Unlike ever before in Samus' journeys, the game world of the Alimbic Cluster possesses four distinct celestial bodies to explore and retrieve artifacts and Octoliths from. Each unique environment is crawling with hostile life, from native creatures to Alimbic security technology to the rival hunters after the very thing Samus is searching for. Initially you'll be restricted to exploring the Celestial Archives, then new worlds will open up one after the other.

I'll run through the game securing Octoliths in a specific order, just bear in mind that later on once you've secured all six of Samus' new weapons you'll be free to secure the remaining Octoliths in any order.

Throughout the chapters I'll also refer to Samus' weapons, item pickups and bosses she encounters with links over to their respective guides. Missiles, Energy Tanks, Universal Ammo Expansions and Alimbic Artifacts will all be indicated by their number listed in the item location guides. Here's the shorthand code for each region:

  • CA: Celestial Archives
  • AL: Alinos
  • VD: Vesper Defense Outpost (VDO)
  • AR: Arcterra
  • OB: Oubliette

So Missile AL.02 would refer to the second missile listed under Alinos. Also note that many of the sequences directed throughout this walkthrough can be done in many different ways, this is just one of many suggestions to get you through in one piece. Now let's get started.

Please be warned - there are spoilers throughout this walkthrough, so only read it as a last resort.