Game transcript

The readout below is an extract of all the dialogue featured in Metroid Fusion. The acronym "SC" is a shorthand for the Ship's Computer. Beware of plot and story spoilers below!


(Starry backdrop with the planet SR388 in the background)

Samus: I'd been assigned to watch over Biologic's research team, so I once again found myself on the surface of SR388.

(Pan down a wide open landscape on SR388 to an underground chamber)

(Samus and two Federation officers enter the chamber and encounter a lone Hornoad. Samus opens fire and destroys the target with a missile. A free-floating X parasite emerges and attaches itself to Samus)

Samus: It was there that I was attacked by a life-form I had never encountered before.

(Camera shows Samus' gunship flying alongside a giant B.S.L carrier)

Samus: It was only later that I learned the identity of my attacker: the parasitic organism we now know as X. Unaware of my condition, I was returning to the station when disaster struck.

(Camera shows Samus falling unconscious due to the X attacking her nervous system)

Samus: Once the X had infested my central nervous system, I lost consciousness and my ship drifted into an asteroid belt.

(Samus' gunship drifts into an asteroid belt and crashes)

(Camera pans up showing two Federation scientists at Galactic Federation HQ)

Samus: The ship's emergency systems automatically ejected the escape pod before impact. Biologic's vessel recovered it and transported me to Galactic Federation HQ.

(Camera shows Samus' Power Suit covered in slime and surgical tubes)

Samus: However, during the journey, the X multiplied within me, corrupting large areas of my Power Suit.

(Camera pans back showing Samus' full Power Suit)

Samus: It then came to light that the organic components of my Power Suit had become so integrated with my system that it could not be removed while I was unconscious. Large portions of my suit had to be surgically removed, dramatically altering my physical appearance. However, the X in my central nervous system were too embedded to be removed safely. I was given a minimal chance of survival.

(Camera focuses on a scientist's hand holding a tube with some sort of liquid inside)

Samus: Then, someone found a cure.

(Camera shows a diagnostic screen of a Metroid vaccine)

Samus: They proposed using a Metroid cell to make an anti-X vaccine. It seems that the Federation had managed to preserve a cell culture from the last infant Metroid from SR388. The serum was prepared and injected without delay.

(Camera displays a microscopic inner view into Samus' nervous system where six X parasites float around)

Samus: The X parasites were immediately and completely destroyed.

(The X parasites disappear)

(Camera pans up, revealing Samus' new Fusion Suit design)

Samus: As for me, one life ended... yet I survived, reborn as something different.

(Camera fades, revealing Samus in the cockpit of a new gunship)

Samus: Pondering this fact, I realize... I owe the Metroid hatchling my life twice over.

(Computer screen lights up and displays a flight plan headed for a space station)

SC: We'll soon be arriving at the B.S.L research station. I must prepare for docking.

(Camera returns to Samus)

Samus: The ship's computer has notified me of our approach to the Biologic Space Labs, or B.S.L, research station. During my surgery, the research team sent the last batch of creatures we captured there, as well as the infected pieces of my Power Suit.

After regaining consciousness, I learned that an unexplained explosion rocked the station. For some reason, this awoke a nameless fear in my heart, and now I am being sent there to investigate. My mission on the B.S.L station will be overseen by my new ship's computer.

Following the commands of this blunt, computerized CO is something I have to bear, as it was a condition of my taking the ship. For someone who dislikes taking orders, this is the second time I've found myself having to do so. It makes me recall my other CO...

(Camera pans left, showing an exterior shot of Samus' gunship flying toward the B.S.L station ahead)

Chapter 1: Biologic Research Station

(Samus' gunship lands in the station and the SC displays the map of the Main Deck)

SC: There's been an explosion in the Quarantine Bay. The bay currently stores capsules containing recent samples from SR388 as well as parts of your suit infected by the X parasites. The cause of the explosion is as yet unclear. Investigate. The Quarantine Bay is here. Move quickly and quietly... You are still unable to use most of your latent abilities. Don't forget that, Samus. Stop at the Navigation Room on the way. Uplink from there.

Is your objective clear? Yes No

(If Yes)

SC: Now, go to the Quarantine Bay.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Go to Quarantine Bay. Access Navigation Room en route.

(At the first Navigation Room)

SC: The Quarantine Bay is ahead. Bio-signs are confirmed. Be careful.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Investigate Quarantine Bay.

(New Objective on Map Screen after exploring the Quarantine Bay)

Hostile creature sighted. Report to Navigation Room.

(Back in the Navigation Room)

SC: This is unfortunate news... The specimens brought back by the field team were infected by X parasites. The X can mimic its prey; any specimen could have hosted it. Before the explosion, a security sensor scanned one...

