Artifact locations

Each location in the Alimbic Cluster possesses two Stronghold Voids where an Octolith hides in each. To gain access to each one you'll need to first track down three distinct artifacts to power a teleporter opening the way into the stronghold. Use this guide to locate each and every one.

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Celestial Archives Stronghold Void 01

Cartograph Artifact (Data Shrine 01)
Upon first entering this room you'll find yourself sealed in. Scan the shield protecting the artifact in the center of the chamber to find yourself ambushed by a number of Psycho Bits. Destroy all incoming waves of the drones to reveal the Shield Key, then pick it up to lower the shield, granting you access to this artifact.

Attameter Artifact (Data Shrine 03)
You'll need to conquer Kanden to secure this artifact. Once he's down pick up the Shield Key he drops and secure this artifact hidden inside a small alcove.

Binary Subscripture (Synergy Core)
Inside a small sealed chamber in this region you'll find the artifact in the center of the room. See two small blue pods beside both doors? Shoot all four to reveal the Shield Key, then pick it up for clear access to this artifact.

Celestial Archives Stronghold Void 02

Cartograph Artifact (Docking Bay)
With the Volt Driver in your possession, you'll be able to access the teleporter in the Synergy Core to travel to the Transfer Lock. Once there, enter the main open-air chamber and take the fight to the number of enemies ambushing you there. With all targets taken care of, shoot the three projectile switches at the back end of the room to uncover another three.

Activate this second set of three switches to open access to a large terminal. Scan this terminal to power up a second teleporter back in the narrow chamber where you first entered this area. Use this teleporter to travel outside to the Docking Bay (don't fall off) and defeat the lone Guardian charging you there.

Grab the appearing Shield Key nearby to lower the shield guarding this artifact way out over the abyss, then carefully travel over there via the moving platform to claim your prize.

Attameter Artifact (Incubation Vault 01)
From the Docking Bay, take the left-most moving platform from the upper bridge to be taken across to a teleporter. Jump in to reach the area where this artifact awaits. Jump in the nearby teleporter to be taken to the main open area of this region where two Guardians are poking around. Defeat one to lower a force field above and reveal the Shield Key, then defeat the second.

Now for the long trek to actually reach the artifact above you. Use the teleporter beside the control terminal to return to the Docking Bay, then jump atop the second moving lift from the right and jump in the teleporter it draws you towards. You'll reappear in Incubation Vault 03, this time higher up in the chamber.

Quickly turn right and leap across to the platform across from you and grab Missile CA.02. Take out the waves of Psycho Bits attacking from above. See the pair of Guardians below? Ignore them and jump in the teleporter near the missile. Beyond you'll locate Incubation Vault 02. Take out the lone Crash Pillar to summon a horde of enemies spewing from the spawning units.

Crush them all and the trio of Guardians to activate all the teleporters around you. Take the teleporter nearest the blue force field to finally find yourself beside the artifact in Incubation Vault 01. Jump across to the open door nearby and carefully make your way along the catwalk to the Shield Key, then head back to claim your prize.

Binary Subscripture (New Arrival Registration)
Once you've secured the Shock Coil in the Incubation Vault 02 area, travel to Incubation Vault 03 and jump in the teleporter right behind the blue force field on the ground floor. Once you reappear, carefully traverse the Tetra Vista corridor to reach the New Arrival Registration region. Ascend the first silo and proceed to the second to see the large shaft down below.

Head down via the moving platforms and you'll spot this artifact sitting inside a large alcove. Leap across and hop inside to find yourself sealed in by a large force field. Simply switch on your Scan Visor and scan the four Alimbic Lore surrounding the artifact to reveal the Shield Key to ultimately claim the artifact.

Alinos Stronghold Void 01

Cartograph Artifact (Echo Hall)
Travel to the far end of this room and roll through the narrow opening you find on the far wall. Proceed through the narrow tunnel network to eventually discover a small alcove where three Zoomers live. Destroy them all to reveal the Shield Key, then pick it up to open access past a hatch beyond.

Travel up beyond the hatch and through the next set of tunnels (picking up Energy Tank AL.01 on the way). Emerge from the tunnels to find this artifact waiting in the chamber above.

