Chapter 3: The World of Tallon IV

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Samus makes landfall in a lush jungle environment.

Take your time looking around at all the gorgeous scenery around you, believe me, there's lots to look at on this planet - and scan Samus' gunship while you're at it for the logbook. Go bushwhacking for a while around this area, but you'll find that the door to the right of Samus' gunship is the way to go for now (the door way up on the ledge ahead of the gunship leads to the Impact Crater).

In the next enclosed cave you'll be greeted by two large Beetles, so show 'em what you've got (don't forget to scan new creatures wherever you go for the logbook). Go through the dusty cave and head out to the Tallon Canyon room. Scan the Sap Sac on your left and head through the canyon. The small lake ahead is teeming with activity, scan the Blastcaps in the water and the Zoomer above - there's also a Geemer crawling around a ledge up on the right.

You should spot a door up beyond a few rocky ledges and a waterfall above the lake, but for now head over down to the end of the canyon. Two more Beetles will ambush you at the large half-pipe (these are used for the Boost Ball, but we'll keep on track for now). Blast them both and head through the door there.

Watch out for the two Zoomers in the next corridor, at the end you'll find a large elevator. Scan the activation panel and it'll inform you that the elevator leads to Chozo Ruins West, so hop on and touch the hologram to ride it up.

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The Tallon Overworld is a magnificent location to explore.

Welcome to the thousand-year old ruins where the Chozo once lived. This creepy area houses loads of powerups for Samus, so you won't be stuck with just the Power Beam for very long. If you've got the hint system on it'll show you where to go when you enter the first main room, indicating that there's unusual seismic activity in the Hive Totem room, so that's where we'll go.

Watch out for the Beetles in this first room, then scan the shimmering wall above the door ahead to record the Fountain/Beginnings Chozo Lore entry. Go through the door to reach the huge Main Plaza room. This room's filled with several Missiles powerups, but you won't be able to reach any yet. Go forward through the room and watch out for ambushing Beetles (these guys are everywhere).

Scan the Blast Shield on the door on the left for your logbook, then head up to the other end of the room beyond the half-pipe. You should spot an Energy Tank way up in a corner, but you won't be able to reach it from here. Turn left and go through the door under the walkway. In the next winding corridor you'll face a swarm of Scarabs, scan them and wait for them all to stop moving before mowing them all down (stand back when you fire though, they let of small explosions when hit).

The next insanely detailed rocky tunnel is filled with what appear to be eyeballs on the walls firing constant green beams at the walls opposite themselves. Scan one, then shoot each one to close them up and quickly go through before they open up again. In the next large room, the Ruined Nursery, you'll find a giant tree climbing through the roof in a corner and a shimmering wall next to it.

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You'll find plenty of items hidden in the Chozo Ruins.

Scan the wall to record the Exodus/Harmonization Chozo Lore entry. Up next to the left of the tree is a small orange/gray nest on the wall, scan it to reveal it as a War Wasp Hive. Head up to the walkway on the right side of the room and watch out for two more Beetles jumping up to say good morning. Once up on the walkway, you can see Samus' reflection in the small mirror on the wall, but watch out as several War Wasps will plow out of their nest and attack.

You should also see narrow tunnels running around the walls leading to a Missile powerup, but you'll need the Morph Ball and Morph Ball Bomb to reach it. Go around to the door hidden behind the large tree to find a Save Room.

When you're ready go through the other door on the walkway in the Ruined Nursery to find yourself in a room with a dried-up pool. A swarm of Scarabs will come out of a wall, wait for them to stop moving before clearing the way. There's also a few objects to scan in this room that yield some handy info about the Chozo.

The next room (Ruined Gallery) has a large pool of poison just ahead, so make sure you don't go swimming in acid - it's not very healthy, but the Blastcaps in the slime seem to quite enjoy it. Anyway, watch out for the War Wasps coming out of their nest in the roof, quickly head across to the door opposite and go through. The next sloping/winding tunnel has a few Plazmites hovering around, scan them and keep going through (if you fire at the Plazmites but miss they fly away from the shot - pretty neat).

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Reaching that Missile Launcher won't be so easy.

In the center of this room you'll find a platform surrounded by acid water, so don't go falling in. Scan the Tangle Weed on the platform and keep going down the next tunnel. Through the next door you'll find yourself in the Hive Totem - the place you need to be right now. Don't be put off by the eerie greenish glow of the room, just head up to the circular dias in the center of the room.

Over the bridge leading to a Missile powerup in clear view you'll spot a large inactive robot, if you scan it'll say life signs are detected inside the robot. Walk over the bridge and you'll get a nasty surprise, the room will fill with acid water - isolating your movement to the dias - and the robot will lower down to cover up the missile. Some funky music will start playing and the Hive Mecha will come to life. Check the bosses section for tips on shutting this thing down for good.

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