(X parasite appears on-screen)

SC: The gelatinous X parasites invade and rapidly reproduce, killing the host creature. They also absorb DNA and use it to mimic the host. You were almost killed by an X infection. Only the Metroid vaccine saved your life. It seems Metroids were the main predators of the X. That's why the vaccine worked so quickly and so well.

But it has also changed your cellular makeup. You will never be infected by X again... In fact, you can now absorb any free-floating X parasites without a host by merely touching them. This will allow you to replenish health and restore weapons.

You may also restore latent abilities this way, so pursue free X parasites whenever you possibly can. This station is home to many species...some violent ones. We must keep the X out of the breeding environments at all costs. This is vital, Samus.

(New target location appears on the map)

SC: I am already detecting massive bio-signs in this region. The X are gathering. This may be our chance to exterminate them, but... You are only at 10% battle capacity. Your chance of survival is extremely low. The Federation needs you alive and on duty, Samus...

Is your objective clear? Yes No

(If Yes)

SC: Now, get going. I have released the lock on Level 0 hatches. Look for the blinking hatches.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

X parasite presence confirmed. Find origin of bio-signs.

(Once at the next Navigation Room)

SC: I have received news from HQ. They can support you with downloadable weapons data. Once you have this data, you'll be able to use Missiles. This will help against some enemies your beam can't hurt. Head to the Data Room for the download. The Data Room is here.

(Displays a new target location on the map)

Is your objective clear? Yes No

(If Yes)

SC: With Missiles, your chance of survival climbs to 20%...

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Missile data ready. Download immediately.

(While riding up the elevator to the Operations Deck)

Samus: That computer reminds me of a gruff Federation CO I served under named Adam Malkovich. He called me "Lady" on missions; from anyone else, it would've sounded sarcastic, but Adam made it sound dignified. Out of respect and with some irony, I named the computer after him.

(Inside the Navigation Room adjacent to the Data Room)

SC: The Data Room is just ahead.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Download Missile data.

(Upon downloading Missile data)

Missile data downloaded. Hold R and press B.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Data received. Missiles active.

(In the next Navigation Room when the power goes out)

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Missile data download complete.

SC: Electrical interference has knocked out the elevators on the Main Deck. This may be related to the X. I'll work on it. As for you... Try to find another way to the target. It's located here.

(New target location appears)

SC: I'm reading huge bio-signs, so I hope your Missiles work... To reload Missiles you can use a Recharge Room or absorb a special type of X parasite. You'll see them. Try it out.

Is your objective clear? Yes No

(If Yes)

SC: Missiles are your only hope. Don't hesitate to use them. Now, find a way to the target.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Elevators not operational. Find alternate route to target.

Chapter 2: The Hunt is On

(Whenever a Missile Expansion is found)

Missile Tank acquired. Missile capacity increased.

(Whenever an Energy Tank is found)

Energy Tank acquired. Energy capacity increased.

(Upon defeating Arachnus X)

Morph Ball ability recovered. Press (Down) twice to morph.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Morph Ball ability absorbed. Proceed to Navigation Room.

(At the next Navigation Room)

SC: Samus, it's as I feared. The breeding environments have been invaded by X parasites. Sector 1 (SRX) shows several abnormalities on bio-sensors. Sector 1 is a simulation of the SR388 ecosystem. To get there, take the Main Elevator to the access shaft and use Elevator 1.

Is your objective clear? Yes No

(If Yes)

SC: Use the Navigation Room just inside for further briefing. I'm not sure, but I think that whoever allowed the X into the environment may also be linked to the earlier explosion...

(New Objective on Map Screen)

X detected in Sector 1 (SRX). Investigate and gather data.

(As Samus rides down the elevator to the Sector elevators junction, the SA-X is given a grand entrance as it smashes through a solid wall beside the elevator shaft)

Chapter 3: SR388 Replica

(Once inside the Navigation Room of Sector 1, the SC will display the map)

SC: The Main Elevator leading to the access shaft has been severely damaged. It will be totally unusable for some time, unfortunately. Some unknown agent is at work. Something very powerful... certainly not human. I'll report when I know more. Now, listen closely. The X in Sector 1 have invaded the atmospheric stabilizers. They must want to alter the environment to their needs. They are already reproducing. Clear all 5 atmospheric stabilizers to stop them.

Is your objective clear? Yes No

(If Yes)

SC: Now, get moving.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Atmospheric stabilizers corrupted by X. Investigate.

(Each time an atmospheric stabilizer is cleared)

Atmospheric stabilizer online. (Number of remaining fans) unit(s) still malfunctioning.

(Upon defeating the Core X disguised as a Chozo Statue)

Charge Beam ability recovered. Press and hold B to charge.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Charge Beam restored. Proceed with atmospheric stabilization.

(Once all five stabilizers are cleared)

All stabilizers online. Atmospheric levels equalized.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Atmospheric stabilizers online. Proceed to Navigation Room.