Attameter Artifact (Elder Passage)
When you confront Spire at the High Ground area, climb up the ramp at the base of the wall he looks down from. Enter the only accessible door below him and turn right at the far end of the corridor beyond. Destroy the dual Voldrum-spawning units on the walls of the chamber ahead to draw Spire into the room.

Shoot at him from below to summon him down to your level, then deliver enough damage to send him packing. Once he's gone, scan the control switch nearby to summon the Shield Key, then head back to the exit, picking up this artifact along the way.

Binary Subscripture (High Ground)
Upon securing the Attameter Artifact, head outside to the High Ground area to catch up with Spire. Finish him off to score the Shield Key, then locate this artifact waiting patiently over in one corner of this region.

Alinos Stronghold Void 02

Attameter Artifact (Council Chamber)
Right after securing the Magmaul, disable the orange force fields down beside the lava lake and move onwards. Deal with the lone Guardian pestering you, then turn down the non-force fielded corridor to find a lone terminal. Scan the console to lower the force field nearby, then hop on the jump pad it once guarded to reach the upper region of this area.

Quickly take out the two Shreikbats awaiting you above, then head forward to find a large open chamber. Spawning units here will send forth both Magma and Ice Voldrums, quickly deal with the spawning units then pick off any remaining targets. With your position clear, go inside the small alcove off to the side to find the teleporter heading back to the Alinos Gateway.

Turn around to find a small chamber possessing two force fields - one on the floor and the other in the ceiling. Clear out the swarm of Petrasyl, then scan the lone terminal nearby to reveal the Shield Key. Grab it, then fall through the floor below and land on the jump pad far below to launch yourself up above to where this artifact resides.

Cartograph Artifact (Crash Site)
The Magmaul's needed to retrieve this artifact. Once you've secured it, head back to the Alinos Perch canyon. See those platforms scattered around the area with inactive jump pads? There's a projectile-sensitive switch for each one, you'll need to locate all three and power them up to position the platforms.

The first two should be easy to locate, shoot them both then head over to the large orange force field down the other end of the canyon. Breach the field with the Magmaul and head inside to find a smaller canyon where the third platform switch resides (along with Missile AL.03 and a pair of Psycho Bits).

With all three platforms aligned with active jump pads, hop atop the nearest one to propel yourself across to a ledge where a lone terminal resides. Scan it to unlock a door high atop a cliff - that's your target. Jump off the cliff to the next platform below, then leap across to the third one and finally over to the unlocked door.

Go inside to find the Crash Site - a narrow cave full of structural damage. See the Shield Key sitting atop a ruined pillar? Take out the Blastcap nearby then carefully jump over and grab it. Fall below and step through the narrow opening to locate this artifact waiting beyond.

Binary Subscripture (Piston Cave)
You're looking at the toughest item to grab in the game here. Once you've secured the Magmaul and the first two artifacts, head for the Processor Core chamber beyond the Council Chamber. Inside you'll discover the Stronghold Portal below between two tall silos. The left one only contains a jump pad used to propel you back to the upper section of this room, while the one on the right contains the path leading on.

Grab UA Expansion AL.02 first, then jump inside the silo. You'll land atop a moving platform, wait for it to lower all the way down and activate the Morph Ball to access a small tunnel at the base. Inside is the Piston Cave, as you enter the hatch seals you in, so there's no going back.

This final artifact lies at the very end of this twisting cavern, but those nasty pistons and moving machinery are merciless, if they squash you it's lights out. So you'll need a lot of patience to get through this in one piece. If you're playing for a perfect run without losing any lives, save your game before entering this chamber (thankfully the teleporter back to the Alinos Gateway isn't far away).

The first section shouldn't be too difficult, as there's room between each piston to hide. Just take your time and roll past each as they retract into the walls. The Morph Ball tends to be a bit slippery at the best of times, so don't rush. The second region ramps up the difficulty, with pistons slamming up against each other. Some of them won't move, so you can use those areas as sanctuary.

Sneak past the first pair, then take a moment to watch the second. You'll need to boost past the next pair of pistons, time it right to reach the next safe zone. Pull back just as you pass them to avoid accidentally sliding into the path of the final pistons. Clear this final pair and roll through the narrow tunnel beyond.

