Power-up locations

Power-up locations

Hidden throughout the winding tunnels and passages in the Biologic Station are huge X parasites, known as Core Xs. These creatures have absorbed various abilities from Samus' Power Suit and will use them against you in battle.

Unlike the other Metroid games you won't be tracking down items to pick up, instead you'll be required to defeat each Core X and absorb the creature when it's vulnerable to recover each ability. Although most Core Xs are relatively easy to defeat, each one is listed in the bosses guide to give you hints on taking them down.

Each item listed below contains a brief overview of its function as well as the location of the Core X using that ability. Extra Missiles, Energy Tanks and Power Bombs are the only items you can pick up. There's also a range of items that you'll be able to download from the Federation via the Data Rooms.

Keep in mind that most rooms containing items will have a circle appearing within them on the map, this indicates that there's an item nearby you haven't found yet (the circle changes to a dot when you find the item). All the items in Samus' Upgrades section are listed in the order you'll most likely find them in, although it might be possible to find some items in a different order.

Note: Every item is linked to the walkthrough and vice versa (at the point where you come across specific items), so you can easily navigate your way back and forth.