(Back in the Navigation Room)

SC: Atmospheric stabilizers online. But many X have already made it to other sectors, it seems. In particular... Sector 2 (TRO), the tropical habitat, shows abnormalities. I suspect the X entered this sector with the help of our unseen saboteur. He or it may be in TRO now. Samus, get over there. We need to put an end to this.

Is your objective clear? Yes No

(If Yes)

SC: Start moving. I'll brief you at the TRO Navigation Room.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

X detected in Sector 2 (TRO). Brief in TRO Navigation Room.

(As Samus rides up the elevator leaving Sector 1)

Samus: As I listened to the briefing, my thoughts turned to Adam. The real Adam understood me well. He would end orders by saying, "Any objections, Lady?" He knew I wouldn't disagree. That was just his way of noting our trust. I wonder if I can trust this computer, too...

Chapter 4: Tropical Jungle Maze

(Once inside the Navigation Room of Sector 2, the SC displays the map)

SC: I have learned the identity of our mystery saboteur... Samus, it's an X mimicking you.

(A black-and-white close-up of the SA-X appears on-screen)

SC: I have named it the SA-X. I believe the SA-X came from the capsule containing your infected suit parts. It used a Power Bomb to escape the Quarantine Bay. That explosion breached the capsules containing all the X that started this disaster. But the SA-X is definitely our biggest worry right now. The SA-X is mimicking you at full power. You can't face it. If you see the SA-X, just run. Don't think about fighting... You are still very vulnerable to cold, an unexpected side-effect of the Metroid vaccine. Like Metroids, you can be frozen by an Ice Beam. Of course, the SA-X is armed with the Ice Beam. Stay away. If you see it, just run. HQ says they have Bomb data ready in the Data Room. Bombs will help you find a way out if the SA-X traps you. The Data Room is here, but... it's sealed by a Level 1 hatch. You'll have to find the Security Room and release the Level 1 locks. But per safety protocols, it's not marked on the map. You'll have to find it on your own somehow, Samus. So, first find the Security Room and unlock Level 1 hatches, then go to the Data Room and get that Bomb data.

Is your objective clear? Yes No

(If Yes)

SC: Keep an eye out for the SA-X.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Bomb data ready. Unlock Data Room hatch and download.

(Upon unlocking Level 1 Doors in the Security Room)

Security Level 1 unlocked. Blue hatches now active.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Blue hatches now active. Proceed to Data Room.

(Upon downloading the Bomb data in the Data Room)

Bomb data downloaded. Morph into a ball and press B.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Bomb data download complete. Proceed to Navigation Room.

(Upon defeating Zazabi X / Eyeball Crustacean X)

Hi-Jump and Jumpball abilities recovered.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Hi-Jump ability absorbed. Proceed to Navigation Room.

(After encountering the SA-X in a long green corridor)

(New Objective on Map Screen)

SA-X encountered. Retreat and proceed to Navigation Room.

(Back in the Navigation Room)

SC: Samus, we've got trouble. Releasing the security lock may have been a bad idea. The SA-X has invaded the water environment in Sector 4 (AQA) with several thousand X. With the blue hatches active, the SA-X slipped in easily. The creatures and systems in Sector 4 are already showing multiple irregularities. I'm currently investigating. I'll brief you in the Navigation Room when you arrive.

Is your objective clear? Yes No

(If Yes)

SC: Now, head for Sector 4.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Aberration in Sector 4 (AQA). Proceed to Sector 4.

(While riding back up the elevator to the Main Deck)

Samus: The SA-X. An enemy with my strongest abilities. But does it have reason? Probably not. It's just a killing machine. In my current state, I can't face it head-on. The SA-X is me, only heartless. I must stop it before it learns its potential and threatens the universe...

Chapter 5: Water Dragons

(Inside the Navigation Room of Sector 4 after the SC displays the map)

SC: This sector has taken more damage than expected... I knew the X were powerful and destructive, but still... This seems to be purposeful. We certainly can't rule out the possibility that the SA-X has a high degree of intelligence. I find the X fascinating, especially this SA-X. ...But I digress. This sector is home to a very large creature the researchers called Serris. It is capable of moving and attacking at ultra-high speed. The more senseless and widespread destruction here may be attributable to Serris. No doubt the SA-X released it, but I can't be sure why yet. Serris has returned often to the breeding tank here. Its natural behavior must be to go back to it periodically. It's a valuable specimen, but you have been authorized to terminate it. If you don't, it may invade other sectors.

Is your objective clear? Yes No

(If Yes)

SC: While you're moving, be careful. Some broken power nodes have electrified the water... but we can't cut the power. Doing so would affect the whole station adversely. If you touch the water, you'll be electrocuted. Conserve energy as you go.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Engage Serris.

