Power-up locations

Power-up locations

The Chozo have left behind a myriad of items strewn throughout Zebes for Samus to locate, each one adding vital abilities to her Power Suit. Unlike previous Metroid titles, Nintendo designed Zero Mission giving players the ability to find certain items in virtually any order they want. Many items are not even mandatory, it's possible to finish the game without a full arsenal and maxed-out Power Suit.

The guides below will show you the standard order of collecting items you'll find for a 100% item rate. For the more plentiful items like Missiles and Super Missiles, keep an eye on the map as you explore new rooms as often you'll find an open circle appearing over the room. That means an item's hidden somewhere in that room and you'll be doing yourself a favour by taking the time to look for it.

Keep in mind that by activating the Morph Ball while standing on a Chozo Statue's hands will restore all your health and ammo, and both statues with empty hands and those holding an item will do this. So Samus really has a lot to be thankful for from the Chozo.

Many of the consumable items below can only be reached by executing a series of tricky Shinesparking maneuvers. Check out the Shinespark Guide section for a full lowdown on all the Shinespark abilities as you'll need to practice heavily to reach some of these items.

Note: Every item is linked to the walkthrough and vice versa (at the point where you come across specific items), so you can easily navigate your way back and forth.