Chapter 17: Final Showdown

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Set the course and seal the X's fate.

Once you've witnessed the cutscene in the Navigation Room, your final objective will be to reach the Operations Room way up in the Operations Deck to set the space station to collide into SR388 below, in an attempt to wipe out all the X on board the station, as well as on the planet below. Head right and ride up the elevator back to Sector 1. From here make your way back up to the main elevator and return to the Main Deck.

Ride up the elevator and make your way over to the first Navigation Room you entered upon landing in the station. Go through and climb up the adjacent shaft, at the top destroy the creature blocking the door with a Power Bomb and go inside to find Power Bomb MD.03 - the very last item to find in the game. You'll now have a 100% item collection rate, well done! Go back into the shaft and go through the door below on the right. Save your game in the following room for the final time, then go right.

With your packed arsenal of weapons and recovered abilities, go right and climb up the following shaft. Go through the door up the top on the right and cross through the Navigation Room (from that previous shaft use the Recharge Room if you need to). Climb up the next shaft and go right again once at the top to reach the Operations Deck elevator. Ride it up and go into the large room adjacent to the Operations Room.

You'll notice as you enter this room that the door behind you seals itself. Space Jump up to the door in the top left corner that leads to the Operations Room to find it also sealed. Just as you walk in front of the door you'll hear a loud explosion and the SA-X will stomp into the room, this time there's no escape, we'll be staring it in the face and destroying this Samus-wannabe for good. Refer to the bosses guide for tips on finishing this blasted monster for good and showing it who's boss.

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Whoa... not even the Metroid hatchling grew to that size.

Once you've finally conquered the abomination that is the SA-X the Core X will float out the room rather cowardly, but you haven't seen the end of it yet. The door up in the corner leading to the Operations Room will unlock, go through to find the impressive-looking command station. Step onto the pad to initiate the orbital drift, you'll then hear the female computer voice saying: "Propulsion sequence activated, destination: planet SR388."

The classic boss theme from Super Metroid will begin playing and a timer appears in the corner indicating that you've got 3 minutes to get back to your ship before the station impacts with the planet below. It's time to finally get out of this place. If you lost a lot of health from the battle against the SA-X don't worry. Rush back into the large room and zoom down the elevator on the right.

Quickly head back down to the Navigation Room, as you go through each door you'll notice them all sealing behind you so there's no turning back. Drop down the shaft where you found your final Power Bomb and quickly go right at the bottom. Tear through the next corridor and drop down the following shaft, remember to jump in the air again to activate the Screw Attack so that you'll break through all the small platforms in here. Rush through the door at the bottom, but in the next corridor you'll notice that the place is a wreck, not at all the way it was when you last came through here.

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Is the SA-X coming to Samus' aid or is it acting on instinct?

Quickly cross the corridor and enter the main Docking Bay room. The place is an absolute mess, with the walls wrecked and bashed as if some huge creature went on a rampage. Rush over to where Samus' ship was to find it gone and a massive empty Metroid shell sitting where the ship used to be. Stay on the left side of the screen and you'll discover what made the mess, a gigantic Omega Metroid will charge in from the right! Apart from the Security Robot this creature is the only non-X opponent you'll have to face, and you're about to really find out how effective Metroids are against the X.

This Omega Metroid looks far bigger and is way more dangerous than any of the ones you would've encountered in Metroid II, and it really lives up to its image. Refer to the bosses guide for juicy tips on taking this Metroid down, as it has to go before you can escape.

Once you finally defeat the Omega Metroid (and the SA-X), Samus' ship will appear and hover into the Docking Bay, quickly stand in the yellow portal to be taken up into the ship. The ship will then burn out of the station before it impacts with the planet, and you'll have finally beaten the game and ultimately destroyed the X! Well done!


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The Chozo legacy is fulfilled - the X are finally defeated.

The finale and credits will play immediately, and you'll get a different final ending after the credits roll depending on how fast you beat the game and your item percentage. I won't give away the finale for you here, but with this guide you'll be able to find all the items in the game and successfully beat it in under 3 hours easily. The directions in this walkthrough are also good enough to beat the game in under 2 hours, but you'll have to work extremely fast throughout the station (although there's probably some other tricks you could use to speed things up).

Check in the secrets and tips section and game endings for full information on the different endings, as well as some other handy hints that often help throughout the game. Sit back and enjoy the ending, but it won't be long before we head off with Samus on a new mission for the GBA.