Samus' upgrades

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Missile Launcher

The Missile Launcher grants Samus the ability to fire concussive projectiles. You'll find extra missile expansions riddled throughout the station, find these to increase your maximum payload.

Found in: Main Deck (Data Room)

You'll find your first missile download waiting in the Data Room of the Main Deck (found in the Operations Deck area). Early on the ship's computer will direct you to the room where you can easily find this upgrade waiting.

Morph Ball

By pressing down on the D-Pad twice you'll enter Morph Ball mode. Assuming the ball shape made famous in the classic Metroid games, Samus can lay bombs and crawl through small openings with this ability. There's a few more abilities to be found usable with Morph Ball mode.

Found in: Main Deck

From the Operations Deck, follow the hidden ventilation shaft tunnel on the right wall to reach a tall darkened red shaft. Descend the shaft and go right to reach a large pinkish room - on the right side of this room lies a door leading to the cargo chamber where you'll find Arachnus X, defeat it to recover this ability.

Charge Beam

The Charge Beam allows you to charge up energy in Samus' Beam Weapon before releasing a powerful shot stronger than a normal blast. Some enemies in the game can only be injured by a charged shot, so experiment with this if normal weapons can't inflict damage. Hold down B to charge up the weapon and release to fire. Samus' beam projectiles will also become slightly larger. You can also simulate the Screw Attack with this by charging up the weapon and somersaulting through the air.

Found in: Sector 1 (SRX)

After clearing out the fourth atmospheric stabilizer, climb up the shaft adjacent to the room the fan was in. Follow the path to eventually reach a shaft where you'll spot an Eyeball Door opposite. Fry the door and head through to find the Core X harboring this ability inside disguised as a Chozo statue.

Morph Ball Bomb

This Morph Ball ability allows you to lay small bombs to damage enemies or break open certain blocks. Pressing B while Morph Ball mode's active will cause Samus to lay a bomb, you can lay up to four at a time.

Found in: Sector 2 (Data Room)

From the massive green room full of the red crawling creatures near the entrance of this Sector, head through the door on the bottom left corner and cross the adjacent corridor. Climb up the next large chamber and go through the door up in the left corner to reach the Data Room where this upgrade awaits. Keep in mind though that you'll need to unlock Level 1 Security Doors to reach this, check Chapter 4 of the walkthrough for more info.


You'll recover both the Hi-Jump and Jumpball (Spring Ball) together. The Hi-Jump allows Samus to jump higher than normal, this way reaching those difficult platforms way above won't be so hard. The Jumpball also allows Samus to jump while in Morph Ball mode.

Found in: Sector 2 (TRO)

You'll find the Core X boss harbouring this ability deep within the maze of Sector 2. The trip down there is long and fairly complex, check Chapter 4 of the walkthrough for more details and directions.

Speed Booster

This handy ability allows Samus to run at ultra-high speeds through long corridors. Any enemies caught in Samus' path will be incinerated. Samus can also utilize the famous Shinespark moves using the Speed Booster to reach otherwise inaccessible areas. Check the Secrets and Endings section for more info on Shinesparking.

Found in: Sector 4 (AQA)

You'll find the room containing Serris X not far from the original Serris' breeding tank. For precise details and directions on finding this room in Sector 4, check Chapter 5 of the walkthrough.

Super Missile

This upgrade will enhance the damaging power of your missiles to three times the concussive power of regular missiles. Once you find this upgrade all your missiles and any further Missile Tanks you'll find will be upgraded to Super Missiles, a very welcome addition to your arsenal.

Found in: Sector 3 (Data Room)

Travel to the huge red shaft lined with dragon heads in the walls and climb to the very top. Head through the door on the left and go through the next room to reach the upper hallway where a blue/purple creature is blocking the way. Go right and head through the next few corridors to eventually reach the Data Room where this upgrade's waiting.

Varia Suit

The awesome Varia Suit allows Samus to survive in areas with extreme temperatures, such as those scorching locales in Sector 3 (PYR). Damage inflicted on Samus will lower as well, and you won't be frozen when you absorb one of the large blue Xs found in various sectors.

Found in: Sector 6 (NOC)

You'll need to first get down to the Data Room before confronting the Core X that steals this upgrade, refer to Chapter 7 of the walkthrough for directions to the Data Room as it's a fairly complex walk.

Ice Missile

This missile enhancement will add a freezing effect to every missile you fire. Just like the Ice Beam, enemies struck by an Ice Missile will become frozen. Firing a second missile upon a frozen target will destroy it. While frozen, enemies can be used as stepping stones to reach otherwise inaccessible areas.

