Metroid Prime Pinball overview

Metroid Prime Pinball title screen.
Metroid Prime Pinball title screen.

Metroid's first outing for the Nintendo DS couldn't be more bizarre. Who would have thought mixing Metroid with pinball would work so seamlessly?

Veterans of the epic history of pinball will be right at home here. Although the setting and basic plot generally follows the events of Metroid Prime, the game can be easily picked up for a game or two.

Single-player modes offer up two main flavours - Multi and Single mission. Multi-mission draws you across six tables, conquering mini-games to secure artifacts. With 12 locked away you'll be granted access to the Artifact Temple where Meta Ridley awaits. Unlocking the Impact Crater from here brings you face-to-face with Metroid Prime for the final showdown.

Single mission grants instant access to any unlocked tables for a quick game.

A unique table based on the environment of the Magmoor Caverns is used for multiplayer battles. Set the score to reach and battle others either locally or online for a race to the finish.

Here's just a taste of the features found across the game:

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Boss encounters

Some tables task you in tackling various bosses from the Prime universe, including Thardus, the Omega Pirate, Meta Ridley and both forms of Metroid Prime.

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On the regular non-boss tables, launching Samus into a special pod will summon a mini-game with specific objectives - usually to eliminate foes. Clearing these mini-games will reward her with various prizes, such as artifacts in the Multi-mission mode.

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Scan pod

Another special pod grants Samus a slot-based reward granting her special bonuses like extra lives or a force field to protect the drop zone.

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Wall Jump

Wall Jump sequences must be cleared in classic Metroid fashion to retrieve artifacts, extra lives or Specials waiting at the top of the shaft.

Controller overview

The Nintendo DS lite.
The Nintendo DS lite.

The control system for this title couldn't be simpler. You could probably pick it up and master the controls in seconds, but read on for a full overview of what everything does.

Button Operation
A Move right bumper/s.
B Lay a Morph Ball Bomb.
X Fire a Missile (while standing only).
Y Detonate a Power Bomb.
L Move left bumper/s.
R Move right bumper/s.
Start Pause the game. Press again to resume.
D-Pad Left Move left bumper/s.
D-Pad Right Move right bumper/s.
Touch Screen Rub the touch screen to shake the table. Note that this game does not have a tilt feature.