Game versions

Since the original release of Metroid Prime in November 2002, several versions have been made available on the GameCube and Nintendo Wii. Subtle and not-so-subtle changes have been made between each - read on for summarised lists of major and minor changes between the GameCube and Wii versions. The changes discussed below are made in relation to the original GameCube NTSC version.

Version releases (GameCube)

NTSC: Japan: PAL:
  • Version 1 (NTSC)
  • Version 2 (Same as JAP)
  • Version 3 (Player's Choice)
  • Version 1 (JAP)
  • Version 1 (PAL)
  • Version 2 (Player's Choice)

Version releases (Wii)

NTSC: Japan: PAL:
  • Metroid Prime Trilogy
  • Wii De Asobu / New Play Control! version
  • Metroid Prime Trilogy

Changes made to the original PAL version

  • Space Pirate Data and Chozo Lore Log Book entries were modified, altering the background story. The most notable change is that the Pirates never entered the Impact Crater and subsequently never encountered Metroid Prime.
  • The listed order of Log Book entries was rearranged.
  • The single Missile Ammo refill was expanded to three types in sizes of 3, 5 and 10.1, 2
  • The Missile counter on the Combat Visor displays total Missiles along with remaining Missiles.
  • A voiceover narration was added to the intro and finale cutscenes.
  • A voiceover was added to the scene after Samus loses a number of her abilities aboard the Pirate Frigate. The voice dictates the lost abilities as they appear on-screen.
  • A voiceover speaks "Impact Crater" and "Tallon Overworld" as you travel between these two areas.
  • A voiceover speaks "Recording to Log Book" whenever scanning a new Log Book entry.1
  • The Ice Shriekbats no longer eventually disappear at the Ice Ruins West region in Phendrana.
  • A Hunter Metroid does not appear in the Frost Cave room in Phendrana.
  • Fission Metroids appear in the Phazon Mines after defeating the Omega Pirate.1
  • Samus is depicted with a different standing pose after receiving the Phazon Suit.1
  • The Flaahgra boss theme plays in full during the battle.
  • The Thardus boss battle has been extended and changed.
  • The map displays a compass point.1
  • The door leading to Plasma Processing where the Plasma Beam lives is covered with debris, needing a Power Bomb to clear.1
  • The door leading to Storage Depot B where the Grapple Beam lives is covered with debris, needing a Power Bomb to clear.1
  • The Grapple Beam acquired cutscene has been improved.1
  • Power Bombs can be used to knock off the Omega Pirate's armour segments.
  • Meta Ridley uses a ground-stomping attack during the boss fight.1
  • When Metroid Prime uses its green grapple beam attack, the face closes and cannot be harmed.1
  • When Metroid Prime charges from one side of the chamber to another, Samus will not bounce up while hiding in a trench.1
  • The engine flare of Samus' ship as it enters hyperspace in the finale is improved.1
  • A full image of Samus without her helmet on is shown on the Mission Final screen.1

Changes made to the Wii version (for all regions)

Note: All the changes in the original PAL version above were used in the Wii version unless otherwise stated.

  • The game uses a similar control system to Metroid Prime 3.
  • The game supports 16:9 widescreen.
  • Difficulty settings have been changed from Normal and Hard to Normal, Veteran and Hypermode. The new Normal mode is easier than the original game's Normal mode.
  • Voiceovers in the intro and finale cutscene are not present in the NTSC version of the Metroid Prime Trilogy.
  • The voiceover reading out Samus' lost abilities after losing them aboard the Pirate Frigate is not present in the NTSC version of the Metroid Prime Trilogy.
  • The voiceover speaking "Impact Crater" and "Tallon Overworld" has been removed.
  • Bonus material is unlocked by collecting and spending credits earned throughout the game.
  • The Screenshot tool originally available in Metroid Prime 3 can be unlocked and used.
  • The original NES Metroid is no longer available as a bonus.
  • The Scan Visor's targeting reticule has been changed.3
  • Scanned Log Book entries will be retained from a previous save when starting a new game.3
  • The Ice Shriekbats at Ice Ruins West in Phendrana will disappear again after finding the Thermal Visor.4
  • Bloom lighting effects have been added throughout the game (most noticeable during the Thardus boss fight).
  • Textures and shadows are sharper and clearer.1
  • Particle effects were reduced when using the Charge Beam.
  • Water ripple effects were reduced.
  • Loading times for doors to open is shortened.1
  • The Hive Mecha boss battle can be harder due to the Wii Remote, but can be made easier by turning off the Lock On / Free Aim option.1
  • A Hunter Metroid is now present in the Frost Cave room in Phendrana.2
  • The Scatter Bombus in the Research Access shaft in the Phazon Mines no longer have electrical sparks coursing over them.1
  • Ice Troopers can still be frozen with the Ice Beam, but cannot be shattered with a Missile.1

Special thanks

Many thanks to the following people who submitted information about differences found in various versions of the game.

  1. Shawn Briscoe
  2. Javi Camarillo
  3. Patrick Bosworth
  4. Rafael

The list of changes above is by no means definitive, drop by Metroid 2002 to read about more version differences.