Varia31's Metroid Prime Hunters: Chapter 5

Written by Varia31
Published on the 25th May, 2009.

Author's intro: "On the Celestial Archives, an Enoema fights for his life..."

The Hunter Kanden, a mutated Enoema, ran through the hallway of the Data Shrine, moments earlier, he had taken a Binary Subscipture artifact he had found, only to have two-legged mechanoids called Guardians chase him, they were built to safeguard the Alimbics' most sacred artifacts, and apparently weren't going to allow Kanden to get away. They were firing Power-Beam shots at him, Kanden concluded that they must be designed to persistently chase and destroy if it meant the good of protecting the Alimbic artifacts, one thing, Kanden thought, I don't have it anymore! Not long after he stole the artifact, the bounty hunter Samus Aran defeated the Enoema and took it from him, but the Guardians obviously thought that he still had it, and gave chase. Kanden turned around and shot a charged Volt Driver round at the nearest Guardian, the large yellow sphere of electrical energy was slow, but it hit its target. The mutated monstrosity of a hunter laughed as the Guardian fell to the floor, lifeless; Kanden then fired several normal Volt Driver shots at another Guardian, quickly dispatching it, and then drove his fist into the last mechanoid with all his might, sending it reeling away and then into a wall. The Guardian instantly deactivated on impact, and then fell to the ground.

Now that the threat was taken care of, Kanden needed to find a way out to his ship and get away from these blasted archives. He went through a door, and then entered a room with multiple platforms descending down to the floor where the next door was located, the thought of being chased by Samus sent a chill up his spine, the very memory of facing such a powerful adversary discouraged him, as he lusted to become the most powerful bounty hunter in existence, but then he remembered the promise of Ultimate Power, the confidence of finding it first brought excitement to him, if he found it, he would become all powerful, he would defeat the great Samus Aran, he would conquer all! As quickly as he could, he jumped down the platforms, finally reaching the ground, he went through the door, and then traversed through another tunnel. After a few minutes he finally reached his ship, he got in without hesitation, and took off, his next destination, Alinos.

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