Power Bomb locations

Power Bombs grant you a devastating Morph Ball weapon, lay one of these babies and any enemies on-screen are history. You can also use Power Bombs to break through Power Bomb blocks. There's only 9 Power Bomb Tanks to be found, giving you 18 bombs in Easy and Normal but only 9 on Hard; use them wisely.

Spoilers abound below as you can't find any Power Bombs until after defeating Mother Brain. This also means that you'll be able to find all 9 of them straight away without requiring any extra items.

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You can only reach this after recovering Samus' Power Suit. Use the Morph Ball Launcher hidden directly below the platform Samus begins the game at in Brinstar to shoot yourself up to Crateria. Once there ascend the rocky shaft and travel right. Use the Speed Booster to break through the wall in the open area where Samus' ship rested earlier.

Now for the tricky part. This Power Bomb is hidden up within the left wall blocked by some well-placed Speed Booster blocks. Begin at the door you just entered this room via. Run over to the right until the Speed Booster kicks in. Quickly press down and rush over to the sloping ground just in front of the small edifice on the right. Face left and Shinespark into the small slope.

You'll be doing this to buy extra Shinespark time to get into position. Quickly press down again when you hit the slope and jump up to the top of the small edifice on the right. Stand directly on top of the tallest point of the edifice (you'll see it as a tiny mound). Quickly switch on the Morph Ball and press A to activate the Shinespark.

Just before Samus rockets off hold Up + Left to diagonally shoot up over to the left wall way above. If you've aimed correctly Samus will shear through the Speed Booster blocks up in the wall, then you'll just need to break through the Power Bomb Block to finally reach this item.

Alternative method:

Special thanks to Rodrigo for pointing this method out. Instead of building the Speed Booster's charge from the left side of the canyon, head right past the edifice and inside to the elevator leading back down to Norfair. Move to the far right end of this hallway (drop a Power Bomb near the elevator to clear the path), then begin running left.

Run past the elevator and into the adjacent room. Keep running to blow through Speed Booster blocks in the shallow underground lake and run through to the canyon beyond - this will give you enough room to engage the Speed Booster and reach the edifice with much easier effort than building the charge from the left side.



This one's located down in the south-western region of Norfair. Start by heading over to the shaft adjacent to the Map Room. From here descend below to the base of this shaft and descend the following shaft underneath. At the bottom of this second shaft you'll find deadly lava below that you can now survive thanks to the Gravity Suit. Break through the floor and drop down below to find a door.

Go left to find a large shaft filled with lava. Use a Power Bomb a little way up the shaft to reveal Missile Tank NO.13 in the right wall. Grab the Missile then shoot through the Missile blocks the blast revealed in the left wall. Crawl through the narrow tunnel and Space Jump up the shaft to find this Power Bomb waiting at the top.



In legacy of one of the Missile Tank locations in Super Metroid, you'll find this Power Bomb hidden in a room directly below the smoldering remains of Mother Brain. Return to the decimated hallway where you fought the fiend and use a Super Missile to break through the floor directly below Mother Brain's remains. Down below you'll find this Power Bomb waiting.



This is your first Power Bomb, the same one that you'll have seen a cheeky Zebesian walking off with earlier in the ruins. With your suit restored proceed up to the bridge area of the Mothership (up at the top of the ship, the giant room with windows looking outside on the left wall). Once there, travel over to the left corner and drop down the narrow opening you'll see there.

Descend the narrow tunnels below to find that sneaky Zebesian walking off with your Power Bomb again. Bomb your way down to the main open area of the room and go right. You'll find the Power Bomb waiting inside protected by two alarm lines, just Space Jump over them and drop down to claim your prize.


You'll find this second Power Bomb in a chamber to the right of the first bomb above. Once inside lay a Power Bomb to open up the ceiling where you'll find this one waiting with two Zebesians.


This Power Bomb's located not far from the Crash Site where you appear after defeating Mother Brain. Proceed back there once you've recovered Samus' Power Suit, but don't go further than the edge of the Mothership. In the area where you first see the purple exterior of the ship, climb up to the far right edge of it and lay a Power Bomb to reveal this item hidden inside a narrow alcove.


Notice a tall blue shaft with no visible entrance on Chozodia's map? That's where this Power Bomb lies. Firstly head to the open area were the glass tube connects the ship to the ruins. From here lay a Power Bomb to break through the glass. Drop down onto the rocky terrain and head down to the bottom right corner of the cliff. Lay a Power Bomb to reveal a hidden opening in the wall, then go inside to find a long corridor leading right.

At the far end you'll reach a tall corridor with the Power Bomb waiting at the peak, but you can easily use the Speed Booster to quickly fly up the shaft past all the Zebesians.


The easiest way to reach this Power Bomb is to enter Chozodia by way of the door up in the north-eastern corner of Crateria. From there, cross the long corridor leading into Chozodia and drop down into the first room you'll find. Shoot into the left wall with the Wave Beam to expose the Power Bomb, then use a Missile to blow open the block barring your way.


On your way sneaking through the ruins to the Chozo Warrior's room you might remember finding a long dark hallway with two Zebesians apparently stuck at the end of two long narrow tunnels (it's adjacent to the tall shaft near the Chozo Warrior's room). This room was sealed off when you recovered Samus' Power Suit so you couldn't find your way back inside until after finding a Power Bomb.

Up in the shaft previously mentioned you'll find the small opening on the left wall leading into the darkened tunnel. Blow away the blocks covering the opening with a Power Bomb and crawl inside. Make your way to the end of the highest tunnel and use Missiles to break through the ceiling there. Up above you'll find this Power Bomb tucked away in a tiny alcove.