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Missile Launcher

The Missile Launcher gives Samus the ability to fire concussive projectiles. You'll need to locate more Missile Expansions to increase your payload, check out the Missile Tank locations section for all their locations. Press Y to fire missiles (or Down on the D-Pad for the Metroid Prime Trilogy version). Lock onto enemies before firing to discharge a homing missile. Fire missiles rapidly by hammering Y and A together repeatedly.

Found in: Chozo Ruins (Hive Totem)

You'll need to conquer the Hive Mecha in the ruins before winning this prize. Take a look at the bosses guide for tips on defeating this bug-summoning boss. Walk on forward once it shuts down to secure your first missile.

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Morph Ball

By pressing X (or C in the MPT version) once this classic item's in your possession will allow Samus to enter Morph Ball mode, changing her suit's shape to a metallic ball. You'll then be able to roll around through small openings Samus wouldn't normally fit through. You'll also eventually find a variety of other power-ups for Morph Ball mode.

Found in: Chozo Ruins (Ruined Shrine)

In the Ruined Shrine, you'll spot the Morph Ball waiting in a small alcove on the far side, but once in close proximity a barrier rises up to bar your path. You'll then have to fight off a multitude of Beetles lunging up out of the ground everywhere.

Don't relax once they're all fried as another surprise awaits. A Plated Beetle promptly jumps out of the ground to challenge Samus to a good old fashioned duel. Show the bug who's boss by firing away at its red tail, once it's finished you'll have clear access to the Morph Ball.

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Charge Beam

Another important addition to Samus' arsenal, the Charge Beam allows you to hold down A to charge up energy for any of the four beam weapons for a stronger blast. Once you find the missile combo attacks for each beam, charge up the weapon and press Y (D-Pad Down in the MPT version) to fire the combo attack. Release A once fully charged to unleash the stronger shot.

Found in: Chozo Ruins (Watery Hall)

In the Watery Hall, you'll need to scan four symbols on the walls of the region to open up a gate concealing the Charge Beam's alcove. Look for one just to the left of the door as you enter the area, another hidden under a group of Blastcaps around the corner, and the remaining two near the gate itself. Once you've scanned all four scan the symbol on the gate to open it, then simply jump through and head on forward to receive your prize.

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Morph Ball Bomb

The first add-on for Morph Ball mode, hit A to lay a small bomb which detonates after a few seconds. You'll be able to lay up to three bombs at a time. This explosive beauty can be used to blow open certain walls and obstructions.

The bombs can also damage nearby enemies and propel Samus into the air while in Morph Ball mode, but you'll need to practice the technique a bit to get her soaring. There's no Spring Ball in the original GameCube version of the game, so the bomb jump trick is your best bet. It is however available in the Metroid Prime Trilogy version; simply flick the Wii Remote up vertically while in Morph Ball mode to leap a short distance.

Found in: Chozo Ruins (Burn Dome)

You'll need to beat the Incinerator Drone and its Ram War Wasp cronies before receiving the Morph Ball Bomb. Refer to the bosses guide for tips on defeating this scorching drone.

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Varia Suit

The legendary Varia Suit grants Samus more than just an upgraded appearance for her suit. You'll be able to survive the deadly extreme temperatures in the Magmoor Caverns, so there's no need for sunscreen with this hi-tech suit on.

Found in: Chozo Ruins (Sunchamber)

Before claiming the awesome Varia Suit, you'll need to defeat the huge insect-plant Flaahgra. Refer to the bosses guide to learn all about its weaknesses. Once the bug's cooked you'll spot the rotating Samus logo straight ahead.

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Boost Ball

Another handy add-on for Morph Ball mode, this item gives Samus the ability to charge up energy and release it to speed around like a hot rod. Hold B to charge up energy, then release to rocket off. Another benefit is that you'll be able to utilise large half-circle pipes to propel Samus up to enormous altitudes.

The trick to gaining height on the half-pipes is to charge up the ball and release B just as Samus is about to roll upward in the pipe. Keep this up and you'll reach massive new heights.