(Upon defeating Serris X)

Speed Booster power regained. Run until Speed Boost begins.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Speed Booster power absorbed. Proceed to Navigation Room.

(After lowering the water level in the Pump Control Unit room)

Water level lowered.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Sinking water level opened new areas. Search and proceed.

(Back in the Navigation Room)

SC: So Serris had been infected by the X, too... Well, as a result, you recovered another ability. At this rate, you may be able to face the SA-X yet... But that's still a ways off. HQ has more support data. This time it's Missile upgrade data. You desperately need this, but the Data Room here is sealed with a Level 4 lock, the highest security level. Let's avoid opening sensitive areas unless it's necessary. Also, the route to the Data Room in Sector 2 is blocked by still more SA-X activity. I note a deliberate activity pattern, as if it is blocking your recovery intentionally. Samus, it looks like your best option for this download is in Sector 3 (PYR). You will find the PYR Data Room on your map after using a Navigation Room there.

Is your objective clear? Yes No

(If Yes)

Now, head for Sector 3 (PYR).

(New Objective on Map Screen)

New Missile data ready in Sector 3 (PYR) Data Room.

Chapter 6: It's Getting Warmer

(Reaching the Navigation Room in Sector 3)

SC: Thankfully, the X have not invaded this area yet... The Data Room here is sealed by another security hatch. In order to download, you must find the Security Room here and activate Level 2 hatches. This may allow the SA-X and X parasites into the area... But we are left with no choice. Your recovery is our main goal. The Data Room is here. As I explained, Security Rooms can't be shown on the map. Be careful, Samus. You will see very violent organisms here. And avoid the ultra-heated areas: your suit can't take such high temperatures yet, but we're working on it. Level 2 hatches are green. Release the lock and proceed to the Data Room for download. Super Missile data is ready. Your firepower will triple.

Is your objective clear? Yes No

(If Yes)

SC: First, activate green hatches. Then go to the Data Room. There are no ultra-heated areas on this route, so turn back if you enter one.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Locate Security Room and activate green hatches.

(Upon unlocking Level 2 Security Doors)

Security Level 2 unlocked. Green hatches now active.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Green hatches now active. Proceed to Data Room.

(Upon downloading Super Missile data)

Super Missile data downloaded. Hold R and press B.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Super Missile data downloaded. Proceed to Navigation Room.

(After reaching the destroyed door)

(New Objective on Map Screen)

An unknown event occurred. Investigate.

(Upon defeating the Security Robot)

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Repelled Security Robot. Proceed to Navigation Room.

(Back in the Navigation Room)

SC: I see that you encountered a rogue Security Robot. You may destroy it if you meet it again. Your safety is vital. But as to your brief... Level 2 security locks are released, so Sectors 5 and 6 are open. That means those sectors have likely been infiltrated by X. They are much harder to stop than we initially suspected... Sector 5 (ARC) is sub-zero. You're still susceptible to cold from the vaccine side-effects, so you'll take damage if you even set foot inside there. Avoid Sector 5 for now, but in the meantime, HQ is working on data to adjust your suit for extreme temperatures. Once we have the transmission, you can download it, but... The X have destroyed all the Data Rooms you have used so far. I no longer doubt their capacity for critical thought. You'll have to use the Data Room in the night habitat, Sector 6 (NOC). Go to Sector 6 and access a Navigation Room there.

Is your objective clear? Yes No

(If Yes)

SC: Tread lightly, Samus. You are the only one who can do this. And the X may be much more dangerous than we know...

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Download support data. Proceed to Sector 6 (NOC).

(As Samus is riding up the elevator to the Main Deck)

(The Navigation Room appears with the words: "Incoming Dispatch" on the viewscreen, followed by the appearance of the silhouette of a Federation officer)

??: Does Samus suspect anything?

SC: No, I do not think so.

??: Good. Monitor her closely.

SC: Affirmative. Out.

Chapter 7: Don't be Afraid of the Dark

(Once inside the Navigation Room of Sector 6)

SC: The Varia Suit data is here from HQ, ready to download. Get moving to a Data Room. But there's a problem... X from the sub-zero sector ARC are in Sector 6 (NOC), and they... (a pic of a blue X appears) They've been changed by the cold. If you absorb one, you'll be frozen from within. This seems like a deliberate tactic. Once you download the Varia Suit modification, you'll be out of danger. Just be extremely careful until then. The NOC Data Room is here. Remember, avoid the blue X. Use your beam to stun them in order to get by.

Is your objective clear? Yes No

(If Yes)

SC: Be careful. They are hunting you actively now, Samus... And this area is very dark. Proceed with extreme caution.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Download Varia Suit data. Avoid blue X parasites.

(After witnessing the Core X steal the Varia Suit data from the Data Room)

(New Objective on Map Screen)

An X has acquired the Varia Suit data. Find and recover it!

