Metroid Recon


Zebes is an intricately detailed maze of caverns, hidden rooms and death traps. The walkthrough chapters below will help you traverse the many environments of Zebes, just keep in mind that we'll concentrate on getting through the game world successfully in this section, the bosses and power-up locations are detailed in their own areas.

When you click on a link to view boss or item details, click the "Go to walkthrough" link to jump back to where you were in the walkthrough.

Please be warned - there are spoilers throughout this walkthrough, so only read it as a last resort.


1. Space Station Ceres 6. Into the Fire
2. Planet Zebes 7. The Haunted Ship
3. Intruder Alert 8. Dive into the Deep Blue
4. The Journey to Brinstar 9. A Journey to the Center of Zebes
5. Digging Deeper 10. The Final Confrontation