You're now inside a narrower cave with pistons moving up and down within the only way ahead. Patience is a must here. Roll atop the first piston (don't worry, this one doesn't reach the roof so you'll be safe). The next three pistons all slam down into the floor so it's going to be a little trickier. The first and third ones move together so at least they're not all moving in sequence.

Now for a risky move. Wait for the first piston to hit the floor and begin rising, then roll forward and keep going. Eventually you'll reach two pistons slamming into each other. Very quickly roll up against them and wait for the lower one to become level with the floor, then roll onto it.

Zip over to the right and sneak into the safe alcove beyond just before the two pistons crush you (this might take a few tries). Don't mess around with this sequence of pistons, as speed is definitely of the essence here. Roll atop the lone piston on the far side of the cave and let it take you up to the small tunnel in the corner.

Roll through to find the final (and hardest) section of this madhouse. See the three erratically-moving pistons ahead? Just beyond them lies a higher platform with a piston above that doesn't reach the floor, so if you can get there you'll be safe. Only problem is you'll need to time your movements so as to reach the edge of the platform with enough time to bomb-jump your way up to it.

You'll need to reach it just as the third piston above is pulling up into the ceiling to give yourself enough time to pull it off. What you need to do is wait for all three pistons to move up at almost the same time, giving you free space to move through. Once you've taken that chance, hold R as you bomb-jump up into the piston chamber and quickly boost ahead and bomb-jump up to the safe platform.

Upon reaching safety, wait for the next piston ahead to rise out of the way then quickly drop below and sneak into the safe region ahead (don't dawdle as this one moves frighteningly fast). With that, you're finally in the clear. Ride the final piston up to the cavern ahead where you'll find the artifact waiting. Bomb-jump up the stone steps to reach the Shield Key, then fall back down to claim your well-deserved prize.

Vesper Defense Outpost Stronghold Void 01

Attameter Artifact (Weapons Complex)
Look for a large room in this complex containing two Psycho Bit spawning units on the walls. Destroy both units and clean up the remaining targets to power down the large force field in the floor. Fall below and take out the dual Lesser Ithrak ambushing you from the ceiling. With both targets taken care of, grab the now-visible Shield Key and ride the moving platform back up to retrieve this artifact.

Binary Subscripture (Compression Chamber)
Once you've scored the Battlehammer, return to the Cortex CPU and travel through the perpendicular-facing tunnel nearby Missile VD.01. Through there you'll reach the upper floor of the Compression Chamber. Disable the two green force fields nearby with the Battlehammer and proceed through.

Defeat the enemies beyond and look for two force field deactivation switches. With both powered down, return to the Cortex CPU and roll down to the bottom left corner of the region. Roll through the tunnel there to reach the lower floor of the Compression Chamber. Defeat the two Psycho Bit spawning units awaiting you and grab UA Expansion VD.01 within the column before moving on.

Beyond here you'll be ambushed by a lone Lesser Ithrak; destroy the creature to reveal the Shield Key. Pick it up and pass beyond the now force-fieldless area to find a narrow opening in the wall. Roll through to be boosted up to a higher chamber where this artifact awaits.

Cartograph Artifact (Weapons Complex)
With the Battlehammer secured, look for a green force field in the Weapons Complex area. Destroy it with the Battlehammer and move on. Deal with the Crash Pillar you find by sending a few missiles into its underside when it jumps to activate a lift above. Ride it up and follow the path around to an area where you'll confront Sylux. Ultimately defeat this hunter (and his ship) to secure the Shield Key, then locate the artifact in an alcove off to one side of the area.

Vesper Defense Outpost Stronghold Void 02

Cartograph Artifact (Stasis Bunker)
You'll require the Imperialist to score this one. Head to the Weapons Complex area and search for a red blast shielded door down one far end. Penetrate it with the Imperialist and proceed onwards to locate the Stasis Bunker area. As you step inside the door seals behind you, so time to get to work.

Step forward to the stasis chamber where a number of Guardians float motionless to be attacked by two Magma Voldrum-spawning units. Clear them both and take a look around. Both the Cartograph and Attameter Artifacts live here, so there's a number of things to do to reach both.

