Secrets and tips

For the multiplayer side of the game there's plenty to unlock, from new characters and arenas to beefing up your match record. Read on for a list of all the unlockables in the game.

Unlocking Hunters

To initially unlock each of the other six hunters for multiplayer use, simply face and defeat them in the Adventure Mode or face them against a foe in multiplayer.

Unlocking Arenas

There's a healthy number of unlockable arenas to acquire throughout your multiplayer escapades. Read on for the requirements of each.

  • Celestial, Alinos, Vesper and Arcterra Gateways: Visit a new gateway location in the Adventure Mode to unlock its corresponding multiplayer arena.
  • Oubliette: Defeat the second form of Gorea in the Adventure Mode.
  • Head Shot: Play a single four-player match.
  • Sanctorus: Play 2 local matches.
  • Compression Chamber: Play 4 local matches.
  • Incubation Vault: Play 6 local matches.
  • Subterranean: Play 8 local matches.
  • Outer Reach: Play 10 local matches.
  • Harvester: Play 12 local matches.
  • Weapons Complex: Play 14 local matches.
  • Council Chamber: Play 16 local matches.
  • Elder Passage: Play 18 local matches.
  • Fuel Stack: Play 20 local matches.
  • Fault Line: Play 22 local matches.
  • Stasis Bunker: Play 40 local matches or a single online match.

Hunter License Unlockables

Your Hunter License records all your activities online and tracks your overall progress throughout matches. Access your Hunter License by simply selecting Multiplayer Mode -> Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection -> Edit Friends and Rivals. See below for details on acquiring new ranks and reward symbols.

Medal Emblems: Win matches to receive a lightning bolt icon representing your overall winning score. This can be done either locally or online.

  • Medal Emblems:
    • Bronze Lightning Bolt - Win 25 matches.
    • Silver Lightning Bolt - Win 100 matches.
    • Gold Lightning Bolt - Win 200 matches.

Wi-Fi Rankings: Win matches online to score ranking points, but watch out as losing matches will also lose you a few points on your rank.

  • Wi-Fi Rankings:
    • Rank 1: Bounty Hunter - Score 0-39 ranking points.
    • Rank 2: Super Hunter - Score 40-139 ranking points.
    • Rank 3: Elite Hunter - Score 140-389 ranking points.
    • Rank 4: Master Hunter - Score 390-749 ranking points.
    • Rank 5: Legendary Hunter - Score 750+ ranking points.

Other symbols: Do the following to acquire these symbols.

  • Special Border: Play more than 500 games, either online or local (or a mix of both).
  • Gold Border: Play over 500 games, either online or local while maintaining a Rank 5.
  • Alimbic Emblem: Simply complete the Adventure Mode.
  • Octolith Emblem: Complete the Adventure Mode with a 100% rating (all items and Logbook scans) - this replaces the Alimbic Emblem.

Sound Test

Conquer Gorea's second form in the Adventure Mode to unlock the Sound Test in the main options screen.

Double bomb-jump

Samus is still without her Spring Ball ability in this adventure so you'll need to rely on the tried-and-true double bomb-jump to propel her high enough to reach certain areas. Firstly, stay still while in Morph Ball mode and lay a bomb.

Lay a second just before it detonates, then lay a third at the apex of the jump when the first bomb launches Samus into the air. If timed correctly you'll land on top of the second bomb as it blows, propelling Samus up into the air to hopefully catch the third as it goes off, sending her even higher.

Unlocking Gorea phase 2

Refer to the bosses guide or the walkthrough for tips to unlock the final Gorea battle.