(Upon recovering the Varia Suit data)

Varia Suit effect recovered. Survive extreme temperatures.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Varia Suit effect absorbed. Proceed to Navigation Room.

(After leaving the room where the Varia Suit is recovered)

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Varia Suit abilities initialized. Proceed to Navigation Room.

(Back in the Navigation Room)

SC: How did that X download the Varia Suit data? This doesn't seem to make any sense at all, unless the X... Unless the X have the ability to process data organically... At any rate, you have the Varia Suit data. Now you will be protected from extreme temperatures. More importantly, the SA-X will no longer be able to freeze you, so you can escape easier. But you're still too weak. That thing is too much for you. You currently have no way of damaging it. But my simulations indicate that a penetrating weapon like the Plasma Beam might work. Developing modification data will take HQ some time, though. There's also a chance that you may be able to restore your Plasma Beam by absorbing a large Core-X, as you did with the Charge Beam function. As for restoring Ice Beam functionality, I doubt it... Your current cellular makeup would reject that addition. Therefore, HQ has developed an Ice Missile upgrade. This will add a freezing effect to your Missiles. It will help. Go to Sector 5 (ARC) for the download.

Is your objective clear? Yes No

(If Yes)

SC: Now, get moving.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Download Ice Missile data. Proceed to Sector 5 (ARC).

Chapter 8: Dive into the Freezer

(Upon entering the Navigation Room in Sector 5)

SC: You need to download data for the Ice Missile upgrade, but... As you might expect, the Data Room here is secured. Level 3 security hatches are yellow. Release the security lock and download the data as usual. And experiment with those new Missiles. They will be helpful...

Is your objective clear? Yes No

(If Yes)

SC: You know what to do. Go to it.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Locate Security Room and activate yellow hatches.

(Upon releasing Level 3 Security Doors)

Security Level 3 unlocked. Yellow hatches now active.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Yellow hatches now active. Proceed to Data Room.

(Upon downloading the Ice Missile data)

Ice effect added to Missiles. Use it to freeze enemies.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Ice Missile data downloaded. Proceed to Navigation Room.

(Upon entering the tall shaft near the entrance of Sector 5)

Female Computer Voice (spoken): Emergency in Sector 3 (repeats continuously)

(Back in the Navigation Room)

SC: Emergency in Sector 3 (PYR). The area could melt down soon. It seems the Main Boiler's cooling unit is malfunctioning (shows target room in Sector 3). This could easily destroy the entire research station, as it would likely trigger the auto-destruct explosives. We have about 6 minutes. Hurry to Sector 3 and access the Control Room to the side of the Main Boiler room. Most of the systems in PYR are down because of this... Again, we know who to blame. The SA-X must have hacked into the system control file. What impressive intelligence.

Is your objective clear? Yes No

(If Yes)

SC: There's little time. Hurry to the Control Room in Sector 3.

(Just after leaving the Navigation Room)

Female Computer Voice (spoken): Six minutes to Main Boiler explosion.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Sector 3 (PYR) overheating. Proceed to Control Room.

Chapter 9: Race Against Time

(Upon defeating the Core X in the Main Boiler Control Room)

Wide Beam ability recovered. Beam widens dramatically.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Return temperature to normal to avert total meltdown.

(Upon activating the cooling system)

Cooling unit operational.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Cooling unit operational. Proceed to Navigation Room.

(Back in the Navigation Room)

SC: The X mimicked a crew member... It all makes sense now. The X can absorb the memories and knowledge of their prey. What an astounding find. HQ was very impressed. But don't you find it strange? This could have destroyed the station with the X in it, not to mention to SA-X. Unusual for a self-preserving species like the X. Unless... Your presence is an even greater threat, a threat to the existence of X elsewhere... This is only a hypothesis... Perhaps... Their survival instinct is in conflict with their newly-borrowed intelligence... Don't let your guard down yet. The X are still a threat. Samus, I see bio-signs on the Habitation Deck. Survivors? The infected crewman you saw had survived until recently. Maybe there's a chance... The signs emanate from here.

Is your objective clear? Yes No

(If Yes)

SC: I have just restored power to the Main Elevator. Use it to return and look for any survivors.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Bio-signs on Habitation Deck. Check for survivors.

(Upon releasing the Habitation Deck Door lock)

Lock disengaged. Gate opening.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Etecoons and Dachoras freed. Proceed to Navigation Room.

(While riding down the Habitation Deck elevator)

Samus: Etecoons and Dachoras. I've met these intelligent beings before. They seemed to recognize me, as well. How unusual to meet again here. In the past, they've helped me unleash abilities I didn't know I had. But where did they run to? I hope they're safe...

