Now for the real guts of the walkthrough. I'll be detailing the beginning of the game right through to the end while keeping in mind Normal Mode's traits (or Metroid Prime Trilogy's Veteran). But remember, in Hard Mode enemies have twice as much health as they did before and you'll suffer more damage from inflicted wounds - so only take on Hard Mode if you've played through Normal Mode and are ready for a real challenge.

Oh, and you might want to take the time to just gawk at the gorgeous surroundings you'll be exploring, there's so much graphical detail packed into this game you might often think this is just a tour of the planet.

I'll also refer to the upgrades section and bosses section when need be. Missiles, Energy Tanks and Power Bombs will be indicated by their number listed in the upgrades section and the area location like this: Missile CR.02 refers to the second missile listed in the Chozo Ruins area. See below for the coding of each area:

  • TO: Tallon Overworld
  • CR: Chozo Ruins
  • MC: Magmoor Caverns
  • PD: Phendrana Drifts
  • PM: Phazon Mines

There's a special hint system included in the game (turn it on or off via the options screen) which will give you hints on where to go after a while. Leave it on if you're completely clueless as to where to go next and it'll help you keep up a smooth transition through the game. Please also note that many of the sequences I'll direct you through can be done in different order, so the directions I give are not the absolute only way to go about exploring Tallon IV, they're just one way of many ways to go about it.

One final note, each of the Chozo Lore/Pirate Data entry names listed in the walkthrough are presented in this format: NTSC/PAL(and Metroid Prime Trilogy). To avoid any confusion this means that the first log name corresponds to the name in the original GameCube NTSC version and the second refers to the GameCube PAL and Metroid Prime Trilogy versions.

Now charge up that Power Beam and let's get down to business.

Please be warned - there are spoilers throughout this walkthrough, so only read it as a last resort.