Step over to the jammed door and zoom in with the Imperialist. See the turret up ahead on the ceiling? Take it out from afar before moving on. Up above you'll discover a number of chambers, one containing the Stronghold Portal and another possesses a second stasis chamber full of Guardians. Take out the Voldrum-spawning units you find and take out the turret near the Stronghold Portal. With the area clear, head over to the Stronghold Portal and scan the lone terminal resting below the turret's former position.

This terminal will temporarily power up the console down beside the door you entered this area via. Very quickly sprint back down there and zip across to the terminal as fast as you can. Scan it to (temporarily) reveal the Shield Key above the exhaust vent. Quickly run back upstairs and over to the upper stasis chamber where all the Guardians float.

Quickly go inside the small exit beside the stasis chamber to find this Shield Key before it disappears. If you miss at all simply go back to the terminal across from the Stronghold Portal and scan it again to restart the sequence. With the Shield Key in hand, simply stroll over to the artifact to retrieve it.

Attameter Artifact (Stasis Bunker)
Right after securing the Cartograph Artifact you'll be assaulted by a number of Guardians breaking free from their stasis chambers. Defeat them all to reveal the Shield Key hiding behind an orange pillar up on the second floor. Simply pick it up and head back downstairs to retrieve this artifact.

Binary Subscripture (Fuel Stack)
This is one tricky artifact to pick up. After you've secured the first two, exit the Stasis Bunker via the upper floor to reach the Ascension elevator shaft. Ride it up and activate the VDO Gateway teleporter at the top. Go back and save your game before returning here. Exit the elevator shaft to discover the Fuel Stack - a huge shaft towering skyward.

As you step forward and the central energy shaft comes into view, you'll witness debris falling from above, sending the shaft into a critical state. You'll now have 1 minute to reach that lone terminal way up at the top of the shaft before the system blows and it's lights out.

So no time to lose. Run ahead and around the corner to find a jump pad. Look up to make sure you know where to land on the small platforms jutting out from the side of the shaft, then quickly climb up and move on. Watch out for packs of Zoomers along the corridor as you go. Beyond is a second jump pad, look skyward again and climb up the platforms.

Up above you'll find an open area where a pair of ledges lead up to a long balcony. Climb up quickly and run across to the lone motionless circular platform on the other side. Step aboard to be taken up to a number of platforms on the side of the shutoff terminal's ledge. Quickly leap above and scan the terminal to secure the area. You can't fall off anything at all during this run due to the limited clock, so it might take a few tries (at least the gateway teleporter's nearby).

With the overflow shut off, you'll be clear to explore this area more. The game will show you the revealed Shield Key nearby the artifact, so now all you have to do is go find it. Drop below and watch out for a spawning unit spewing out Psycho Bits. Clear them all and look down into the shaft below. See the turret off to one side? Destroy it from here then jump down to where it stood.

Walk around the shaft and look for a lone terminal on the other side. Scan it to lower the force field blocking the door beside it, then proceed down the corridor beyond. Break out the Imperialist and stand back; there's a pair of Alimbic Turrets guarding the chamber ahead. With your position clear go inside to find the artifact waiting for you. Drop below and grab the Shield Key behind it, then simply make your way back up to the artifact to claim your prize.

Arcterra Stronghold Void 01

Attameter Artifact (Sic Transit)
As you first enter the Sic Transit area you'll witness a heated battle between hunters Noxus and Trace. Conquer Noxus to secure the area, then deal with the two Voldrum-spawning units. With your position clear, travel around the region with your Scan Visor active; searching for hidden lock switches.

Scan all six locks to summon the Shield Key at the base of a sloped tunnel. Pick up the key to unlock a door tucked away in the center of the region. Step inside the chamber to discover this artifact waiting snugly inside.

Cartograph Artifact (Ice Hive)
You'll need the Judicator to score this one. Right after picking up your new weapon, exit the chamber by disabling the nearby purple force field. Step through and cross the ice bridge beyond. Stop at the end and turn right to spot another small purple force field across the gap. Disable it with the Judicator and leap across.

Grab UA Expansion AR.01 nearby, then quickly take out the Alimbic Turret across in the adjacent alcove. With the target gone, you'll see the Shield Key appear right behind it. Grab the key and fall through the now-disabled force field to locate this artifact below.

