun a pre-order bonus campaign - pre-order now and your reward is an art folio of 16 pieces depicting scenes from the game. Special thanks to Varia31 and the MDb for the news!

In other news, I've finished scanning the final instruction manual - this one for the very first Metroid.