Secrets and tips

Find out about special secrets and additional tips hidden within the game.

Bonus Unlockables (Metroid Prime Trilogy version)

The Metroid Prime Trilogy version of the game offers up bonus extra material in much the same way as Metroid Prime 3's credits system, all available in the combined Extras menu. You'll need to collect two types of credits throughout the game to unlock bonus material, and all credits can be gained in a single play-through. Read more information about how credits are awarded at the Credits Guide.

See below for charts detailing all of the unlockable items and their requirements, along with conditions needed to make them available for purchase. The original NES Metroid is readily available on the Wii's Virtual Console service, so sadly it's not present as a bonus in the Metroid Prime Trilogy.

Concept Gallery
World Gallery Orange Credit Orange Credit (2 Orange):
Available for purchase after Varia Suit
Biology Gallery Orange Credit Orange Credit (2 Orange):
Available for purchase after Gravity Suit
Samus Gallery Orange Credit Orange Credit (2 Orange):
Available for purchase after Phazon Suit
Extra Gallery Orange Credit Orange Credit (2 Orange):
Available for purchase after game completion
Bonus Gallery
Screen-Shot Tool Red Credit Red Credit Red Credit Blue Credit Gold Credit Gold Credit Gold Credit Green Credit Green Credit Orange Credit Purple Credit Purple Credit
(3 Red, 1 Blue, 3 Gold, 2 Green, 1 Orange, 2 Purple)
Fusion Suit Orange Credit Silver Credit Silver Credit (1 Orange, 2 Silver):
Available for purchase after game completion
Soundtrack Gallery*
Metroid Prime Theme Available by default
Parasite Queen Silver Credit (1 Silver)
Tallon Overworld Silver Credit (1 Silver)
Chozo Shrine Silver Credit (1 Silver)
Chozo Ruins Silver Credit (1 Silver)
Flaahgra Silver Credit (1 Silver)
Magmoor Caverns Silver Credit (1 Silver)
Phendrana Drifts Silver Credit (1 Silver)
Phendrana Battle Silver Credit (1 Silver)
Crashed Ship Silver Credit (1 Silver)
Phazon Mines Silver Credit (1 Silver)
Space Pirates Silver Credit (1 Silver)
Omega Pirate Silver Credit (1 Silver)
Meta Ridley Silver Credit (1 Silver)
Metroid Prime Battle Silver Credit (1 Silver)
Metroid Prime Credits Available upon game completion

*Soundtrack pieces will become available for purchase after hearing them in-game.

Metroid Fusion Bonuses (GameCube version)

There's a neat flyer packaged with the game that details how to connect up your GBA with Metroid Fusion to Metroid Prime (there's also info in the manual). Just as an extra reference I'll detail the steps and equipment you'll need for the connectivity, and of course the neat stuff you can unlock in the game.

Connecting the Game Boy Advance

First you'll need one each of the following:

  • Game Boy Advance (or SP)
  • Metroid Fusion
  • Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance Cable

Then go to the main menu of the game and select Metroid Fusion Connection Bonuses. Select one of the features in the menu you want to unlock. Now put the Metroid Fusion cart into your GBA and connect the GBA to the GameCube via controller socket 2,3 or 4. While holding down Start and Select on the GBA turn the power button on, MF will then send the required data to MP to unlock the bonus features. The two bonuses are as follows:

Original Metroid: To play the original NES Metroid game, you'll need to first have a saved game on Metroid Fusion where you've completed the game. Once connected to your GC the option to play Metroid will become available in the Metroid Fusion Connection Bonuses menu.

Fusion Suit in Metroid Prime: To enable the option to use the Fusion Suit in Metroid Prime, first you'll need to complete Metroid Prime and then simply connect Metroid Fusion to your GC to unlock this option. Once active, enable or disable this option via the Metroid Fusion Connection Bonuses menu. It's handy as you only need to connect the GBA once, if you haven't beaten MP yet the Fusion Suit will become available as soon as you do, so you won't have to connect the GBA a second time.

Unlocking Hard Mode (GameCube version)

Beat the game on Normal Mode to open access to Hard Mode.

Unlocking Hypermode (Metroid Prime Trilogy version)

Beat the game on Normal or Veteran Mode to unlock Hypermode.

Aiming Jump (GameCube version)

To make jumping around easier, you can use L to lock your view in place while jumping (also known as L-lock). To look down while jumping so you can see where you'll land easier, aim with R and look down at the ground in front of Samus. Then while still holding down R, hold down L. Release R and you'll lock your view, you can then jump around while looking down - a great way to find a place to land.

Space Jump Recovery

Samus won't get injured from large falls, but she will become stunned for a second and you won't be able to move. Once you've found the Space Jump Boots, if you time it right and jump up a second time just before she lands, Samus will land softly and you won't be stunned. Always handy when ambushing enemies below.

Boost Ball Trick

This is covered in the walkthrough, but I'll mention it here again. To use the Boost Ball effectively, when you're rolling around in a half-pipe charge up the ball and release it just as you begin to climb up the sides, then as Samus rockets into the air charge it up again and release it when she rolls up the other side. Keep this up and you'll eventually gain massive altitude.

Double Bomb Jump

There's no Spring Ball upgrade in this game (well, in the original GameCube one that is - flick the Wii Remote up while in Morph Ball mode in the Metroid Prime Trilogy version for a pleasant surprise) so you won't be able to freely jump around while in Morph Ball mode. Instead, you can use a simple trick to propel yourself high up with normal bombs. To do it, lay a bomb and just before it detonates lay another one.

As Samus reaches the highest point of the first jump, plant a third bomb, and if timed right you'll drop down and be propelled up by the second bomb, you'll then be caught in the explosion of the third bomb and fly up even higher. Use this trick to reach certain small openings normally out of reach.

The Image Galleries (GameCube version)

There's no bonuses for beating the game with a quick finish time, instead you'll need to unlock the Image Gallery bonuses via different methods. Four image galleries full of exquisite artwork await your perusal, here's how to unlock them:

  • Image Gallery I: Scan 50% of the Log Book entries in the game.
  • Image Gallery II: Scan 100% of the Log Book entries in the game.
  • Image Gallery III: Beat the game on Hard Mode.
  • Image Gallery IV: Find all 100% of the items in the game.