Chapter 11: Tangled Twists

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Looks like Samus' furry friends found a safe hideout.

The SC will tell you that the main reactor silo of the station has gone offline, cutting off power from all the elevators, doors and stations throughout the entire space station. The SC will show you an area below where the auxiliary power station is located, we'll now need to find our way down there to activate the backup power systems. The SC also asked you to return to your ship because several creatures have apparently boarded it. I wonder who they are? The SC detected that the Etecoons and Dachoras were not X hosts and gave them a place to stay on the ship.

Its kindness to keep these creatures will definitely come in handy later on. Now down to business, we need to find our way to the Auxiliary Power Station. Leave the ship and go back to the tall shaft leading up. At the base you'll find a strange creature hopping up and down. Fry it then use a Power Bomb to reveal a hidden opening on the left wall. Go inside to reach the Reactor Silo area. Make your way down the shaft and go right at the bottom. Inside you'll be in the massive Central Reactor Core, and the thing is in a complete mess.

Vegetation has wound its way around the room and clogged up the reactor core, this is the reason why it shut down. The cause of this growth can't be natural so we'll need to find the source and destroy it. Drop down to the base of this massive shaft and climb up the right wall to the open door at the very top. Go through and cross the next corridor, but watch out for the purple Space Pirate Zebesians. Fill them with missiles and catch the X that emerge. At the end of this corridor past two Zebesians you'll find Energy Tank MD.03 sitting on a platform in plain sight.

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No wonder the power failed with all this vegetation.

Go right and make your way down the next large room, on the way you'll be able to pick up Missile MD.07. At the bottom on the left side you'll confront an Eyeball Door, fry it and go inside. Drop down to the bottom of this large shaft to face the giant Mecha Spider X creature, refer to the bosses guide for handy hints on pulling this spider to bits. Once you've taken this Core X down you'll recover the handy Space Jump ability, so you'll be able to exit this shaft. Space Jump up to the green tunnel at the top of the room and go left to finally reach the Auxiliary Power Station.

Stand on the pad to activate the backup power generator. Head next door to the left to find a Navigation Room where the SC will tell you that Save Rooms and Recharge Rooms are working, but doors and elevators are still down. We'll now track down the source of the vegetation choking the Reactor Core. Leave the room and go left to return to the Central Reactor Core room. Go through the door down below to save your game, then head over to the left side of the reactor room. Watch out for all the insects in this room, they'll all take a pounding from your Beam Weapon before going down.

Space Jump up the left wall, at the very top you'll find a small tunnel leading off into the left wall covered in vines. Shoot out the vines and crawl through. Clear out the next narrow tunnel with a Power Bomb and go left to find yourself in Sector 2. Listen carefully and you'll hear the SA-X wandering around in this room, so this part will get tricky. We can't avoid facing the creature, when you're ready drop down through the block ahead and quickly fire a missile into the SA-X to freeze it. Jump over the freak and rush through the door ahead. Quickly fly through the next room and blow down the wall with bombs before rushing through the next door.

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Auxiliary power should help Samus advance.

Open up all the shutters in the next corridor as you go, and keep freezing the SA-X if it catches up. If you manage to outrun the menace run for the door at the far end of the corridor and step inside. Leap over the tall pillar you find and stay put, the SA-X may step inside the chamber but lose your position and stalk away.

If it doesn't fall for it quickly lay a Power Bomb back out in the corridor to reveal a missile block just in front of the door in the floor. Shoot open the block and drop down to escape from the SA-X. If you did manage to hide successfully step outside and look for the block for your next path.

Go through the next door and climb up the tall shaft you'll find. Up above on the large pillar lay a Power Bomb and drop through the hole it creates on the left. Go through the door at the bottom to find yourself at the top of the shaft that leads to a Save Room below (through here is where you went to face the Eyeball Crustacean creature earlier). You can blow your way down to the Save Room with a Power Bomb to save your game if you want.

You've probably lost a lot of health from that last encounter with the SA-X so it's a good idea to save now, although it's not necessary here as you'll find another Save Room soon. Go back up through the door up in the top left corner of the shaft to find yourself in a huge room free of vegetation. Go over to the left side and Space Jump up the room. From here you'll be able to find Power Bomb S2.01, once you find it go up through the door on the top right corner of this room. Save your game in the following room before continuing on.

Beyond lies another tall shaft - you'll need to proceed through the door directly ahead but there's a hidden Recharge Room nearby if you need health. Ascend the shaft till you find an empty platform on the right side - roll through a hidden opening there on the floor to find the Recharge Room. With your health restored go back down the shaft and head right. Shoot out the ceiling above the door in the next room.

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So this Core X is responsible for all the vines.

Space Jump up the opening and clear out the vines in the large open area above with a Power Bomb. Climb up the next shaft up in the corner to find an Eyeball Door ahead. Fry it then go through the door. You'll automatically drop down into a large room where the Plant Core X - the source of the growth - lives. Check the bosses guide for tips on clearing out this messy overgrowth.

Destroying this abomination not only clears out all the vegetation in Sector 2 and the Reactor Core, but you'll also regain the powerful Plasma Beam ability! Now that the power's been restored you'll be able to leave this room via the door on the right (if you go back into this room all the vines will turn brown). Use the Plasma Beam in the next room to shred all the flying insects, you'll really see the strength in this baby.

Drop down the shaft and head left at the bottom. Cross through the next corridor and head left to return back to the tall green shaft you were in earlier. From here go back through the Save Room on the left to find Power Bombs S2.02 & S2.03. Once you've found both bombs head back up to the shaft beyond the Save Room and Space Jump up to the very top. Go through the door on the right to find Energy Tank S2.02 hidden inside. Go back into the shaft and through the door opposite. Cross the corridor to reach the large green room near the entrance of this sector, then head back up to the Navigation Room for your next objective.

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