Chapter 10: Back to the Freezer

(Back in the Navigation Room)

SC: So the survivors were not human... Most unfortunate. We can now confirm the deaths of all crew members. I imagined this was the case, but I had hoped it wasn't so. I believe the X only infected the humans for knowledge... That form is too weak for battle. I am sure the others were merely food for the X... Samus, I think they are evolving, growing stronger. Some are now appearing that resist your current weapons. HQ anticipated this and sent Power Bomb data as soon as the hardware team finished it.

Is your objective clear? Yes No

(If Yes)

SC: Download it immediately. Our choice of Data Rooms is limited to this one in Sector 5 (ARC). Go. Now.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Download Power Bomb data. Proceed to Sector 5 (ARC).

(In the Navigation Room of Sector 5)

SC: You've been to this Data Room before, but I'll show you its position again.

Is your objective clear? Yes No

(If Yes)

SC: Now move out.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Security lock released. Proceed to Data Room.

(Upon downloading the Power Bomb data)

Power Bomb data downloaded. As a ball, hold R and press B.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Power Bomb data downloaded. Proceed to Navigation Room.

(Whenever a Power Bomb Expansion is found)

Power Bomb Tank acquired. Power Bomb capacity increased.

(Back in the Navigation Room)

SC: Samus, return to your ship. I have important information.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Return to starship.

Chapter 11: Tangled Twists

(Once back in Samus' gunship)

SC: The main silo of the Reactor Core has gone offline. That's why all elevators and station systems are down. Elevators and hatches won't work. This doesn't bode well... If you can get to this point, you may be able to start the auxiliary power system. Then we can figure out why the main silo went offline...

Is your objective clear? Yes No

(If Yes)

SC: By the way, I asked you to return here to tell you... (A pic of the Etecoons and Dachoras inside Samus' ship appears) Some strange creatures have boarded your ship. I confirmed that they were not X hosts and gave them a berth. Do you know anything about these strange creatures? Were they the source of the healthy bio-signs earlier? Very well, then. Their presence in the midst of this disaster must have some significance... I will keep them here.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Central Reactor Core down. Engage auxiliary at target.

(Upon defeating Gedo X / Mecha Spider X)

Space Jump ability recovered. Somersault continually in air.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Space Jump ability absorbed. Find Auxiliary Power Station.

(Upon activating auxiliary power)

Auxiliary power engaged.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Auxiliary power engaged. Prior outage cause unknown.

(In the following Navigation Room)

SC: Save Rooms and Recharge Rooms are now back online, but with only auxiliary power, no elevators or hatches will work. Without the main silo online, we're still stuck. I believe the source of the problem is the vegetation you saw earlier choking the Reactor Core components.

Is your objective clear? Yes No

(If Yes)

SC: We'll have to find the source of those roots to proceed.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Prior outage caused by plant roots in core. Investigate.

(Upon recovering the Plasma Beam)

Plasma Beam ability recovered. Beam now pierces enemies.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Source of plant roots treated. Plasma Beam ability absorbed.

(Back in the Navigation Room)

SC: What? You've restored Plasma Beam functionality? ...Most unexpected. Even so, continue to avoid the SA-X. It, too, may be stronger. And you still lack a few abilities crucial to survival... Wait.. Wait a second... More trouble. Hold on. ..................................................... ... I've isolated the cause. There's been an explosion in the ARC Data Room... Samus, go to Sector 5.

Is your objective clear? Yes No

(If Yes)

SC: The damage is staggering. Find out what's causing it.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Locate source of trouble in Sector 5 (ARC). Engage.

Chapter 12: The Nightmare

(In the Navigation Room of Sector 5)

SC: It's gotten worse. The damage seems to have been caused by a creature kept here by the researchers, who named it... the Nightmare. Apparently, it was a bio-mechanical organism designed for military applications... It possesses uncommon power and can manipulate gravity. We must assume that it's become an X-host. We have no choice. You must find it and defeat it. I can't confirm the location.

Is your objective clear? Yes No

(If Yes)

SC: This thing is out of control. Hurry before it destroys the entire station...

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Organism "Nightmare" is on a rampage. Find it and engage.

(Upon defeating Nightmare X)

Gravity Suit effect recovered. Move freely in water.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Gravity Suit effected absorbed. Proceed to Navigation Room.

Chapter 13: Deep Sea Diving

(Upon releasing Level 4 Security Doors)

Security Level 4 unlocked. Red hatches now active.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Level 4 security lock released. Proceed to Navigation Room.

(From this point in the game the Special Navigation Room Event can be reached, for the script of this cutscene and guides to access it check out the Metroid Fusion: Secrets and Tips section of the Metroid Database)

(Upon entering the Data Room in Sector 4)

Data room located.

(Upon downloading the Diffusion Missile data)

Diffusion added to Missiles. Charge with R, fire with B.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

New Missile data downloaded. Diffusion added to Missiles.

