Secrets and tips

Various tricks and special features reside in the game, read on for various interesting tips and tricks.

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The Shinespark

Shinesparking involves using the Speed Booster to perform incredible jumps and dash maneuvers. Obviously you'll need the Speed Booster to perform them, as well as a long enough flat area to build up enough speed. Run normally and after a while the Speed Booster will automatically kick in if you don't touch anything. Samus will begin flashing and a rushing sound will play. While Samus is flashing she can blow through enemies and walls with Speed Booster blocks printed on them.

If you duck while Samus is flashing she'll stop running and crouch but continue to flash. If you stand still and press A to jump up, Samus will launch into the air and shoot up vertically until she slams into something. You won't lose any energy from Shinesparking or slamming into something. There's a few variations on the standard vertical Shinespark jump. If you press A and then hold left or right, Samus will fly forward horizontally depending on which direction you pushed. As with the vertical Shinespark, Samus will stop when she strikes something, although there is a neat trick to be had with sloping floors.

If you horizontally slam into a slope while Shinesparking Samus won't stop, instead she'll land and continue running forward. This way you can duck again and refresh the Speed Booster timer, this can help you reach tricky areas throughout the station. If you aim up with L before jumping while flashing, Samus will Shinespark up on an angle, also handy to reach Speed Booster block adorning walls above.

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The Wall Jump

Just like in Super Metroid you'll be able to jump off walls by somersaulting into one, then pressing the opposite direction and A to jump off the wall. Strangely you won't be able to wall-jump when you recover the Space Jump ability, but you won't need it then.

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Nintendo GameCube

Someone aboard the BSL Station is surely a Nintendo fan... Next time you're moving through Sector 1 dealing with all the clogged atmospheric stabilizers, take a moment to look closely at the top-left corner of the mess of mangled metal each X parasite has amassed around itself over the exhaust fan. See something familiar? This great little easter egg no doubt tips its hat to the concurrent release of Metroid Prime alongside Fusion back in 2002.

Special Navigation Room Event

Just after releasing the Level 4 Security Doors Lock (the red doors) in Sector 4, you'll be able to get back to Sector 5 with some very tricky Shinesparking maneuvers. If you manage to do it and head back to the nearest Navigation Room you'll witness a special cutscene not normally viewable. For some really sharp tips on getting back to Sector 5, check the MDb's Metroid Fusion Tips and Tricks section.