Chapter 2: Legacy of a millennia

Welcome to Alinos - one fiery former home of the Alimbic Order.
Welcome to Alinos - one fiery former home of the Alimbic Order.

Jump off your ship and scan the terminal nearby to learn more of this world. Walk down the tall ramp and swing around behind your ship over to the large magma falls. Scan the Magma Station object there for your Logbook before heading back. At the base of the ramp, look out over the lava lake. See the large stepping stones bridging the the fiery lake?

Hop across them to reach the other side, just don't dawdle as each one will sink as you step foot on them. The Varia Suit sadly can't resist the lava on this world, so you'll need to steer clear of the lake at all times.

Once on the other side, travel left to find Missile AL.01 hiding up inside the canyon wall. With that secure, head back to the door and look for Alimbic Datashade 01, Alimbic Datashade 02 and Alimbic Prophecy 02 before leaving. Beyond the landing site you'll discover the Echo Hall - a winding series of decaying chambers.

Step forward but watch out for the small plants scattered about, they're dangerous to touch. Keep in mind that shooting them often reveals health or ammo refills. Down the first slope look for the Exposed Rebar object and catch one of the Zoomers crawling along the wall for your Logbook.

Move down to the open area and clear the sandpit of Zoomers before moving on. Scan the History 01 lore here before leaving. See the small tunnel over on the wall ahead? Use the Morph Ball and roll through there. Explore the narrow maze beyond until you locate a small area where three Zoomers live. Destroy them all to reveal a handy item - a Shield Key.

Pick it up to unseal a hatch in a tunnel above you. Roll up to the now-unsealed hatch and move through. Keep going as you pass the hatch to find Energy Tank AL.01 hiding in a tunnel ahead.

With your latest item secured, go back to the hatch and roll up the slope beside it. Follow the path to reach a chamber above where Alinos Cartograph Artifact 01 awaits you. Pick up your first artifact for the day before moving on. Blow open the crates nearby for refills (scan the yellow energy refill if it appears), then head through the small hatch in the corner of the chamber.

Roll through the tunnel and stand up quickly at the end. Three War Wasps will greet you above the lava pool here, quickly scan one before dispatching all three. Beyond here lies the High Ground area. Clear the small chamber you find yourself in of Zoomers to unseal the door directly ahead. Move through the door and down the following narrow tunnel. Clear this next tunnel of Zoomers to unlock the next door ahead.

Beyond this door you'll find yet another narrow tunnel, except this one has a small hole on one side covered by a purple force field. Don't worry about it for now, but be sure to scan the Flow Regulator and Interment Chamber here for your Logbook. Move on and around the corridors, eventually reaching a larger area with a hole in the ceiling.

Leap up to the main open area of the High Ground to greet your next rival hunter - Spire (scan the Magma Vent first atop the crumbling floor). For now he's way up above an overlooking ledge pouring Magmaul blasts down at you, but with such distance between you avoiding his shots shouldn't be a problem.

Now you just need to find a way up there. There's a number of things to scan here, but wait till you've taken care of Spire before relaxing. See the stone ramp near the now-sealed hole you jumped out from? Climb up there and look for a door leading out of here.

Go inside (scan the Blastcap near the door first) and proceed through the narrow corridor beyond. Past here you'll find a chamber containing Alinos Attameter Artifact 01, the Shield Key for it mustn't be far away. Go down the corridor to find another small chamber. You'll be sealed in just as a large blue triangular object on the wall spits out a small creature. Scan the creature to reveal it as a Voldrum. That blue triangle on the wall will keep spewing out more of them, so deal with it first.

With both targets taken care of a second spawning unit will open up. Deal with the second one to make enough noise to draw Spire over to you. He'll be firing at you from above, time to refer to the bosses guide for tips to make sure he doesn't ruin your day.

With Spire done (and the Attameter Artifact secured along the way), he'll give up the Shield Key linked to the Alinos Binary Subscripture Artifact 01 nearby. Pick it up to secure the third and final artifact. A door atop the ledge Spire originally attacked you from will now unlock, no doubt the Stronghold Portal lies beyond. Take your time now to explore the High Ground region more thoroughly, just watch out for a number of Psycho Bit-spawning units scattered about.

Before leaving via the unlocked door make sure you pick up scan entries for Alimbic Scripture, Science Sarcophagus and Battle Sarcophagus. Also don't forget to pick up Missile AL.02 here as well. Once you're ready, leap across the floating platforms to reach the upper door and go inside. Beyond you'll discover the teleporter leading back to the ship deck, use it and save your game first.

Once back in the Elder Passage, simply step forward and enter the Stronghold Portal. Step through the Alinos-themed hallway and over to the Octolith's chamber. Here you'll face the second type of Alimbic cybernetic defense - the Slench. This giant eyeball possesses a number of potent projectile weapons, refer to the bosses guide for tips to survive this encounter in one piece.

With your second victory against the Alimbic security systems secured, pick up your second Octolith. Upon securing the artifact, you'll be given a cryptic telepathic message hinting that the "cannon" holds the power. Rightio. Before leaving the chamber, make sure you pick up all the health refills and scan the Biodefense Chamber B lore entry beside the door.

Upon entering the long hallway outside you'll once again be given the warning message that you've only a short amount of time to return to your ship. This time it's 4 and a half minutes, so we'd better get moving. Quickly return to Alinos and go outside to the High Ground area. Totally ignore the Psycho Bit-spawning units and make a break from the hole in the center of the ground. Look for the only passage you can take and make your way around the door you originally entered this area via.

Take out the lone War Wasp beyond in the Echo Hall and quickly roll through the narrow tunnel ahead. Upon exiting the tunnel you'll face a nasty sight - Weavel has caught up with you and doesn't intend to let you pass. Remember that this nasty sod is a Space Pirate, so no need to show mercy. Refer to the bosses guide to show this critter why the Pirates never succeed when Samus is around.

With Weavel on his way and your final deterrent cleared you'll be back down in the sandpit of the Echo Hall. Quickly make a run for the Alinos Gateway and zip up to your ship before it's too late. With the first Octolith of Alinos secured it's time to move on.

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