Chapter 16: Treasure Hunt

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The X-Ray Visor is a fun upgrade to play with.

Now that you're packed full of new items for the Power Suit, we'll be going through the Overworld, Magmoor, the Chozo Ruins and Phendrana to pick up all the remaining items to be found there before returning back to the mines. First up is the X-Ray Visor. Once you're back in the Overworld, head over to the Great Tree Hall and climb all the way to the top, where a white door waits.

Destroy the boulder blocking the tunnel in the next room and roll through the narrow opening that appears. Inside this next network of narrow tunnels you'll be able to find Missile TO.09 hidden. Keep going through the tunnel to find yourself in the Life Grove. Straight ahead at the base of the cliff is the X-Ray Visor, jump down to claim your final Visor upgrade.

This visor's incredible, when active you'll be able to see through objects, including Samus' arms. Like I've said before, this game is packed with so much detail, you can even see the bones in Samus' arm and hand. Back to business, you'll notice that you can see through the walls surrounding you.

Lay a Power bomb to blow open the walls and reveal a large open area of this room (if you need Power Bombs, Seedlings start crawling down the wall behind you, they usually drop one). Straight ahead you'll find a pond at the base of the waterfall with a small circular metal cover at the bottom in the center of the pond. Blow it open with a bomb and a pillar will rise up out of it.

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Use the X-Ray Visor to easily deal with Chozo Ghosts.

At the base of the pillar is a Spinner, use it to rotate the long plank attached to the base of the pillar. Once the plank's in line with the waterfall a large pillar rises up out of the ground, with the Artifact of Chozo inside. Jump up out of the water and claim the artifact. Now we need to get back out of this room.

You won't be able to return the way you came, instead climb up the narrow tunnels in the walls over on the right wall. Once you reach the ledges up near the waterfall, three Chozo Ghosts will come up out of the structure that housed the X-Ray Visor. This time it'll be really easy to take them down, as when you use the X-Ray Visor you can keep a lock on them - they can't disappear on you anymore.

This might sound weird, but to see a gorgeously detailed part of the game, let one of the ghosts hit you with its projectile and Samus will throw her arm up over her face to protect it, with the X-Ray Visor on you'll get a clear look at the bones in her arm - stunning stuff.

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Climb up that wall to escape this grove.

Finish off the three ghosts and go over to the opening above the structure where they appeared. Drop through the hole in the ground to reach the exit. Go back to the Great Tree Hall, and from here head up to the ruins via the Chozo Ruins South elevator.

We can now completely clear out the ruins of items except for an artifact hidden in the Hall of the Elders, you'll need the Plasma Beam for that. Firstly, make your way back to the Furnace. Once there deal with the two Chozo Ghosts, while using the X-Ray Visor you should notice that there's a half-pipe hidden under the floor. Blow open the floor with a Power Bomb, from here you'll be able to reach Missile CR.16, but watch out for the Plated Parasites (bombs take them down).

Once you've got the missile head over to the Energy Core room. Keep going, back to the Gathering Hall, then you'll be able to find Missile CR.14 in the Watery Hall, and Missiles CR.17 & CR.18 in the Dynamo (accessed via the Watery Hall, near where you found the Charge Beam). With the missiles in hand go back to the Gathering Hall and save your game.

From here, go across to the Ruined Fountain by way of the Arboretum (you'll encounter three Chozo Ghosts there, it's up to you whether you fight them or not). In the Ruined Fountain you can now reach Missile CR.11 using the fountain to propel yourself up to the Spider Ball track on the roof. Once you're ready go through the door behind the fountain.

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Swing across this pool of lava to find another Power Bomb.

Cross the next hallway to find yourself in a large room full of lava. Use the Grapple Beam to swing across the points in the ceiling to reach the other side, then blow open the wall there with a Power Bomb to find Power Bomb CR.01. You'll also find the Newborn/Shining One Chozo Lore entry - the last one to find for that part of your logbook.

