Welcome to the mighty Bottle Ship. This derelict facility is home to multiple areas modeled after planetary environments, not unlike the Biologic Space Laboratories research station in Metroid Fusion.

Numerous sectors split the ship into at least four distinct regions. The directions in this walkthrough will guide Samus through the ship, detailing her efforts to uncover the mystery behind the events of the game. Due to the exploratory nature of the game and the layout of hidden items, please note that these directions are only one of many ways to go about your business.

The walkthrough will also cover the often-tricky first-person search segments, where players must locate a specific object on-screen to progress (often affectionately known as a "Where's Wally/Waldo?" moment). See the separate Search View Guide for a summary of them.

I'll refer back to the bosses, mini-bosses and item guides as needed, with convenient links between each section. Expansion items will be marked with a specific code per sector, as shown below. For example, Missile Tank S1.20 is the twentieth Missile Tank found in Sector 1.

  • MS: Main Sector
  • S1: Sector 1 (Biosphere)
  • S2: Sector 2 (Cryosphere)
  • S3: Sector 3 (Pyrosphere)
  • BR: Bioweapon Research Center

All set? Let's join Samus and see how this adventure plays out (and how many monologues she can come up with).

Please be warned - there are spoilers throughout this walkthrough, so only read it as a last resort. This walkthrough particularly includes story spoilers, so please take care!