Varia31's Metroid Prime Hunters: Chapter 1

Written by Varia31
Published on the 26th August, 2008.

Author's intro: "On the planet Zebes, a hunter makes her escape..."

In the reaches of outer space, the planet called Zebes, once a peaceful place that was once home to an alien race called Chozo, a bird-like species that excelled in technology. Over the years they became extinct, they met their demise on the planet Tallon IV, which was ironically where they sought out refuge; but there was one girl that would carry out their legacy, a girl that they had raised and trained to become a warrior that would defend the entire galaxy. Her name: Samus Aran, now the most renowned bounty hunter to ever exist. And so, our story begins...

Samus had defeated the biomechanical life-form known as Mother Brain and was attempting to escape; she had just reached the top and was heading towards her gunship. Aran made it, but before she got inside, someone shot her in the back; it was a hardy blast, because she staggered forward. She regained her balance and turned around, there in the tunnel exit that she came out of was a Space Pirate; his name was General Weavel, "There is no escape!" he shouted. Samus raised the large silver-green cannon on her arm and fired, Weavel avoided the bullet-like round of plasma and then fired his own weapon. The armor-clad bounty hunter leaped out of the way and then rolled up into her Power Suit's Morph Ball mode.

She rolled towards her opponent, dodging the weapon fire that the Pirate General was attacking her with. Samus laid small energy bombs near the general and then quickly moved away; Weavel finally damaged Samus, forcing her to revert back to her bipedal form. Weavel noticed the explosives near his feet just in time; he jumped right as they exploded and then landed on the ground, although his leg was still slightly injured by the blast. He got back up, and started walking towards Samus. Limping, he activated his energy scythe, attempting to finish her of while she was stunned; but it was in vain. As he swung his blade at her, she came to her senses and blocked the blade with her arm cannon just in time.

While he was distracted, Samus took the advantage that she had and swept her leg across the ground, causing him to fall onto the dirt. She got back to her feet and aimed her weapon at him; she fired multiple times, damaging the general's armor. He got up and then swung his scythe again, this time hitting the bounty hunter and leaving a small gash on her helmet. Weavel swung once more; Aran blocked his weapon with her shoulder armor and then swung her fist, delivering a hardy blow to Weavel's stomach. He staggered back, Samus then activated her arm cannon's Grapple Beam and extended it; it attached to Weavel's body successfully. She pulled Weavel towards her and then punched a few times; then she threw him back towards the exit and fired a missile at him. It hit him in midair, knocking him unconscious and damaging him at the same time; he landed in front of the tunnel, to be left for dead.

Relieved, Samus glanced at the timer inside her visor which was displaying how much time she had before the area detonated, it read "00:27", Samus hurried to her ship. She got inside with only eighteen seconds to spare; without hesitation she took off, leaving the world that she had once called home. The area detonated, engulfed with flames and smoke, Tourian was destroyed.

Two weeks later...

General Weavel woke up; his vision was blurry but adjusted shortly. He knew he was alive but didn't know where he was, then it came to him, he was in a Space Pirate medical room; the last thing he remembered was fighting the bounty hunter that had infiltrated Tourian and destroyed the Mother Brain... he also remembered losing both consciousness and the battle. But then he realized something, he couldn't feel his body; all of a sudden, Pirate surgeons walked into the room. Weavel knew that with their latest technology, he would have a new body.

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