Super Metroid overview

Super Metroid title screen.
Super Metroid title screen.

Super Metroid is an action/adventure game made exclusively for the Super Nintendo (SNES). The game chronicles intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran's fight against the Space Pirates - a band of aliens bent on inflicting devastation and destruction on galactic civilization.

Stealing away the last Metroid in existence, the Space Pirates have holed themselves up in a completely rebuilt fortress world of Zebes, leaving Samus in hot pursuit. To recover the precious Metroid specimen, Samus must infiltrate Zebes a second time, facing new surprises and old foes.

This legendary 16-bit title brought Zebes to life with a vibrant atmosphere, memorable soundtrack and solid Metroid gameplay, cementing its place as one of the greatest Metroid titles and a leader in the platforming genre.

Controller overview

The Super Nintendo (SNES) controller.
The Super Nintendo (SNES) controller.

You'll take command of Samus as she battles her way through Zebes to find and rescue the Metroid hatchling before the Space Pirates can use its destructive abilities. You'll be facing deadly enemies and huge bosses, but hidden power-ups riddled throughout Zebes will help Samus on her path to victory.

Samus' power suit can be enhanced with special upgrades, including new energy beams, missiles, bombs, suits and a range of other special abilities. Below is a list of the default controls, all of which can be changed to suit your own style in the Controller settings menu.

Button Operation
D-Pad Direct Samus around with the Directional Pad (D-pad) and aim her arm cannon in any of the eight main directions while moving. Press Down once to crouch, then a second time to enter Morphing Ball form.
X Fire Samus' arm cannon. Once you find the Charge Beam upgrade, hold down X to charge up a stronger shot. Also use this to lay bombs while in Morphing Ball form.
A Jump up. If you press left or right before jumping Samus will perform a somersault in the air. Once you find the Space Jump upgrade you can repeatedly press A with proper timing to continually somersault through the air and climb to greater heights.
B Hold B to dash. This will initially make Samus run faster than normal - once you find the Speed Booster upgrade Samus will run extremely fast after a short dash in an uninterrupted direction.
Y Cancel currently selected weapon/item. When you select a special weapon/item (missile, super missile, etc.) press Y to return back to Samus' arm cannon.
L Angle down. This will make Samus aim her arm cannon diagonally downward.
R Angle up. This will make Samus aim her arm cannon in a diagonally upward position. (Press both L + R to point straight up)
Start Bring up the map screen. While on the map screen, press R to display Samus' power-ups.
Select Select a different item/weapon, such as missiles and Power Bombs.