Chapter 6: Memories of Norfair

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Samus recovers the Varia Suit.

Now that the poison's cleared away and you've finally recovered the Varia Suit, it's time to delve deeper into the planet, to Tallon IV's equivalent of Zebes' Norfair - the Magmoor Caverns. You'll now be able to gain access there without taking damage from the excessive heat thanks to the Varia Suit. Go through the door above to exit the Sunchamber and to find yourself in a long corridor filled with intricately detailed pillars.

Go down to the end and head through the opening on the right. Cross through the narrow corridor and scan the unusual floating creature you'll find - a Pulse Bombu. Go through the door to find yourself at the top of a long shaft with a Spider Ball track running down a wall. Jump across and hug the opposite wall as you fall and you'll land on a small ledge further down.

Turn around and scan one of the Oculus for your logbook, then drop down into the room below. Scan the shimmering wall to record the Contain/Spreading Evil Chozo Lore entry, then quickly exit the room before too many War Wasps appear. The next room houses an elevator leading down to the Magmoor Caverns, but before we go down there's a few items left to find in the ruins.

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There's a few items to pick up before heading down to Magmoor.

Go through the door on the left and work your way through the next corridor to reach the Vault, where Missile CR.10 is hiding. You'll also find the Beginnings/Fountain Chozo Lore entry hidden in this room. Once you're ready, go through the next door in the Vault to reach a ruined room where Beetles await below the surface.

The door beyond this room leads back to the Main Plaza room where you'll be able to reach Energy Tank CR.01. Drop down into the Main Plaza and go back to the Ruined Nursery. Once inside, use the Morph Ball and bombs to reach Missile CR.05.

Keep going through this area to reach the Ruined Gallery, then use the Morph Ball to go through one of the narrow tunnels on the wall to reach Missile CR.06. Now it's time to head down to Magmoor, keep going beyond the Hive Totem room to make it back to the elevator.

Once down in Magmoor, you'll think the area looks similar to the ruins above, but the atmosphere will change pretty quick. Go through the door and drop down the large shaft you'll find. The music takes a dramatic turn with deep booming tunes, you can already feel the heat. Go down the reddish corridor and watch out for Shriekbats flying down from above.

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Don't even try to enter Magmoor without the Varia Suit.

Around the corner past the steam vents you'll find a door with a Blast Shield, blow it off and head inside to save your game. Back out in the Burning Trail, go further down the tunnel to find a small lava lake. Scan the Grizby on the rocky ledge in the center of the lake and blow it apart with a missile. Go through the next door to find another lava lake.

You'll need to jump across the two platforms in the lake, just watch out for the Grizby on each one and the flamethrowers in the walls. Across the lake you'll encounter a Burrower, scan it before firing at it when it jumps out of the ground. Go through the door ahead to enter the main cavernous areas of Magmoor. In this Lava Lake, you'll immediately be reminded of Norfair, even the music playing is a remake of Ridley's theme.

Walk forward over to the lake but watch out, as a Magmoor will launch itself out of the lava and begin spitting fire at you. Scan the creature before ripping into its head, but stand back to avoid the fire. Once the Magmoor goes down, scan one of the Puffers floating around the room and start firing at them, but stand well back as they'll drop a poisonous gas when hit.

Once the Puffer's are cleared out, jump across the various platforms to reach the other side of the room. On the way another Magmoor emerges from the lava, deal with it then move on. Go around to the ledge cluttered with crates and blow them all open. Use a bomb to blow open the small wall section behind the crates to access the other section of this room.

Just something to keep in mind, you should spot the large pillar in the center of the lava lake, if you blow it open with two missiles you'll reveal a Chozo Artifact, but you won't be able to reach it for now, just remember that it's here. Go through the small wall section and blow open the next wall section. Shoot all the Puffers in this second lake before crossing it to reach the door on the far side.

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These fire-serpents give the Magmoor Caverns its namesake.

The next room contains two small Triclops wandering around below a caged floor. In the center of the room is a giant pylon leading up into the ceiling. Two wall sections block the path, so you'll have to crawl around under the floor section through Triclops territory.

Try to avoid being caught by one of them as they'll drag you all the way back to the entrance, try to drop bombs around the floor as if they grab them the bomb will blow the Tricops apart. If a Triclops grabs you, rapidly tap B and it should let go.

The next giant room has a few surprises waiting. Walk past the vents gushing hot steam out to reach the large cavernous area. Grab some supplies from the crates on the right before dropping off the small cliff onto the caged floor below. Turn around to face the cliff and you'll spot an opening at the base. Go inside to find a small opening in the floor that leads into the floor section where all the Triclops are running around.

Once inside roll over to the right end of the room while watching out for hungry Triclops. At the far end roll through the small opening there which leads to the path leading up to Missile MC.01. Once you've got the missile head back up to the cliff in the Triclops Pit room. Climb back up the cliff and jump over to the hovering platform on the left. From here make your way up to the door ahead while watching out for Puffers.

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Watch out for plenty of surprises at this facility.

Go through the next room by crossing over the rising platforms but be sure to clear out all the Puffers first. The next huge room is the Monitor Station. Here you'll see a giant structure in the center protected by several Turrets. Lock onto them and fire missiles from the door so you'll be well out of their firing range. Two missiles per Turret should finish them off.

Cross the lava and head over to the metal ramp ahead. Don't worry about the door near the ramp, we'll be going through there later. Walk under the structure over to the other side. Once at the edge, look up to spot another Turret above - shoot it out from here. Cross the lava and climb up the cliff ahead. Walk over to the far end of the cliff and jump across to the suspended metal bridge attached to the building.

Scan the consoles inside the large room to find some info on the Space Pirate's operations in this area, then go out the other opening to reach the next door across a bridge. In this next narrow tunnel you'll be able to reach Energy Tank MC.01, but you'll need to master the bomb jump trick to reach it. Go through the tunnel to reach an elevator leading up to the Phendrana Drifts. Jump on and ride it up.

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