Metroid Fusion overview

Metroid Fusion title screen.
Metroid Fusion title screen.

Bringing bounty hunter Samus Aran's adventures back to the portable gaming world while maintaining gorgeous 32-bit graphics, Metroid Fusion is the first Metroid game for Nintendo's Game Boy Advance. Retaining the classic side-scrolling action and adventure made popular in Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion continues the story some time after Samus' second victory over Mother Brain and the destruction of Zebes.

You'll find all the classic items waiting for you, with loads of surprises and new threats Samus must conquer for the safety and well-being of galactic civilization.

Long-time fans of the Metroid series will be right at home with the side-scrolling style, as well as the control system which only slightly deviates from Super Metroid. Building from the story and reputation Super Metroid brought to life, Fusion's new features and chilling story give the series a fresh new look. We've got a deadly new enemy to face in this game, something not seen in any other Metroid game to date - so be ready for some surprises.

Controller overview

The Game Boy Advance.
The Game Boy Advance.

Even with only a few buttons available on the GBA you'll have everything needed to direct Samus around - and the control system couldn't be easier to use. As with Super Metroid, you'll direct Samus around with the D-Pad while jumping, aiming and firing your weapon.

Mastering the controls will allow Samus to move around flawlessly and quickly, certain parts of the game boast the classic timer/escape sequences so you'll need to learn how to move fast. Learning the limits of Samus' abilities can grant a real edge over the monstrous X parasites you'll be confronting. Read on for a quick overview of what each button does.

As a new ability, Samus can grab hold of the edge of any platform or ledge if she can't quite make the jump. When she grabs hold, press up to climb up onto the ledge - a handy trick to remember throughout the station.

Button Operation
D-Pad Direct Samus around with the Directional Pad (D-pad) and aim her arm cannon in any of the eight main directions while moving. Press Down once to crouch, then a second time to enter Morphing Ball form.
A Press this to jump. Once you find the High Jump Boots you'll be able to jump higher. The special wall-jump trick made famous in Super Metroid also makes a useful return. The Shinespark abilities are also available once you recover the Speed Booster ability, check the secrets and tips section for more info.
B This fires Samus' arm cannon. Recovery of each beam weapon will combine it with your current weapon to create a stronger blast.
L Hold L to tilt Samus' aim up. This aids your fire against enemies up high without the need to stand under them and shoot straight up. Hold down on the D-Pad while holding L to aim downward.
R Hold R to arm Samus' missile launcher. Fire a missile by pressing B while holding R. Release R to return to Samus' beam weapon.
Start Bring up the Pause Screen to display the map of the current area Samus is exploring. Press R while the map screen's displayed to bring up a readout showing all the items you've recovered.
Select Once you've beaten the game and started over, a readout of how many Missiles/Energy Tanks/Power Bombs you've found displays on the map screen. Pressing Select here will change the numbers to show you how many items remain to be found in your current region.