Chapter 8: Chozo Temple

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The Boost Ball is a great addition to Samus' arsenal.

Leave this area and make your way back to the Phendrana Shorelines (use the Boost Ball to sneak through the Scatter Bombu's electricity. Once back out in the Shorelines you'll witness an unusual event, Ridley will swoop down and glide over the area casting a massive shadow - he's obviously on the prowl searching for Samus, too bad he's got bad eyesight.

Drop down the cliff and save your game before returning to Magmoor. Once back in the bowls of Magmoor, head over to the Monitor Station. Watch out for the defense Turrets on the structure ahead, once they're gone go over to the door on the opposite side of the building. Walk through the next tunnel to reach the Fiery Shores room.

Watch out for the flamethrowers in the ceiling while crossing the lava, around the corner you'll find a large lava lake. Before jumping over to the platform where the Triclops wanders around, finish off the Magmoor that emerges from the lava. Once across activate the Morph Ball and bomb jump into the small opening. Roll through to reach the other side of the lava lake.

Keep walking down the tunnel while watching out for the flamethrowers in the roof. Through the next door you'll face another Magmoor, finish it and crawl up the narrow tunnel in the left wall. Roll along the metal tracks to reach the other side of the room, the next room contains an elevator leading back up to the Tallon Overworld, so jump on.

It's been a long journey but you've finally returned topside. Travel through the long dusty tunnel ahead while watching out for Zoomers crawling around. Drop down below the small bridge to find Missile TO.02. Go through the door ahead to reach the tall Root Cave room. Blast all the Beetles jumping out of the ground ahead then begin climbing up the tower.

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The rain never stops in the lush Tallon Overworld.

Climb up to the door covered with a Blast Shield and blow it off. Scan the Bloodflower in the next room, quickly shoot the green projectiles it fires; if it detonates within close proximity to the creature it'll burn itself out. Cross the room and head through the door to find yourself back in the familiar surroundings of the Tallon Canyon. Now that you've got the Boost Ball you'll be able to utilize the half-pipe over on the left.

Drop down to it and blast the two Beetles there before activating the Morph Ball. Boost up to the ledge way above, then cross over the bridge joining the gap. Blow your way through a narrow tunnel there with bombs to reach a door. Go through to find a scenic open-air tunnel. Watch out for the sneaky Zoomers crawling around, then cross the tunnel to find yourself back out in the Landing Site.

Don't jump down to your gunship just yet, instead cross the walkway ahead to find a door half-hidden on the left wall (jump the gaps carefully on the walkway, you don't want to fall down). Inside you'll find a cozy little room with sunlight streaming in. Waiting for you in the center of the room is the all-important Space Jump Boots!

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This Chozo Temple guards the entrance to the Impact Crater.

You'll now be able to double-jump, giving Samus added ability to reach higher and longer peaks. Go back outside and save your game in Samus' gunship. Go over to the wall behind the gunship, you'll find a small alcove filled with Tangle Weed concealing Missile TO.01. With the missile in hand, climb up the rocky cliffside ahead of the gunship, it's time to visit the Chozo Temple.

Through the door you'll find a long corridor with three Seedlings on the roof - watch out for their needle projectiles. The next room yields an awesome sight - the camera will pan out and reveal you standing in a huge natural-looking structure hovering high above the massive impact crater of where the meteor struck thousands of years before.

Inside the first small room you'll find a hologram spinning above a small projector, scan it to record the Artifact Site Pirate Data entry. Blow off the Blast Shield on the door ahead and cross the next corridor to reach the Chozo Artifact Temple. You'll be up inside an overlooking building, walk forward and peep through the window to see the outside area below.

Two passages lead off to the left and right, down the right passage you'll find a shimmering wall which contains the Statuary/Prophecy of Light Chozo Lore entry, the left passage contains the Binding/Contain Chozo Lore entry as well as access to the outdoor area of the temple (the other passage is blocked by rubble). Once outside the music will change to a heavenly sounding tune, so you know you're somewhere special.

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Samus stands within the intact temple.

Several detailed statues surround a small structure in the center of the circular floor. In the center you'll find the Artifact of Truth waiting, your first artifact (and easiest to find). As you find each artifact the Logbook will come up and one of the blue objects in the background will turn orange, indicating that you've found that particular artifact.

All twelve need to be tracked down to access the Impact Crater, but it'll be a while yet before you find the remaining eleven. When you unpause the game the camera will pan out as several of the statues activate. Each active statue can be scanned, they'll give you clues as to where each artifact is located - quite handy material here. Not all statues will light up, you'll need to find a few more artifacts before the rest become scannable.

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