Varia31's Metroid Prime Hunters: Chapter 2

Written by Varia31
Published on the 27th September, 2008.

Author's intro: "On Norion, an armored creature prepares to strike..."

Sylux moved its hand across its recently acquired Shock Coil, acting like the weapon was its only friend. Sylux had stolen the Shock Coil from a Federation research facility, the electrical beam was deemed illegal because it was too dangerous to handle; Oh, I'll exploit that danger all right, and use it to destroy the Federation and their female ally, thought Sylux. Sylux, for unknown reasons, has loathed the Federation and Samus for a long time, and now believes that it can defeat both of them for good; but only time will tell, for right now, it had other matters to attend to. There were two Federation Guards on patrol, looking for Sylux; they apparently weren't very happy about the stolen Shock Coil.

Sylux hid behind an inactive cruiser as they passed by. Suddenly one of the troopers stopped and said, "Hold on, I'm picking something up on my radar." They started walking towards the cruiser, perfect, Sylux thought; this will be a great opportunity to test out my new weapon. Right as the troopers neared the vehicle, Sylux jumped out from behind it; "Look ou..." before the trooper could say anymore, Sylux had already activated the Shock Coil and began draining their energy reserves. Within moments, the electric beam had ended the lives of both of the guards: Sylux would have loved to stay and congratulate itself for this "great victory" but right now it needed to escape, and dying was not something it had planned on.

Sylux ran as fast as it could, trying hard to make it back to its ship, the Delano 7. It decided it wasn't going fast enough and then changed into its Lockjaw mode; Sylux was definitely getting better ground, for it was nearing the location of its traveling vessel. Within moments, Sylux arrived; before changing back to biped mode, someone fired at Sylux. It moved out of the way just in time, merely a few seconds after the beam missed, five Federation troopers came out from behind Sylux's ship; one stayed behind while the others charged at the armor-clad creature. Sylux quickly laid two bombs in its wake, then a third as one of the troopers passed over them; the marine was trapped in an electrical triangle, and then killed by the power surge that the bombs produced. Sylux shifted back to its bipedal form and then swiftly activated the Shock Coil and, within seconds, eliminated two other marines. The fourth trooper ran towards Sylux and then swung his fist at it: Sylux blocked the blow and then brought the Shock Coil into the marine's stomach. Staggering back, the Federation Marine struggled to raise his weapon, but was too late, the blue armored Sylux finished off the trooper with the Shock Coil's basic power beam function.

All that was left was the marine that was still near the Delano 7; but this trooper had slightly different armor, with an unusual blue hue and thicker armor on his chest, shoulders, and thighs. Without hesitation, Sylux used the Shock Coil... but to no effect, "My armor is specifically designed to counter the Shock Coil, 'your weapon' takes no toll on my suit", said the marine. Sylux snarled at this, it then charged at the officer and swung the Shock Coil at him; the marine dodged the weapon and then kicked Sylux. The trooper raised his beam cannon then fired at Sylux, it then ran away and took cover behind some debris that was meant to conceal the Delano 7, but that obviously was pointless now.

Sylux had a little less than fifty percent of energy left, but it got an idea; it used its visor to interface with its craft. Sylux ordered the Delano 7 to fire on the Federation Marine, and it did so; the main turret activated and shot at the silver-blue solider. It only took a swift moment for the marine to fall to his knees; Sylux deactivated the Delano 7's weapon and then stood up and walked over to the officer. The trooper was in severe pain, with his energy levels at critical; trembling with anguish, he looked up at Sylux, who lifted its weapon in the air, and then brought it down on the Federation Officer, killing him.

Satisfied, Sylux walked up to its ship; it got inside the cockpit and then activated the thrusters. Sylux lifted off and then flew off into the stars; about a minute after Sylux had left the atmosphere, it heard something in its mind, the secret to ultimate power lies in the Alimbic Cluster. Pondering this, Sylux began to think that if whoever or whatever said this to it telepathically was right, perhaps it could achieve this "ultimate power"; maybe it could destroy the Federation once and for all. With this in mind, Sylux set a course for the Alimbic Cluster.

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