Game versions

Since the original release of Metroid Prime 2 in November 2004, a few versions have been made available on the GameCube and Nintendo Wii. Subtle and not-so-subtle changes have been made between each - read on for summarised lists of major and minor changes between the GameCube and Wii versions. The changes discussed below are made in relation to the original GameCube NTSC version.

Version releases (GameCube)

NTSC: Japan: PAL:
  • Version 1 (NTSC)
  • Version 1 (JAP)
  • Version 1 (PAL)

Version releases (Wii)

NTSC: Japan: PAL:
  • Metroid Prime Trilogy
  • Wii De Asobu / New Play Control! version
  • Metroid Prime Trilogy

Changes made to the Wii version (for all regions)

  • The game uses a similar control system to Metroid Prime 3.
  • The game supports 16:9 widescreen.
  • Difficulty settings have been changed from Normal and Hard to Normal, Veteran and Hypermode. The new Normal mode is easier than the original game's Normal mode.
  • Bloom lighting effects have been added throughout the game.
  • Bonus material is unlocked by collecting and spending credits earned throughout the game.
  • The Screenshot tool originally available in Metroid Prime 3 can be unlocked and used.
  • Textures and shadows are sharper and clearer.1
  • Loading times for doors to open is shortened.1
  • Scanned Log Book entries will be retained from a previous save when starting a new game.3
  • The Scan Visor's targeting reticule has been changed.3
  • Most of the locations of Luminoth Lore entries has been rearranged.2
  • The music played when receiving the Energy Transfer Module and Dark Temple Keys has been changed.1
  • When Ing Smashers awaken at the Hall of Combat Mastery room in the Sanctuary Fortress, the doors lock until they are defeated.1
  • After defeating the Power Bomb Guardian, the message "Power Bomb ammunition acquired" appears on-screen when picking up your first Power Bomb Ammo refill.1
  • When entering a Phazon-rich area inhabited by Dark Tallon Metroids, the Impact Crater theme from Metroid Prime is played.1
  • The Luminoth theme played during an Energy Controller restoration cutscene has been extended instead of simply looping.
  • The Dark Trooper Battle Theme has been modified with a different bass/beat track and loop sequence.4
  • The Spring Ball ability eases the difficulty of some boss battles.
  • With the introduction of the easier Normal mode, certain boss battles are noticeably easier to complete.
  • Logbook entries for Light and Dark portals can be scanned from any active portal, not just portals generated by fixed machines.4

Special thanks

Many thanks to the following people who submitted information about differences found in various versions of the game.

  1. Shawn Briscoe
  2. Michiel Van De Bilt
  3. Patrick Bosworth
  4. Joshua Corbett