Secrets and tips

Several unlockable extras await players in their efforts to resolve the Bottle Ship crisis. Read on for all the details of the bonus material in the game.

MINOR SPOILER WARNING: The unlockable items detailed below only become available upon completion of the game, so be advised of the presence of minor spoilers.

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Theater Mode

Upon completing Normal mode for the first time, you'll be given access to Theater Mode after the credits roll. Accessed from the main menu, this option will allow players to watch the cinematic cutscenes presented throughout the game at any time. Short, automatic gameplay segments bridge the gap between each cinematic. This mode essentially turns the game into one giant movie.

Completing the game fully on Normal mode will unlock the remaining chapters.

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Gallery Mode

A gallery of conceptual artwork will become available from the main menu upon completing the game for the first time on Normal mode. Segments of the gallery will unlock based on the following parameters:

  • Pages 1-4: Finish the game on Normal mode.
  • Page 5: Fully complete the game on Normal mode.
  • Pages 6-8: Find 100% items.
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Hard mode

Locate 100% of items on Normal mode to unlock the ultimate challenge of Hard mode. Select the option from the main menu when beginning a new game. Play this mode at your own risk - Ninja Gaiden-like difficulty guaranteed.

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Morph Ball Bomb spread

Special thanks to Andrew for reminding us of this trick. Before entering Morph Ball mode, fill up the charge gauge fully. Keep holding the fire button as you enter Morph Ball mode to lay five bombs around Samus instantly. Quickly pump out another three before the first set go off for more fireworks.

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Sector 3 Door Glitch

This isn't really a secret or anything particularly special, but it has proven to be an issue for people.

A quick overview: There is a door in a specific room in Sector 3 that is normally meant to be unlocked, but performing a certain behaviour in the game will render the door locked tight with no means of progressing. It's unfortunately a game-breaking bug that can force players to start the game all over again.

So how do you keep Samus safe from the Red Door of Death? Nintendo have acknowledged the problem and revealed its cause (be wary of minor spoilers here).

The cause: Shortly after receiving authorisation to use the Ice Beam in Sector 3, you'll reach a long chamber which locks you inside. To unlock the doors you'll need to defeat a group of Dessgeegas (big purple two-legged enemies).

The doors will unlock once all Dessgeegas are taken care of, as per normal. There's a tall cliff down at the end of the corridor you can't climb without the Space Jump - instead the intended exit is near the cliff. Ironically, the glitch door is up at the top of the cliff; you just can't see it from here.

If you backtrack at this point to the room where you received the Ice Beam, the glitched door will remain locked permanently, and you won't discover this until reaching it from the other side further in the game.

How to avoid: After defeating the Dessgeegas, do not backtrack - exit the room via the door near the cliff and proceed as normal to avoid the glitch. This way the glitched door should be green when you reach it later on.

Visit Nintendo's support website for more information about the glitch.

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Enemies stuck in the wrong room

Normally enemies are confined to the rooms where you encounter them. But if you manage to lure an enemy through an open door into an adjacent chamber, watch as they completely lose interest in Samus. Ground-based enemies (mostly Geemers) will likely try to backtrack through the door, but if the door is sealed they'll burrow down into the ground - even if the floor is made of solid steel.