Missile locations

On this outing Samus actually retains her Missile Launcher from the get-go so there's plenty of Missile Expansions to find straight away. There's only 9 to be found throughout the Alimbic Cluster, giving you a maximum possible of 95 missiles (each grants you an additional 10). But coupled with six new weapons to locate, Samus' arsenal will be far from light.

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Celestial Archives

1. (Data Shrine 02)
When you first encounter Kanden in this area he'll take off down a narrow tunnel. Follow him through the tunnel and remain in Morph Ball mode when you emerge. Travel through the corridor to find another narrow opening in the wall ahead. Move through here to locate this missile sitting snugly at the end.

2. (Incubation Vault 03)
From the Docking Bay, climb up to the bridge and ride the second moving platform from the right over to a damaged platform where a teleporter resides. Jump in to find yourself in Incubation Vault 03. This missile rests atop a ledge just across and slightly to the right, quickly leap across and grab it before the Psycho Bits attack.


1. (Alinos Gateway)
As you land on Alinos, step forward and walk down the long staircase. Cross the lava lake and turn left, along the wall you'll discover small recesses within which this missile awaits. Climb atop the rubble nearby and activate the Morph Ball to work your way over to the missile.

2. (High Ground)
As you leap up to the main open area of this chamber, Spire will attack from atop a ledge above. Climb up the ramp directly below him and turn right at the top; you'll spot this missile directly above just beyond an active force field in the floor.

3. (Alinos Perch)
Once you've scored the Magmaul, head to the Alinos Perch canyon and look for a large orange force field barring access to a smaller canyon. Disable it with the Magmaul and turn left as you enter the now-accessible region to find this missile hiding in a tiny alcove.

Vesper Defense Outpost

1. (Cortex CPU)
From the Weapons Complex area, travel through the narrow tunnel set in a wall to discover the narrow confines of the Cortex CPU. Bomb-jump your way up the platforms to the top of the area (watch out for the pulsing laser fields), then work your way down to the visible missile and use a double bomb-jump to reach it.

2. (Fuel Stack)
You'll need the Imperialist to ultimately reach this one. Upon saving yourself from a nasty end by activating the shutoff terminal in the Fuel Stack shaft, make your way back down to find this missile resting atop the end of a winding ledge in the center region.


1. (Ice Hive)
Once you've recovered the Judicator you'll be able to access a tall winding tunnel near the entrance of the Ice Hive (it's filled with small plant-life and covered on one end with a purple force field. Near the end opposite the force field you'll spot a small opening in the wall. Roll through with the Morph Ball to discover this missile resting out atop a ledge overlooking the open area where the vault door exists.

2. (Subterranean)
After picking up the Imperialist, you'll find this missile on your way to locating the Cartograph Artifact. Once you've powered up the elevator in the Subterranean area by shooting the three red switches with the Imperialist, simply ride it down and walk down the long corridor below to find this in plain sight.