Metroid Recon

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Beam Ammo Expansion Locations

Upon locating the Dark and Light Beams you'll be granted 50 rounds for each. Once drained you'll only be able to fire a shot by using the Charge Beam until reloading your payload. Hidden throughout Aether are a total of 4 Beam Ammo Expansions, each one grants you an extra 50 rounds of maximum ammo (finding all four expansions gives you up to 250). You'll definitely want to find all of them for the times when you'll be needing these weapons the most.

Temple Grounds

Click for larger view 1. (Profane Path - Sky Temple Grounds)
You'll require the Echo Visor and Annihilator Beam to reach this one. Use the portal at the Sacred Path to travel to Dark Aether, and deal with the two Dark Pirate Commandos greeting you there.

Walk over to the giant mutated Ingworm structure, that sealed door at its base guards the item. Switch on the Echo Visor and pull out the Annihilator Beam. Shoot the door to hear the correct sequence of tones needed to open the door.

Look around for the three tone emitters, then shoot each one in the correct order to match the door's tone and unlock it. Step inside the open alcove to claim your prize.

Agon Wastes

Click for larger view 1. (Central Mining Station)
Upon retrieving the Light Beam and returning to Aether, enter the Central Mining Station via the upper corridor of the Command Center Access room to be able to reach the two Vigilance Class Turrets.

Jump in one and use it to destroy all the power generator devices scattered around the area. Once they're clear, climb up to the large red force shield directly across from the turrets and crawl through a narrow tunnel hidden beside the shield to find this item inside.

Torvus Bog

Click for larger view 1. (Cache A - Dark Torvus Bog)
With the Seeker Launcher in hand, head to the Poisoned Bog by way of the black door in the Venomous Pond. Once there, destroy the purple blast shield on the door on the southern side of the area to find this item waiting patiently inside the chamber beyond.

Sanctuary Fortress

Click for larger view 1. (Watch Station)
You'll require the Spider Ball to locate this one. In the Watch Station, travel up to the top of the floating platform in the center of the region to find a Kinetic Orb Cannon there. Use it to launch yourself over to the northern wall, grabbing onto a Spider Ball track as you reach it.

Follow the network of tracks along the walls (take care around the moving circular sections, lay a bomb as you pass between the two red markers to time your jump correctly). Eventually you'll reach a large vertical section of track, with two paths deviating from it, one directly below (leading to a Bomb Slot), and another off the bottom-left corner.

Drop off the bottom-left corner and grab hold of the track below. Follow this network along, again taking care on the circular moving sections. Eventually you'll reach a translucent tunnel high up at the top of the room.

Look for a tunnel going into the northern wall, whatever you do don't go down the right-hand tunnel as it leads straight back down to the ground below. Follow the tunnel inside the wall to find this item waiting in a tiny chamber.

Samus' Upgrades | Missile Locations | Power Bomb Locations
Energy Tank Locations | Beam Ammo Expansion Locations | Dark Temple Key Locations