Varia31's Metroid Prime Hunters: Chapter 4

Written by Varia31
Published on the 3rd February, 2009.

Author's intro: "On Alinos, a revived Pirate General encounters the last Diamont..."

Weavel sat in his ship's cockpit, studying his new cybernetic body in the reflection on his windshield, amazed at the technology that the Space Pirates infused with his nervous system; he was pleased that he also had his own alternate form to rival that of the being responsible for destroying his body months ago, Samus Aran. Until now, he had never been able to get a good look at himself; he chuckled, prepare yourself, Hunter, I'm coming for you, he thought deviously. The Pirate General had been studying about the Alimbics ever since High Command had received a telepathic message about a certain "ultimate power", and had sent Weavel to investigate, this will be perfect to test my new abilities in the field, and to kill that accursed Hunter should I ever encounter her, he thought. Weavel concluded that if he retrieved this power-if it exists- the Space Pirates would conquer the galaxy, and he would hopefully find favor in High Command.

The general soon landed on the planet Alinos, which was once home to the Alimbic order, unfortunately, the planet's core had exploded, leaving it as a barren Class XV wasteland. Weavel extended his shuttle's exiting platform and then walked out onto the rough, rocky terrain; he activated his helmet's two-piece visor, the orange metal plates slid into place and then sealed shut, concealing Weavel's tarnished reptilian face. The inside of Weavel's helmet was dark at first, but then the visor lit up, showing a visual of the area in his field of vision, built-in targeting systems, and enhancing his sight considerably. He then took out his Battlehammer, a large hand gun capable of firing lob shots of concentrated green plasma at a slightly rapid pace, the weapon also featured a standard Power-Beam function, and could also fire miniature rockets.

Now that the cyborg was prepared, he remotely sealed up his traveling vessel and then left; a few minutes later, he walked into a tunnel. As he traversed through it, he noticed many catacombs and dried magma all over the ground and walls, this must have been a solid mountain before the explosion of the planet's core, he concluded. Once he came out of the tunnel, he caught a glimpse of someone that he somehow expected to find here, it was Samus; Weavel watched from a distance as she walked through a door, however, he did not expect to see her turn around and look directly at him. She stared at him for a few moments in a way that made Weavel feel uneasy, she then turned away and continued walking through the doorway, it then closed as the bounty hunter disappeared from his sight; Weavel felt slightly relieved that she was too far away to attack, he had confidence of hopefully having a better chance at defeating her in his new form, but he remembers her being a powerful adversary in battle, and also remembers witnessing her being able to upgrade her armor, as he had seen on the security cameras back on Zebes.

Finally, he reached the door that the orange-on-gold armored bounty hunter had went through; but before he could open it, he faintly heard a weapon fire, at first he thought it was Samus, but this sound seemed to be a heavier weapon. The Pirate General turned around just in time to see a lob shot of superheated magma flying toward him; he quickly avoided it and then took aim in the direction that the fireball came from. At first glance, he couldn't seem to find anyone, but then he looked closely at something he saw was moving; what he was looking at, he wasn't sure, but it seemed to be slightly humanoid, but was much bulkier. The being also appeared to have slightly translucent yellow-orange spikes protruding from the top of its upper body. The entity jumped down from the ledge it was on and then began to charge at Weavel, although it was still a distance away; Weavel raised his weapon, preparing to fire his Battlehammer once the creature was in range. Within moments, the monstrous being was getting closer, and Weavel could begin to make out the rest of the creature's appearance, its left hand seemed to have the shape of a small sphere that was a yellow-orange color like the spikes on its body; its right hand was shaped like a large weapon, and the being's head was rather small, with a metal plate covering the lower portion of its face, and small dull horns on the top of its head that were reddish-brown in color like the rest of its body. Finally, the enemy was in Weavel's firing range, the creature was sort of slow, as it took a few moments to get to where Weavel was waiting for it.

The Space Pirate began to fire his Battlehammer at the monster, the first few rounds struck their target, the rock creature was briefly stunned for a moment but kept on running towards Weavel. He was surprised that his weapon had done little more than make his enemy flinch, normally, a weapon of the Battlehammer's caliber would do more damage; but Weavel could do no more, his opponent was close enough to him to attack, it jumped into the air with surprising height and attempted to crush the Pirate with its mighty fist. Weavel dodged the blow just in time as the creature simultaneously landed and crushed the ground with its sphere-like hand; Weavel got up off the ground and turned around to look at the beast, he observed the large crater in the ground that couldn't be missed, he stood there in awe, not even the Hunter is THAT strong, he thought.

The creature turned around and looked at Weavel, the Pirate spoke up, saying, "so, you're a Diamont, I thought I'd never see one with that witch, Aran, destroying all of our handiwork." "I am Spire, the last Diamont, I am searching for this 'Ultimate Power' to maybe find out what happened to my people, and NOTHING will stand in my way!" the monster replied in a deep, rough, but booming voice. Spire got up from his crouching position and lunged at Weavel; before the general could react, the Diamont had swung his sphere-like hand at him, and the blow struck, it then sent him flying an absurd distance away. The Space Pirate had a rough landing, as soon as he hit the dirt, he continually rolled across the ground until he finally slammed into a large boulder; Weavel struggled to get up, sparks were dispersing off of his cybernetic body, his visor system was disrupted, his vision was blurred, and what was left of his nervous system felt one thing, agony. He had finally risen to his feet when he tried to make out something running toward him, at last, both his visor and his vision adjusted; he saw what it was, it was the Diamont. He activated his built in energy-scythe, and as soon as Spire was upon him, he jabbed the Diamont with it; Weavel was surprised that the weapon penetrated Spire's thick, rocky body. The rock beast groaned in pain as the scythe was embedded into his side; the cyborg then pulled it out of the creature and then punched the Diamont while he had the opportune moment to attack, but he was still a little dazed after the blow he took from Spire, so he couldn't hit at full strength.

Weavel then charged up an energy rocket and then fired at his opponent; the projectile hit its target, causing Spire to fall to the ground, but it didn't take long for him to get back up, however, because when he did, he struck Weavel again, this time knocking him unconscious. The Diamont, satisfied with defeating his adversary, transformed into his spiked boulder form, called the Dialanche, and rolled away.

About two hours later, Weavel finally woke up; he was in a lot of pain. He started to feel discouraged, he thought that if he couldn't beat the Diamont, chances are, he wouldn't be able to settle the score with Samus. But nevertheless, he would continue the mission.

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