Metroid Prime Hunters overview

Metroid Prime Hunters title screen.
Metroid Prime Hunters title screen.

Merging first-person gameplay with portable finesse, Metroid Prime Hunters delivers on two fronts with an engaging hunt for ancient artifacts and a fully-wireless online multiplayer experience.

On the single player side, Samus embarks on a quest to the remote Alimbic Cluster searching for cryptic clues to the rumoured "ultimate power" message telepathically sent out across the stars. This time she's not alone, as six rival hunters are hot on the trail of this power for their own designs.

Samus will explore four unique points of the star system: an abandoned space station, a frigid ice world, a rocky lava planet and a frozen space colony in her attempt to solve the mystery. Along the way you'll discover a host of new weapons for her arsenal, while this time conveniently starting the game with all her standard abilities.

For the multiplayer half, this time players aren't confined to using Samus (not that it's ever an issue), as all six of her rivals are playable in up to four-player showdowns. With the wireless nature of the DS, multiplayer matches can either stream up to a maximum of three other DS units via a single cart locally or online via the Nintendo WFC service.

Controller overview

The Nintendo DS lite.
The Nintendo DS lite.

Controlling Samus in this title is like nothing Nintendo's tried before. With the DS touch screen doubling up as a handy radar, you'll direct Samus with the standard D-Pad while using the stylus to aim flawlessly.

Thumb stylusNow you might find using the regular stylus as initially incredibly awkward, thankfully there is an alternative - a thumb stylus.

If you're used to the classic dual-joystick control of recent first-person shooters, using a thumb stylus will give you an almost identical setup, except you'll find the sensitivity to be much more ideal when spinning around and for precision aiming. If you're wondering, pictured left is what they look like.

The game offers a number of variations for the control setup, giving both left and right-handed versions. I've personally found the Stylus Mode Right with a thumb stylus and the sensitivity turned right down works a treat (along with Look Invert off even though I tend to have it flipped in other FPS games). Regardless of what you choose it will take some getting used to for first timers.

Mode Operation
All modes Press L to fire. Press L while in Morph Ball mode to lay a bomb, and hold R before releasing to boost.
Stylus Mode Right Use the D-Pad to move and the stylus to aim. Press X, Y, A or B or double-tap the touch screen to jump.
Stylus Mode Left Use X, Y, A and B to move and the stylus to aim. Press any direction on the D-Pad or double-tap the touch screen to jump.
Dual Mode Right Use the D-Pad to move. Use X, Y, A and B to look around.
Dual Mode Left Use X, Y, A and B to move. Use the D-Pad to look around.