Found in: Phendrana Drifts (Phendrana Canyon)

In the Phendrana Canyon region you'll find a long frozen curving canyon with floating platforms leading up to the entrance of a tall tower on the far side. Make your way up to the control panel at the head of the canyon and scan it to align all the platforms. Jump across them up to the tower to find the Boost Ball waiting snugly inside.

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Space Jump Boots

As the name implies, this power-up lends Samus a double-jump move, allowing you to perform a second jump while in the air by pressing B a second time after jumping initially. Higher areas and larger gaps can be easily bridged with this vital ability.

Found in: Tallon Overworld (Alcove)

You'll need the Boost Ball before finding this upgrade. In the Tallon Canyon region, you'll find a half-pipe area where two Beetles launch out of the ground. Use the Boost Ball to reach the platform high up above. Go around to find a pathway eventually leading back to the Landing Site. Go straight ahead and over the gap in the ledge (don't fall down) to find a door. Head through to find the boots.

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Wave Beam

Finally adding to Samus' beam weapon arsenal, the electrified Wave Beam allows Samus to discharge powerful oscillating beams of electricity. Perfect for frying formidable Space Pirate troops, this weapon can also be used to open purple doors. Charged shots of the Wave Beam can also temporarily home-in on targets.

Found in: Phendrana Drifts (Chapel of the Elders)

You'll need the Space Jump Boots to reach this area. Check the walkthrough if you have any trouble making your way through the rooms leading here. Once in the large chapel you'll have to fight four Baby Sheegoths and then a fully-grown Sheegoth before claiming the Wave Beam. The juniors are pretty easy, but you might want to check the bosses guide for tips on defeating the adult Sheegoth.

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Super Missile

The first missile combo attack, the Super Missile uses 5 missiles when discharged. This highly destructive corridor-clearer can destroy objects containing Cordite elements and packs a heck of a punch against enemy targets.

Found in: Phendrana Drifts (Observatory)

You'll find the Super Missile atop the upper holographic projector node in the Observatory. First you'll need to activate the hologram by scanning a few control panels and using the four Spinners, once the holographic star map appears jump up the platforms around the room to reach the missile combo upgrade.

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Thermal Visor

With this heat-tracking visor you'll be able to detect objects emitting heat including enemy targets and various machinery. Activated via D-Pad Down (hold Minus in the MPT version and point to the lower-left corner of the screen), this visor will also act as a night vision enhancer allowing you to see properly in pitch-black areas. Press D-Pad Up (or Minus in MPT) while it's active to return to the trusty Combat Visor.

Found in: Phendrana Drifts (Research Core)

You'll find the first visor upgrade deep within the Space Pirate research facilities in Phendrana. Work your way through the complex and you'll eventually find the Research Core, a tall multi-leveled room. Fight off the Flying Pirates and gun turrets positioned around the room, then scan three critical panels to open up the force field below protecting the Thermal Visor.

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Spider Ball

The next add-on for Morph Ball mode, the Spider Ball allows Samus to activate a magnetic system in the Morph Ball. By holding down R (or Z in the MPT version) while near a magnetic rail track, Samus can attach to the track and roll along it to wherever it leads - usually to areas previously inaccessible.

Found in: Phendrana Drifts (Quarantine Cave)

You'll need to defeat the rock monster Thardus before receiving the Spider Ball. Check the bosses guide for tips to turn Thardus back into a bunch of inanimate rocks.

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Ice Beam

Firing sub-zero blasts of ice, the Ice Beam can freeze certain enemies, especially when used with the Charge Beam. This weapon can also open up white doors. Various objects such as gun turrets and the flame projectors in Magmoor can be frozen solid with a single blast.

Found in: Chozo Ruins (Antechamber)

Once you've secured the Wave Beam and Spider Ball, head over to the Furnace. Go up the Spider Ball track (it's next to the hole leading to an Energy Tank) to reach the main area of the room, from here you'll be able to explore a whole new area of the ruins.

Eventually you'll reach a room with a large pool and several Stone Toads (refer to the walkthrough for more details). Destroy the grate at the bottom of the pool to drain it, then use the Boost Ball to reach the upper part of the room (watch out for the greedy Stone Toads).

Go through the door on the left side of the room (the left side when you first entered the room) to find the Ice Beam waiting inside.