Found in: Sector 5 (Data Room)

Near the entrance of this sector you'll find a massive room filled with blue Chute Leeches. Go down through the door on the bottom right corner to find a huge frozen room. Go over to the right side of the room and head through the door right below the red door. Past the room with the shutter you'll find this Data Room, but first you'll need to unlock Level 3 Security Doors to reach it.

Wide Beam

This Beam Weapon addition increases Samus' range of fire. You'll be able to fire out three bursts of energy that cover the same height as Samus herself as the projectiles fly forward. This makes striking small enemies low on the ground easier, and with its wide range you won't have to be as accurate as before to strike an enemy.

Found in: Sector 3 (PYR)

You'll find the Core X harboring this ability in the Main Boiler Control Room. Check Chapter 9 of the walkthrough for precise directions on locating this room.

Power Bomb

You'll find your first Power Bomb in a designated Data Room. These bombs create major explosions that wipe out anything on-screen. Lay them by activating Morph Ball mode, then while holding R press B to lay a bomb. These bombs will come in handy throughout the station, especially as there's loads of Power Bomb expansions to be found.

Found in: Sector 5 (Data Room)

You'll find this in the same Data Room where you received the Ice Missile upgrade. Check that item's entry above for the location of this room.

Space Jump

Just like in Super Metroid, this ability allows Samus to virtually "fly" through the air. While pressing A at the right time Samus performs a somersault in the air and you'll rise up higher. Get the hang of this feature and you'll be able to reach any height.

Found in: Main Deck

From the Central Reactor Core room, climb up through the door up on the top right corner and follow the twisting corridors and shafts to eventually reach a tall shaft beyond an Eyeball Door. Descend into the shaft to face the Mecha Spider X that harbors this ability. Defeat it to secure your prize.

Plasma Beam

The strongest of all Beam Weapons, the Plasma Beam allows Samus to fire piercing green shots of energy. These blasts practically shred any enemies they strike, so most enemies will go down with only a single shot or two from this weapon. Coupled with the Wave Beam this produces a deadly effect.

Found in: Sector 2 (TRO)

You'll find the creature harboring this ability hidden within Sector 2. You'll need to come through from the Reactor Silo to reach this area, check Chapter 11 of the walkthrough for more info and precise directions.

Gravity Suit

Another classic pickup, the Gravity Suit allows Samus to move around freely underwater, this will be very handy when you're exploring the underwater areas of Sector 4. You'll also be able to wade through some of the various lava lakes riddled throughout Sector 3 without taking damage. Of course your defensive power will increase as well.

Found in: Sector 5 (ARC)

You'll find Nightmare, the creature harboring this ability, deep within unexplored areas of Sector 5. For precise details on tracking this monster down check Chapter 12 of the walkthrough.

Diffusion Missile

The final missile addition, the Diffusion Missile allows you to charge up Samus' Missile Launcher. By holding down R, you'll charge up energy in the launcher. Press B to fire a missile. Once it strikes a target a massive ring of ice will expand out from the impact zone to spread out beyond the reach of the screen. Anything caught in the blast will become instantly frozen.

Found in: Sector 4 (Data Room)

You'll be able to access this Data Room once you've recovered the Gravity Suit and unlocked Level 4 Security Doors in Sector 4. Refer to Chapter 13 of the walkthrough for precise directions to this room.

Wave Beam

The Wave Beam causes Samus' Beam Weapon projectiles to fly forward in a wavy pattern. Apart from this visual enhancement you'll be able to fire through solid walls, floors and ceilings. Very handy when you come across the one-way panel doors.

Found in: Sector 6 (NOC)

You'll find the Security Robot harboring this ability deep within unexplored areas of Sector 6. Check Chapter 14 of the walkthrough for precise directions on locating the room.

Screw Attack

This addition allows Samus to charge up energy in her suit while performing a somersault jump in mid-air. Any enemies caught by Samus while she's charging energy will explode, but remember to catch the X parasite when it tries to escape. You'll also be able to break through Screw Attack blocks while charging energy.

Found in: Sector 1 (SRX)

Not long after entering Sector 1 via the elevator from the Restricted Lab you'll reach the room where Ridley X hides out. Defeat the copy-cat to recover this ability. Refer to Chapter 15 of the walkthrough for directions on tracking this one down.

Ice Beam

Despite the ship's computer's doubts of Samus being able to utilize the Ice Beam, you'll eventually be able to recover this ability - albeit for a short time only. This weapon fires sub-zero blasts of ice, freezing any targets it strikes.

Found in: Main Deck (Docking Bay)

*MAJOR SPOILER!!* You'll recover the Ice Beam despite the SC's doubt of this ability from the SA-X in the Docking Bay. To avoid further spoilage here check Chapter 17 of the walkthrough for more info.