(Back in the Navigation Room)

SC: You upgraded your missiles? That's unusual... There was no word from HQ. A procedural error, I'm sure... Even so, I did not approve of bypassing security Level 4. From now on you will use more discretion. In any case, Samus, do you remember the Security Robot you faced earlier? I believe the X have infected it. That is to say, they have claimed the organic components that form its neural network. It has entered Sector 6 (NOC). I don't know what it's planning, but let's not wait to find out. Samus, you know what to do.

Is your objective clear? Yes No

(If Yes)

SC: To Sector 6, quickly.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Security Robot B.O.X. detected in Sector 6 (NOC). Engage.

Chapter 14: Restricted Secrets

(Once in the Navigation Room of Sector 6)

SC: The Security Robot seems to have gotten much stronger. This worries me. Be careful. But we have another problem. Once you're done, leave NOC immediately. The SA-X is tracking you.

Is your objective clear? Yes No

(If Yes)

SC: Don't stay longer than you must. Understood?

(Upon reaching the entrance of the Restricted Zone)

Female Computer Voice (spoken): Warning. No entry without authorization (repeats).

(Upon defeating the Security Robot X)

Wave Beam ability recovered. Beam now penetrates walls.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

B.O.X. Robot destroyed. Leave Sector 6 immediately.

(Once in the Restricted Lab after the SA-X releases the Metroid hatchlings)

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Metroids released by SA-X. Evacuate Restricted Lab.

(Down below in the Restricted Lab where the SA-X is firing at the freed Metroid infants)

Female Computer Voice (spoken): Fire alert. This sector will soon be locked down.

(Once the hatchlings attach themselves to the SA-X)

60 seconds to detachment of Restricted Laboratory.

Female Computer Voice (spoken): Sixty seconds to isolation lockdown.

(After escaping the Restricted Lab, a cutscene plays depicting the detachment of the Restricted Lab from the station before it explodes in outer space)

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Restricted Lab jettisoned.

(Inside the following Navigation Room)

SC: Samus, you shouldn't have done that. You ignored your orders. You may have to pay a price for that quite soon...

(A portrait of Samus and a speech box appears on-screen)

Samus: ......

SC: As you can see, the Federation has been secretly working on a Metroid breeding program. For peaceful application only, of course. Please understand. But perhaps you already knew of this program's existence? Certainly, you must have had doubts when you saw Sector 1. SRX, a faithful replica of the SR388 ecosystem... Ideal for raising Alpha, Gamma, Zeta, and even Omega Metroids. This research even uncovered techniques for rapid growth. Imagine...creating an Omega from a larval Metroid in days... But that research is finished. The X has smelled out its natural enemy, and one of the SA-X is on its way here...

Samus: ONE? ...Are you saying there is more than one SA-X?

SC: Don't be so surprised, Samus. you know that the X reproduce by asexual division. Because of this mechanism, there are now no fewer than 10 SA-X aboard the station.

Samus: ......

SC: Samus, you must go. Get out. If you stay too long, the SA-X will destroy you. Stop only at a Navigation Room to uplink to me. I don't know how HQ is going to take this, but you need to report to them immediately...

Is your objective clear? Yes No

(If Yes)

SC: Now get going.

(While riding up the following elevator to Sector 1)

Samus: The real Adam would have said the same thing about that incident, but he would have softened the blow. He was relentless in his criticism, but he always cared... He was not a machine obsessed with duty. No such compassion could exist in that computer...

Chapter 15: Final Showdown

(Upon defeating Ridley X)

Screw Attack ability regained. Somersault continually in air.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Screw Attack ability restored. Proceed to Navigation Room.

(Back in a Navigation Room)

SC: Samus, we're done here. Leave the rest to the Federation... We should be preparing to evacuate the station...

(Samus' portrait appears along with a speech box)

Samus: Are you joking?! Do they know how dangerous the X are? ...How quickly they reproduce?

SC: The Federation has taken an interest in the X and SA-X. They believe this life-form had endless potential applications.

Samus: This is ridiculous! The X are heartless abominations! What potential could they have?

SC: It is not necessary that you understand such matters. The Federation is coming now. You should just leave quietly...

Samus: This is madness! They won't stand a chance here! This station will devour them! What could be worth the risk!?

SC: Capturing the SA-X, of course.

Samus: ...Are you serious? Do they really think they can succeed?

SC: It will certainly be difficult. They don't expect your help. They knew you would try to destroy the SA-X... That's why they stopped sending you support data... The Plasma Beam modification was ready some time ago, but they withheld it to keep you from engaging the SA-X. Yet somehow you restored that function on your own... They also tried to withhold the Diffusion Missile upgrade because they didn't want you to grow too powerful. But they had already sent it, and you tracked it down... Bravo, Samus.

Samus: They must cancel this mission! Open a channel to HQ! I won't let this happen!

SC: They are already on their way.

