Accel Charge locations

Each Accel Charge expansion slightly decreases the time taken to fill the Charge Beam's gauge. By the time all six are found, the charge gauge will fill up very fast.

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Main Sector


The Wave Beam is needed to reach this Accel Charge. Directly south of the command room (and just beyond a Navigation Room) is a large chamber home to an elevator shaft.

This Accel Charge is hidden in a corner over to the right of the elevator on the top floor. The alcove is sealed off - look for a control switch visible through the windows. Firstly, stand close enough to the window to make the switch turn green. Target it in first-person view and deliver a charged blast of the Wave Beam to energize the switch and open a hatch. Step inside to access to your prize.

Sector 1


Never before has an item expansion been hidden in a place like this. During your patrol through Sector 1 you'll eventually pass through a tunnel overlooking a jungle environment where two Groganch creatures live.

Move onward to discover a ruined lounge-like room, complete with scattered debris and pools of saliva. Beside this chamber is a rest room - the Accel Charge hides inside the furthest cubicle in the ladies.

Sector 2


This Accel Charge is buried in the snow somewhere in Sector 2... Head to the Experiment Floor where you'll do battle against a wayward Groganch (a big tree-like monster originally seen in Sector 1). Defeat the massive specimen to cause a nearby avalanche, granting you access to another section of the region.

Climb up and move onward - just around the bend is a curious rock formation resting atop a slope. Enter first-person view and target the rocks - fire a Missile to break the cover off and reveal this Accel Charge hidden beneath.

Sector 3


After surviving the first gauntlet of the magma ocean and Vorash's attempts to eat Samus, you'll arrive in a room where Adam will authorise the use of the Ice Beam (it's home to group of Cyborg Zebesians and a Mella nest). With all the foes cleared out, take a look at the three round pods on the ground.

Each one can be broken open with a Missile - destroy the one closest to the Mella nest to reveal a bomb launcher embedded underneath. Enter Morph Ball mode and lay a bomb in the launcher to be propelled up into the ceiling where this Accel Charge awaits.


This Accel Charge hides inside the entrance of the Geothermal Power Plant. Climb up the stairs and grab the Energy Tank visible in plain view. Stand up against the guard rail and enter first-person view. Look for a Grapple Point up ahead - swing across to locate this Accel Charge hidden in a blue-lit alcove.


Power Bombs will be required here. Remember the first area you entered Sector 3 via, soon after exploring the Exam Center in Sector 1? Right beside the now-sealed door leading back to Sector 1 is a Power Bomb Blast shield.

Deploy a Power Bomb to awaken an angry Desbrachian. Defeat the monster and walk through the unsealed hatch to locate this final Accel Charge hidden in a chamber beyond.