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Gravity Suit

Adding a nifty purple colour scheme to Samus' suit, the Gravity Suit comes with more than slick looks. Once you've tracked it down Samus will be able to move around underwater as if she were above ground. You'll also be given a new visor enhancement to greatly enhance vision underwater.

Found in: Phendrana Drifts (Gravity Chamber)

The trek to the Gravity Suit is a long one, so I'll be brief here (check the walkthrough for more details). You'll need the Spider Ball and Ice Beam to find it. In Phendrana, go past the Quarantine Cave where you fought Thardus and head past the elevator leading down to Magmoor. You'll now enter a completely new area of Phendrana to explore, tucked away behind the Pirate's research labs.

In this mini-maze make your way across to the Gravity Chamber (if you've got the hint system on it'll show you where it is). Once inside, work through the underwater areas filled with Aqua Reapers and Jelzaps, in the second underwater cavern you'll find the Gravity Suit in the form of the rotating Samus logo on the far side.

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Power Bomb

Packing one heck of a punch against anything nearby, a well-placed Power Bomb will vaporize anything in close proximity with its enormous explosive capabilities. You'll also be able to destroy any objects containing Bendezium with a single bomb. Unlike Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion you won't be able to carry many Power Bombs, so don't waste them.

Found in: Phazon Mines (Central Dynamo)

In the Central Dynamo room of the mines (on the middle level), you'll spot a large electrical structure in the center of the room above an electrified floor grating. Jump down to the structure to meet a nasty surprise, a cloaked Sentry Drone is hovering around.

You'll need to destroy the drone before reaching the first Power Bomb, try to avoid its attacks while firing madly at it. You won't be able to lock-on so just keep firing with the Power Beam (or use the Wavebuster) and you'll take it down in no time. Once it blows you'll be able to drop down a hole in the ground using the Morph Ball.

Down below is an intricate maze with coursing electricity acting as wall barriers - so don't touch any of them. You'll need to maneuver throughout the maze to reach the center where the Power Bomb waits. Blow the water balls with bombs to destroy some of the electric walls along the way, eventually you'll clear a path to the center.

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Grapple Beam

Probably the most entertaining power-up, this gem allows you to hang from certain Grapple Points by way of an energy beam. While hanging you'll be able to swing back and forth before releasing the beam to swing off and bridge gaps easily. When you see an icon above a Grapple Point, look up at it and it'll grow a little. Press and hold L (Z in the MPT version) to activate the beam and get airborne.

Found in: Phazon Mines (Storage Depot B)

Remember the Ore Processing room you went through earlier (the one with the rotating Spider Ball track pillar in the center)? Well, you'll probably have noticed a door at the top blocked off by a pile of rubble, simply go up there and blow the rubble away with a Power Bomb. Head inside to find the Grapple Beam waiting - easy.

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X-Ray Visor

The final visor-enhancing device to be found, the X-Ray Visor allows you to see through solid objects. It can also detect invisible objects (they do exist) and you'll also be able to properly track certain enemies like the Chozo Ghosts and Flickerbats with L. Press D-Pad Right to activate this visor (hold Minus in the MPT version and point to the lower-right corner of the screen).

Found in: Tallon Overworld (Life Grove)

Once you've found your first Power Bomb in the mines you'll be able to find this final visor upgrade. Beyond the wreck of the Space Pirate Frigate you'll reach the large circular Great Tree Hall. From here, make your way up to the very top of the region using the intricate Spider Ball tracks to reach the door at the very top.

Head through to find a small cave with a large rock blocking a small hole. Use a Power Bomb to blow the rock apart, then head on in. You'll need to use the Boost Ball to get through a narrow O-shaped tunnel (there's a missile hidden in here too) to reach the Life Grove. Once inside jump down below to find the X-Ray Visor.

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The second missile combo attack is an electric attack for the Wave Beam. This devastator uses 10 missiles when activated, plus a following 5 every second it remains active. Holding down A while firing this continues the attack, producing a massive electrical beam - very effective when bombarded by enemies.

