Metroid Recon

Power-up Locations

A wide range of weapons and upgrades are hidden throughout Zebes just waiting for Samus to find and use. Listed below are all the power-ups in the game, what they do and where to find them. Most of the upgrades will be concealed in small stone balls held by Chozo statues, break the ball open when you find one to reveal the upgrade within.

Many upgrades will also be hidden within the terrain itself and obscured by walls, ceilings and floors, so you'll have to keep your eyes open to find them all. Keep in mind that on the Samus power-up screen (press Start then R) you can turn on or off any upgrade ability by pressing A while the ability is highlighted.

Note: Every item is linked to the walkthrough and vice versa (at the point where you come across specific items), so you can easily navigate your way back and forth.

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