Obstacles Guide

Obstacles Guide

As with most regions in the universe, the Alimbic Cluster isn't without a myriad of doors and hatches sealing areas and blocking access to deeper regions.

All the hatches you'll encounter have a way to bypass, with most simply requiring the correct weapon to do the job. Read on for a list of all the obstacles you'll discover along the way.

Doors, hatches and force fields

Doors, hatches and force fields exist to prevent Samus from accessing deeper, more secure regions of the Alimbic Order's territories. Most simply require the right weapon to disable the technology. For force fields, you'll need to shoot the guard node moving about on it with the right weapon to power it down - using the wrong weaponry results in the node sending a shot back at you.

Blue Doors

Most doors you find emit a blue hue, simply use any weapon to penetrate these.

Brown Blast Shield

These shields can only be opened with a single missile blast.

Green Blast Shield / Force Field

Use the Battlehammer to open green doors and to disable green force fields.

Purple Blast Shield / Force Field

The Judicator is the only means to open purple doors and force fields.

Yellow Blast Shield / Force Field

Use the Volt Driver to disable yellow doors and power down yellow force fields.

Blue Force Field

The Shock Coil can disable blue force fields.

Orange Blast Shield / Force Field

Use the Magmaul to open orange doors and disable orange force fields.

Red Blast Shield / Force Field

Only the Imperialist can break through red doors and force fields.

Sealed Doors

A door marked with a red spinning lock can't be accessed until certain enemies nearby are defeated or you'll need to complete a special action (usually by scanning a control terminal nearby).