Chapter 14: Underwater Wreckage

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This maintenance chamber should look somewhat familiar.

Apart from the cool new purple color Samus' Power Suit will have, you'll now be able to move freely underwater, you can also now see more clearly underwater as well. Go back past the tentacles and jump up out of the water. You'll find a massive ice stalactite up here, but you need the Plasma Beam to melt it so you can reach Missile PD.08.

Go through the purple door there and watch out for the Sentry Drone in the following tunnel. Go through the door at the end to reach the Hunter Cave again. Deal with the two Flying Pirates that appear, then go through the door at the other end of the walkway. Proceed through the next winding underwater tunnel while watching out for Jelzaps, through the door at the end you'll find yourself back in the Frozen Pike.

Climb back up to the top and go through the next tunnel there to reach the elevator leading down to Magmoor Caverns South. From here go back to the Tallon Overworld by way of the Tallon Overworld West elevator. Now that we've got the Gravity Suit, we'll go and explore the crashed frigate. On the way over save your game at Samus' gunship. Once at the Frigate Crash Site, you can reach Missile TO.04 under the lake.

Go inside the frigate remains and head through the next winding tunnel to access the inner part of the ship. Once inside, the music will change to a watery theme, hinting at the amount of underwater travelling you'll be doing in here. Drop down the first shaft you'll find and go through the tunnel you'll find at the base. Waste the two Turrets in the next room, then use the Thermal Visor to find the power conduit to reactivate the door.

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The Aqua Pirate's torpedoes give us a glimpse of Samus' face.

The next tunnel contains a swarm on Tallon Crabs, scan one and wait for them all to scurry into the roof before proceeding. Go through the next door to find a truly unusual sight, you're now at the top of the frigate's reactor core room where you faced the Parasite Queen, but the place couldn't look more different. Like the rest of the ship it's completely underwater and filled with debris and overgrowth.

Down below are several Aqua Pirates waiting in ambush, these guys are like the Flying Pirates but with underwater jetpacks. If you can't see them properly, use the Thermal Visor, they'll glow like a Christmas Tree. Descend the room and deal with the Aqua Pirates.

The next door is offline, so you'll have to find four power conduits scattered around the room to power it up (notice how from down here the Reactor Core room looks bigger than when you fought the Parasite Queen). Each time you charge a conduit, you'll be able to see a power line running through the walls up to the door with the Thermal Visor - these guys crammed in graphical detail everywhere.

The fourth conduit is up by the door, climb up there and power it up. Go into the next room and charge the two conduits either side of the next door to open it (don't forget to save your game in the room to the right). Go into the next room to reach the sloping Cargo Freight Lift to Deck Gamma room.

Here's where you would've been stuck without the Gravity Suit, as you wouldn't have been able to jump on top of the elevator itself. Shoot open the door on the lift to reach Energy Tank TO.01. Before going up the shaft, there's three conduits scattered around, the first one is on the front of the lift. As you ascend the shaft shoot the Aqua Reapers and quickly move on before they re-emerge.

Near the top a dead Space Pirate will flop down into the water, keep going up to find the door that requires power. Two conduits were found on the way up the shaft, the third one is next to the door. Go inside and cross the overgrown corridor to the next door (you can see Samus' reflection in the glass on the walls here). The next room is the Biohazard Containment - the place where you found the hideous remains of a dead Parasite Queen, yep, somehow it's still there.

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Use the Thermal Visor to help navigate the murky sunken frigate.

Watch out for the two Turrets just ahead, also keep an eye out for more power conduits around the room, three are needed to power up the next door below. The first conduit is near the door you entered the room via, the second is over by the remains of the small lift connecting the two floors. Go around to the dead lift and drop down into the water.

Quickly scan one of the two Aqua Drones here, then blast away before they cause too much damage. Use the Scan Visor to find a weakened door which conceals Missile TO.05. You'll find the third conduit hidden inside one of the small containment cells. Go through the next Aqua Reaper filled tunnel to reach Biotech Research Area 1. Deal with the group of Aqua Pirates before proceeding.

Keep an eye out for three more conduits in this room to power up the door on the other side of the upper walkway. This room is completely wrecked and home to various kinds of fish now, with all three conduits powered climb up to the door and head through. Go through the Aqua Reaper tunnel to find yourself at the top of a dead elevator shaft.

Another dead Pirate will float up through the shaft, you should also spot a blue colored Sap Sac on the wall. Scan it to reveal it as an Aqua Sac. Drop down the shaft and go through the door at the bottom. Inside you'll find a small room with a narrow opening in the wall, use the Morph Ball to get through. In the next narrow network of tunnels you'll be able to find Energy Tank TO.02. Roll through the remainder of the tunnel to exit the frigate and reach the Great Tree Hall.

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Tranquil groves await beyond the ruins of the frigate.

You might be wondering why there wasn't a boss on board the ship, but thankfully there's no Phantoon-like boss in this game - the Chozo Ghosts are bad enough. Now, this room you're in leads off to an elevator leading up to the Chozo Ruins, but coming down that way didn't yield much, now that we're at the base of the giant tree we'll be able to get somewhere.

Blast the two Jelzaps underwater ahead and climb up the tree. Several doors lead off from this room, the one you'll be wanting to go through is the lowest white door. Before you do though, keep climbing up the shaft and use the Spinner device you'll find to open up the gate blocking your path - this is what would've stopped you from proceeding if you came the other way.

At the very top of this room is a door leading to a tunnel blocked by a boulder, you won't be able to get through though. The blue door hidden behind the tree in this room leads to Missile TO.08, you'll need the X-Ray Visor to see the invisible rock you need to reach the door, but if you look very carefully to see where the rain seems to be falling on nothing, that's where the rock is.

You can also shoot it to see where the blast stops. With the missile in hand go back down to the lowest white door in the room and go inside. This next room yields a strange sight, even the music changes to an eerie tune. Blast the Seedlings ahead and walk forward to find a rocky bridge over some really weird blue stuff in the ground below.

The screen will display the words: Intense radiation detected - this stuff is pure Phazon, whatever you do don't touch it as it'll slowly damage Samus' Power Suit. Go past the eerie blue substance and around the corner to find a door leading to an elevator. Scan the button to activate the elevator and to reveal its destination - the Phazon Mines.

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