Go through the purple door you find and cross the winding corridor. At the end hidden behind the leaves you'll find Missile CR.20. The following room is the Training Chamber, a large room where two Chozo Ghosts will appear. Deal with them both, then the statue's mouths above the half-pipe will explode, revealing concealed Morph Ball slots.

One slot will open up a small opening where the ghosts appeared that you can use to exit the room, the other slot will allow you to reach Energy Tank CR.05. With the Energy Tank in your possession, exit the room via the small opening and follow the tunnel to the Piston Tunnel.

Be careful of the pistons as you go through this room, at the end you'll find yourself back in the Main Plaza. Before falling off the ledge you're on, use the Grapple Point ahead to reach Missile CR.03. In here you'll also be able to find Missiles CR.02 & CR.04. With those in hand, go over to the Ruined Shrine.

Once there you'll be confronted by more Chozo Ghosts - these guys have really taken up residence in the ruins. Deal with them then you can find Missiles CR.08 & CR.09. Use the half-pipe to reach the narrow rocky tunnel leading to the Spider Ball track in the roof so you can reach the purple door. Through the next corridor you'll reach the Tower of Light, a huge tower leading up which has a surprise at the top.

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Now is a good time to search for artifacts.

Climb up to the ledge positioned in the center of the tower, from here you'll need to fire Super Missiles at each of the four crumbling stones in the walls to lower the tower down (or three Missiles per block to save ammo - thanks Peter!). You'll need to destroy three levels of these blocks to reach the top, but each time you do Plated Puffers will come out of the holes in the walls. Scan one, then quickly jump up to the next level to avoid them when they explode.

Make sure you don't hit the Oculus crawling over the blocks on the second and third levels. Upon reaching the top you'll find the Wavebuster, which is the Wave Beam/Missile Combo attack! (note that you can pick this up earlier upon securing the Spider Ball) This baby fires out a continuous beam of electrical energy while active, but it drains missiles so you'll need to be careful.

Drop down to the very bottom of the tower into the water, underwater you'll find an opening in the wall. Jump up through the door you'll find to locate the Artifact of Lifegiver. This is it for the ruins, we'll now go down to Magmoor and start clearing it out.

Go down to Magmoor via the Magmoor Caverns North elevator. Once there go across to the Triclops Pit (save the game along the way). Deal with the two Flying Pirates when you get there, you'll then be able to find Missile MC.02 here. From here go over to the Monitor Station. Defeat the two Flying Pirates there and go up to the Warrior Shrine.

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A single Power Bomb should open up this tunnel nicely.

Once there, lay a Power Bomb in front of the statue to blow open the cover of a passage leading down to Power Bomb MC.01. Go back to the room connecting this one to the Monitor Station - the Shore Tunnel room. Walk over to the center of the metal tunnel and lay a Power Bomb. The blast will destroy the tunnel, jump into the lava-filled cavern below to find the Ice Spreader lying underneath the tunnel.

This is the Ice Beam/Missile Combo attack, which fires a far more powerful ice blast than the Charge Beam. Now go across to the Geothermal Core, it's time to pick up the Plasma Beam. Getting up to the room is tricky, rather than repeat myself here, look at the Plasma Beam entry in the Item Locations above for tips on making it up there - just remember to have Power Bombs handy.

Once you reach the top go inside to claim the most powerful Beam Weapon - the Plasma Beam! You'll now be able to burn and melt certain objects and open red doors with this weapon. Leave the room and go back to the Monitor Station. From there, head across to the Phendrana Drifts North elevator and ride it up - we'll take a detour to Phendrana now.

Try out the Plasma Beam on the Flying Pirates in the Monitor Station - it's devastating. Once in Phendrana, you can first get both Missile PD.01 & PD.02 from the Phendrana Shorelines. Once you've got them, go over to the Chozo Ice Temple room. Go up to the giant winged statue at the top of the room and shoot the ice pouring out of its beak with the Plasma Beam.

