Artifact locations

You'll need to find all twelve artifacts before gaining access to the Impact Crater. All special upgrades are needed before securing them all, use the checklist below for any last-minute help. Remember that scanning each totem statue in the Artifact Temple grants you clues on where to find each one.

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Tallon Overworld

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(Artifact Temple)
The first artifact. You'll find this one in plain view resting at the center of all the totem statues.

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(Life Grove)
This artifact can be found in the same room as the X-Ray Visor. Out in the main open area of the room, you'll have to face three Chozo Ghosts before leaving. Once they're finished, go over to the large pool and jump in. Bomb the small circular metal cover plate to raise up a pillar.

At the base of the pillar's a Spinner, use it to wind a metal platform around to raise up a structure. Within the structure a small alcove containing the artifact will reveal itself.

Chozo Ruins

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(Tower Chamber)
You'll find this artifact beyond the Tower of Light (the room where you found the Wavebuster), but you need the Gravity Suit to move freely underwater. Hidden underwater at the base of the tower is a tunnel leading on, head through and up through the door in the roof to find this artifact hidden in a tiny room.

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Back in the giant room where you faced Flaahgra (you'll need to access it via the Sun Tower room, as vines are blocking the other entrance), three Chozo Ghosts will be waiting to challenge you. Send all three to the afterlife (the X-Ray Visor really helps) and the artifact will appear above Flaahgra's remains.

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(Elder Chamber)
In the Hall of the Elders you'll need the Plasma Beam to access the third lock mechanism. Once it's active, the Chozo Statue will grid forward, revealing a hidden door below it. Go down below to find this artifact waiting in a small room.

Magmoor Caverns

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(Lava Lake)
In this large lava-filled cavern you should spot a large rocky pillar in the center of one of the two lakes. Blast it with missiles or a Super Missile to blow it open and reveal the artifact hidden inside. Use the Space Jump Boots to reach it.

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(Warrior Shrine)
Access this room via the Monitor Station. Here's how to reach that door high up along the cavern wall. Get up to the top of the large structure in the Monitor Station with help from the Space Jump Boots, then use the Spinner to raise up a metal bridge. Jump over to the rocky ledge on the far side then simply stroll around to the door. Once inside, the large Chozo Statue and artifact will be waiting for you atop a throne ahead.

Phendrana Drifts

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(Control Tower)
This artifact is waiting for you at the highest point of Tallon IV you'll be exploring. Clear all the Flying Pirates in the area first, then go over to the tower above the door leading down to the East Tower.

Inside you'll find a stack of crates, blow them open to find an ice-covered window hidden behind. Use the Plasma Beam to melt the ice, then fire a missile through the window aimed at the base of the tall tower visible just beyond.

The tower will collapse, taking out part of the wall section in the main area of the region. Go through the ruined wall to find this artifact waiting at the base of the tower.

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(Chozo Ice Temple)
On the way to the room containing the Wave Beam, you'll find a giant winged Chozo Statue in the Chozo Ice Temple. Melt the ice pouring out of the statue's mouth with the Plasma Beam, then jump onto the statue's hands and activate the Morph Ball to reveal an opening at the base of the bowl. Roll through to find this artifact inside.

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(Storage Cave)
The room concealing this artifact lives all the way over in the isolated Phendrana's Edge area. At the very top of this circular region near the entrance leading to a hidden Power Bomb, use the X-Ray Visor to reveal a door hidden behind a rock wall. Blow down the wall with a Power Bomb and head through to find the artifact inside.

Phazon Mines

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(Elite Research)
Use a Power Bomb in this room to blow open the large capsule containing the huge Phazon Elite. I know it's a bad idea releasing the ugly beast, but you'll need to defeat it to find this artifact. Use maximum firepower against it and you shouldn't have much trouble, but if you need more help check the bosses guide. Defeat the beast to earn this artifact.

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(Phazon Mining Tunnel)
Deep down in the bowels of the Mines you'll find yourself in a circular shaft filled with narrow tunnels. At the bottom is a tunnel leading on covered with deadly Phazon, so you'll need the Phazon Suit to get through alive. Hidden at the very bottom of the winding tunnels is this final artifact.