Now to roll out the Aether tour. For this walkthrough I'll be taking things from the beginning right through to the end with Normal mode in mind (or Veteran in the Metroid Prime Trilogy version). If you try your hand at Hard mode (or Hypermode in MPT), just remember that enemies take more health from you with every slice and boast double their usual health from Normal/Veteran mode. So only take it on if you're feeling up to a serious challenge.

Throughout the walkthrough chapters I'll also refer to the upgrades and bosses sections when they come into play, with links directing off to those pages.

Consumables like Missiles, Energy Tanks and Power Bombs will be indicated by their number listed in the upgrades section and the area location like this: Missile AW.07 represents the seventh missile listed in the Agon Wastes area. Here's the regional coding for each area:

  • TG: Temple Grounds
  • GT: Great Temple
  • AW: Agon Wastes
  • TB: Torvus Bog
  • SA: Sanctuary

You'll find a special hint system included in the game (turn it on or off via the options screen) which grants you hints on where to go after a while. Keep it on if you're completely clueless as to where to go next and it'll help you keep up a smooth transition through the game. Please also note that many of the sequences I'll direct you through can be done in many different orders, so the directions I give here are not the absolute only way to go about exploring Aether, they're just one way of many ways to go about it.

Please be warned - there are spoilers throughout this walkthrough, so only read it as a last resort.