The ice will melt and the statue's hands will glow. Jump on and activate the Morph Ball, an opening will then appear at the base of the stone basin. Roll through the narrow tunnel to find the Artifact of Sun hidden inside. With this item in hand, go back to the Shorelines and head over to the Ice Ruins East room.

There you'll be able to find Missiles PD.03 & PD.04, but watch out for the Sheegoth waiting for you here - the Plasma Beam really helps against it. With these two found, go over to the Ice Ruins West room. Deal with the Sheegoth there, then you'll be able to find Power Bomb PD.01. From here go over to the Ruined Courtyard.

Deal with the three Flying Pirates and use the Spider Ball track on the wall to reach the top of the structure. From here save your game before going over to the Quarantine Cave. Defeat the Sheegoth there and use the Grapple Point in the ceiling to reach the small opening on the opposite side of the cave.

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This door can't hide from the X-Ray Visor.

Inside you'll find Missile PD.09. We now need to go all the way up to the Control Tower to find an artifact there. Go back to the Ruined Courtyard and head into the research labs from there.

Once up there defeat all the Flying Pirates, then go above the door leading down to the East Tower elevator. Inside the small open-air room you'll find a stack of crates by a window. Shoot the crates and then fire the Plasma Beam at the ice-covered window to unfreeze it. You'll then be able to see and scan the base of a tower visible through the window.

Shoot the tower with a missile and it'll collapse into the wall, from here you'll be able to reach the Artifact of Elder. You've now only got four more artifacts to find, so we're on track. Keep going through the research labs to reach the Research Core, then go through the white door at the bottom to eventually reach the Frozen Pike. From here go across to the Frost Cave.

Defeat the two Flying Pirates there, then use the Grapple Beam to swing over to the ledge on the opposite side of the room via the Glider flying about. From here you can shoot down the stalactite to break the ice covering the lake so you can reach Missile PD.07. From here go over to Phendrana's Edge. Shoot down the two noisy Flying Pirates and climb to the very top of the shaft using the Grapple Points and the Glider above.

As you climb up the shaft, use the X-Ray Visor to spot a door hidden behind a rock wall. Destroy the wall with a Power Bomb, inside you'll find the Artifact of Spirit. Go back into the shaft and climb to the very top, where you'll find a small opening. Go inside to find Power Bomb PD.02 - the last one.

Now we've only got two more items to find in Phendrana. The first is a missile down in the Gravity Chamber, so head over there via the Hunter Cave. Use the Grapple Beam in there to reach the Chamber Access room, it makes reaching the missile easier. Inside the Gravity Chamber, shoot the massive ice stalactite with the Plasma Beam to reveal a Grapple Point.

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Most of the remaining items hide in rooms you've already visited.

Use this to reach Missile PD.08. We're done here now, now go back to the Frozen Pike. Climb to the top of the shaft, once there go into the Transport Access room. Here you can find Energy Tank PD.03 by blowing off the ice covering the small tunnel with the Plasma Beam. Now we'll go back down to Magmoor via the elevator next door.

Then head back up to the Tallon Overworld via the Tallon Overworld West elevator. There is an elevator near the Magmoor Workstation that leads down to the Phazon Mines, but we need to go back there via the same elevator you used the first time to get there. Once back in the Overworld, you can find Missiles TO.06 and TO.07 via the Root Cave.

Once you've got them head over to the Chozo Ruins West elevator and ride it up. Make your way across to the Hall of the Elders, once there activate the slot covered by the Plasma Beam shield to reveal a door below the statue. Go down there to locate the Artifact of World.

Only two artifacts left, we're nearly there. Top up your missiles in the reload station before heading up to the Tallon Overworld South elevator. Ride the elevator down and make your way across to the Phazon Mines East elevator, it's time to return to the mines.

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