Binary Subscripture (Frost Labyrinth)
Upon securing the Judicator, return to the Sic Transit area and head to the Frost Labyrinth by way of the purple door. Once there, roll through the narrow tunnels with the Morph Ball and make your way to a dead-end near the right-hand exit of the region (watch out for the odd Zoomer and pulsating green laser field). Down this dead-end you'll discover an open hole in the ice sheet, directly above here lies the Shield Key.

Position yourself directly beneath the hole (it's tricky with the slippery surface), then double-bomb jump up to grab the Shield Key neatly. Doing so will unlock a hatch along the left wall of the area, roll through here and descend the narrow tunnel beyond to discover this artifact waiting in a subterranean cave.

Arcterra Stronghold Void 02

Attameter Artifact (Fault Line)
Upon recovering the Imperialist, use it to shoot the red switch above you in the Fault Line region. Doing so will lower a moving platform, hop on to reach the cliffside above. Leap across to the visible boost pad and use it to reach a hidden plateau beyond. Step forward to be assaulted by a number of Psycho Bits. Quickly look for their spawning units and take them out before finishing off any airborne targets.

Doing so will reveal the Shield Key hiding in a small corner, walk over and pick it up to lower the shield guarding the artifact below. But that electric field protecting it is still active, so time to shut it down. Walk back the way you came to find two electrified pylons beside a control terminal. Simply scan the terminal to shut down the electric field, clearing your path to the artifact.

Now you'll need to find a way to return to the lower region. See the tall stone pillar nearby? Scan its base to discover that a strong enough blast should topple it over. Send a missile into it to create an effective bridge. Climb across and exit the region by way of the small opening over on the right. From here, simply head back below to where the artifact awaits.

Binary Subscripture (Sanctorus)
Upon retrieving the Imperialist and the Attameter Artifact, head beyond the red blast shielded door in the Fault Line to reach the Frost Labyrinth. Travel to the top of this maze and proceed beyond the red blast shielded door there. Inside you'll discover the Sanctorus (and UA Expansion AR.03 around the corner ahead).

Travel down below into the bowels of this chamber and deal with the Greater Ithrak hanging from the ceiling. See the small terminal near the artifact? Scan it to reveal that "adjusting the optical spectrum may reveal the truth." So let's do that. Look for three switches scattered around the area and scan each one (keep your Scan Visor on to see them).

Doing so will lower the shield surrounding the red switch up on the far wall opposite the artifact. Blast it from afar with the Imperialist to reveal the Shield Key, then pick it up to gain access to the artifact.

Cartograph Artifact (Subterranean)
Right after you've scored the Imperialist and activated the platform in the Fault Line area, before heading out to reach the Attameter Artifact, ride the platform up and turn around. See the large area beyond completely sealed in by a force field? If you look carefully you'll see a teleporter connected to one of the pair back at the Arcterra Gateway.

Scan the control switch from here to power up the teleporter (that force field won't stop you). Head back to your ship, then use the teleporter beside it to travel back here. Once inside the force field, shoot the two red switches high up on the walls with the Imperialist to lower the field. See the jump pad over in the corner? Use it to reach the door above and move on.

Inside you'll discover a long winding stone tunnel. Step atop the platform at the edge of the cliff to be automatically taken on a tour along the tunnel's path. Watch out for swarms of Petrasyl, War Wasps and Shriekbats along the way. UA Expansion AR.03 lives just below the platform's initial resting place, but you can pick it up on the way back.

Beyond this tunnel lies the Subterranean region. Step forward to discover a chamber filled with force fields, creating an elaborate maze. See the red switches up above? You'll need to move around the maze to get a clear shot at each with the Imperialist. Stand well back from each otherwise they'll become shy and seal themselves tight. With all three switches active that small circular object in the center of the chamber will power up. Make your way over to it and step aboard to be taken down to a lower cavern.

Once at the base you'll discover this artifact behind a force field ahead on the right. Walk down the end of the corridor to locate Missile AR.02 easily while you're at it. Just before the missile you'll discover a narrow opening along the corridor, follow it and turn left to discover a dead-end guarded by an Alimbic Turret v2.7. Scan it for your Logbook before destroying it to reveal the Shield Key. Pick it up and backtrack down the corridor to find the artifact waiting patiently.