E-Recovery Tank locations

E-Recovery Tanks increase the amount of health Samus can restore with the Concentration technique. Initially, Samus can restore one Energy Tank with Concentration when her health is critically low. Each E-Recovery Tank increases that capacity by an additional Energy Tank. Three can be found in the game, together allowing Samus to recover up to four of her Energy Tanks.

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Sector 1


Power Bombs are needed to locate this item. Travel back to the massive chamber just inside the outdoor Biosphere Test Area. Near the now-locked door leading outside lies a Power Bomb blast shield - deploy a Power Bomb to poke the Desbrachian covering the hatch. Defeat the foe and step through the hatch to discover this E-Recovery Tank resting in a small dark chamber.

Sector 2


Immediately after receiving authorisation to use the Speed Booster, use this ability to break through the ice obstructions in the corridor up ahead. Literally keep running up the steep slope, through the exit and into the chamber beyond. You'll bust through a few more icy obstructions; this E-Recovery Tank is hiding inside a cave at the end of the short marathon.


The Gravity Suit will be needed to reach this one. Deep in the south-eastern region of Sector 2 exists a range of chambers with reversed and increased gravity. Two Kyratians live in a long L-shaped corridor, clear them out and take a look at the bend in the chamber. See the E-Recovery Tank up inside a small alcove? The Gravity Suit will help you to reach it without hindrance from the increased gravity.