Samus: Fools...

(A starry backdrop with SR388 and a nearby star appears)

Samus: As soon as the Federation ships land, the X will overwhelm them and absorb the knowledge and power of their occupants. The X are just waiting for the hunt to begin, and then they'll spread across the universe. Galactic civilization will end.

The X hunger for form, knowledge, and power. They mimic these perfectly. But they cannot copy the soul. They're single-minded, instinctively seeking to increase in number. They're a plague, and the Federation underestimates their threat.

The X must not leave here. I must destroy them all before the Federation arrives. This station has a self-destruct mechanism. I must use it to destroy the X here and on the planet. I must send them to oblivion. Them, the station, and myself, if I have to.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Prevent Federation landing. Activate self-destruct.

(After accessing the Navigation Room pad again when the hatches seal shut)

Samus: Open the hatch!

SC: I have been ordered to confine you until the ships arrive.

Samus: Don't let them do this. Can't you see what will happen, Adam?

SC: ...Adam?

Samus: .........

SC: ...Who is Adam?

Samus: ...A friend of mine.

SC: And what would this...friend advise you to do now?

Samus: He would know that the only way to end this is to start the self-destruct cycle. He'd know how important it is...

SC: Did this "Adam" care for you? Would he sit in a safe Command Room and order you to die?

Samus: He would understand that some must live and some must die... He knew what it meant. He made that sacrifice once.

SC: So, he chose life for you? Our fair warrior, Samus Aran... Your Adam gave his life so that you might keep yours... For the sake of the universe...

Samus: .........

SC: How foolish.

Samus: How dare you! How could you hope to understand, machine?

SC: You know that detonating this station in high orbit would not guarantee the complete extinction of the X parasites, even though the station would be utterly destroyed... You would only succeed in removing the one obstacle to the galaxy's ruin...yourself. You would ignore this simple fact and choose death. When Adam decided who would live, he chose incorrectly.

Samus: ...!

Adam: ...If you were to alter the station's orbit, then you might be able to include the planet in the vaporization field of the self-destruct detonation.

Samus: ...?

Adam: You would have to start the propulsion sequence now. Before the Federation arrives. Samus, this is your last mission. Go to the Operations Room and adjust the station's orbit path to intercept SR388.

(A close-up of Samus' face appears as her eyes open wide in surprise)

Adam: Then return to your ship and escape. Move quickly, and stay alive. That's an order! Any objections, Lady?

(Adam shows the target destination)

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Set orbit to impact SR388. Return to ship and evacuate.

(If you visit a Navigation Room again)

Adam: Go to the Operations Room and set a course for SR388. Then return to your ship and evacuate before impact.

(Once inside the Operations Room after defeating the SA-X and stepping on the control station)

Female Computer Voice (spoken): Propulsion sequence activated. Destination: planet SR388. (repeats once)

(Just before timer appears)

Orbit change implemented. 3 minutes to impact.

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Return to ship immediately. Evacuate station.

(After absorbing the SA-X when the Omega Metroid weakens it)

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Regained Ice Beam ability. Omega Metroid attack possible.

(After defeating the Omega Metroid while waiting for Samus' gunship to arrive)

(New Objective on Map Screen)

Collision imminent.

Chapter 16: Finale

(Samus' gunship picks her up in the ruined Docking Bay and takes off as the station closes in on the planet. The B.S.L station is then seen falling into SR388's atmosphere while Samus' gunship streaks away in time. The station burns up and impacts SR388 before the resulting catastrophic explosion completely destroys the planet. Samus' gunship is then seen from the front while it travels away from the supernova. Samus then appears in the cockpit)

Samus: That perfect military mind... The wisdom of Adam Malkovich continued to serve even after death. Until today, I had no idea that the minds of leaders and scientists were frequently uploaded to computers. My incredible reunion with Adam may have saved the universe...

But how will the beings of the universe view our resolve? I doubt they will understand what we did... the danger we barely averted. They will hold tribunals and investigations. They will hold us responsible. Adam understood this, and he spoke to me in my anger...

"Do not worry. One of them will understand. One of them must."

I've reflected upon his words, and I see the wisdom in them. We are all bound by our experiences. They are the limits of our consciousness.

But in the end, the human soul will ever reach for the truth... This is what Adam taught me.

Just one detail still bothers me. This ship can only be started manually. Yet, before I faced the Omega Metroid, the ship moved on its own, guided by someone's hands. Is it possible? Adam...?

(The computer lights up and the camera displays a flight plan leaving the remnants of the planet behind)

Adam: Lady, what's troubling you? You wonder how I started the ship? Just think about it. They lent me a hand...

(Camera pans up, revealing the sleeping Etecoons and Dachoras before fading out. Credits roll, then one of the five ending images appears based on your completion time and/or item percentage)



See you next mission