Found in: Chozo Ruins (Tower of Light)

Naturally you'll need the Wave Beam (and the Super Missile and Spider Ball) to reach this upgrade. From the Main Plaza room, go through the missile-locked door to eventually reach the room where you found the Morph Ball. Use the Boost Ball to reach the Spider Ball track on the roof then go over to the purple door and head through.

Eventually you'll reach the Tower of Light, the Wavebuster's right at the top. Jump up to the platform above, then use Super Missiles to break the cracked blocks on each wall (or three Missiles on each block to save ammo - thanks Peter!). There's four blocks per level.

With the support blocks destroyed, the tower's entire wall structure will crash down, ascend the tower before the Plated Puffers appear, then keep blasting the cracked blocks (be careful not to hit the Oculus crawling over the blocks) to eventually reach the top.

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Ice Spreader

This baby's the missile combo attack for the Ice Beam. Using 10 missiles, once fired Samus' arm cannon expels a freezing ice projectile, which upon striking something expands and spreads ice out all over the surrounding area. Nifty.

Found in: Magmoor Caverns (Shore Tunnel)

In the Shore Tunnel you'll find yourself in a somewhat nondescript metal tunnel within a lava-filled cavern. Look closely (or use the scan visor to reveal it) and you'll notice fractures throughout the center part of the tunnel. Use a Power Bomb to blow open the tunnel (just like old times in Maridia), drop down below to find the Ice Spreader underneath the tunnel.

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Plasma Beam

Appropriately found in the Magmoor Caverns, the Plasma Beam is the strongest beam weapon you'll find. Capable of disintegrating certain targets, this red-hot fire spewing cannon will come in real handy against the larger boss targets. Also a great corridor-clearer, this one is.

Found in: Magmoor Caverns (Plasma Processing)

You'll need the Ice Beam, Power Bombs, Grapple Beam and Spider Ball to reach this. In the Geothermal Core room, use the Grapple Beam to jump up to one of the three large pillars. Use the Spinner slots and Spider Ball tracks to reach the highest platform of the three pillars and activate the Morph Ball slot hidden there.

The pillars will rise up and push the roof up higher, revealing an intricate series of Spider Ball tracks all around the walls. Make your way across the tracks (don't fall) and watch out for the Plated Parasites. Once you reach the door, lay a Power Bomb while still attached to the Spider Ball track to destroy the rubble in front of the door. Go inside to find the Plasma Beam.

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This one speaks for itself. Using 10 missiles to fire and then a following 5 every second, the Plasma Beam's missile combo unleashes a long beam of continuous deadly flame. Sizzling and burning anything in its path, use this torcher for maximum firepower.

Found in: Phazon Mines (Storage Depot A)

Once again you'll need a Power Bomb to find this one. In the Mine Security Station (the room filled with Space Pirates jumping down out of the roof), not far from the entrance you'll find a red door blocked off by a red force field. On the next level above this door (near the purple door in the roof) is a wall blocking a computer console. Blow apart the wall with a Power Bomb and scan the console to power down the force field. Head through the red door below to find the Flamethrower in the adjacent room.

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Phazon Suit

Corrupting (???) Samus' Power Suit with pure Phazon, the Phazon Suit somehow protects Samus from damage when she comes in direct contact with the eerie blue substance. Her suit also receives a new black and red colour scheme along with the Phazon Beam described below. Samus' defense power will also greatly increase, just another of those handy side-effects.

Found in: Phazon Mines (Elite Quarters)

Defeat the hideous Omega Pirate in the mines to win the Phazon Suit and Phazon Beam. Refer to the bosses guide for really handy hints on defeating the Pirate's Phazon king.

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Phazon Beam

You'll score this final beam weapon along with the Phazon Suit. Apparently corrupting Samus' arm cannon (even though there's absolutely no bad side effects) you'll be able to use the Phazon Beam while standing on pure Phazon concentrations.

SPOILERS AHEAD!! You'll only be able to use this in the final battle against Metroid Prime when it creates large pools of phazon on the cavern's floor. When active the arm cannon will emit a weird blue glow around itself. Fire to expel deadly blasts of Phazon.

Found in: Phazon Mines (Elite Quarters)

You'll receive this along with the Phazon Suit after frying the Omega Pirate.