Energy Tank locations

Each Energy Tank permanently increases Samus' life energy by 100 units. Only 7 can be found in this game, so you'll definitely benefit from finding every single one.

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Celestial Archives

1. (Data Shrine 01)
Right after securing the Cartograph Artifact in the center chamber of this area, exit the chamber via the door where two pillars stand beside it. Follow the outer tunnel around till you discover a small opening in the floor. Use the Morph Ball to travel through the tunnel to this Energy Tank waiting at the far end.

2. (New Arrival Registration)
After securing the Binary Subscripture Artifact once you've recovered the Shock Coil, travel to the third silo in this area to discover the Energy Tank sitting atop a ledge across from you. Carefully travel across the damaged ledges to reach it.


1. (Echo Hall)
Explore the narrow tunnels at the far end of this chamber to eventually locate a small room inhabited by three Zoomers. Dispatch them all to retrieve a Shield Key. Move through the now-unsealed hatch beyond and roll forward past the first opening to the far end. Turn right at the end to find this Energy Tank awaiting ahead.

2. (Council Chamber)
Right after you've picked up the Magmaul, use it to disable a nearby orange force field. Follow the narrow twisting tunnel beyond to find this Energy Tank waiting at a dead-end.


1. (Sic Transit)
Right after picking up the Attameter Artifact hidden in a chamber at the center of this region, you should spot an alcove at the rear of the chamber partially covered with bars. Roll through with the Morph Ball to find yourself elevated up a small lift to the resting place of this Energy Tank. Use a bomb to propel yourself up to your prize.

2. (Frost Labyrinth)
Once you've scored the Judicator, head to the Frost Labyrinth by way of the purple door at the Sic Transit area. Once there, roll through the narrow tunnels with the Morph Ball and make your way to the top end of the region. Up in the top-right corner of the area you'll discover this Energy Tank waiting behind three pulsating green laser fields.


1. (Oubliette)
In the final chamber before the teleporter taking you to Gorea's arena, you'll find a series of narrow tunnels running across the area. Right beside the door you enter this chamber via look for a narrow opening in the wall. Use the Morph Ball to travel throughout the tunnels, eventually reaching a ledge. Leap across to the teleporter on the floating platform to find yourself in a tiny chamber where this Energy Tank awaits.