Chapter 5: Water Dragons

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Stay out of the electrified water.

The SC will inform you now that releasing the security lock has allowed the SA-X to penetrate Sector 4. So now we have to head over there and investigate. Leave Sector 2 and head right to find the elevator leading down to Sector 4. Go into the Navigation Room and uplink to the SC. The SC will tell you that this area is home to a huge creature the researchers named Serris. This creature is responsible for damaging much of this sector, so we'll have to track it down and neutralize it before it causes critical damage to the station.

The SC will show you where Serris is located, so we need to head out and track it down. Move out into the first large blue room (save your game first), then head through the door on the left wall. Go through the next small room to reach a huge room full of electrified water. Don't fall into the water or you'll take damage. Climb up the room and bomb through the wall at the top to reach the ladder lined across the ceiling. Climb across and drop down to the suspended blocks below. Keep going and head through the door on the left. Proceed through the next room (watch out for the giant Skultera) and go through the upper submerged door on the left.

Up through this winding room you'll find a Save Room and eventually you'll track down Energy Tank S4.01 in a room with a ruined roof section. Grab the Energy Tank and head back down to the previous room. Back in the room with the submerged door, go through the lower door to reach another large room filled with electrified water. Bomb the platform covering the ladder above to uncover it, then climb across over the water. At the end of the ladder you'll find an opening in the roof, jump up there to find a room with another ladder leading up the left wall. Climb up the ladder and crawl through a hidden opening at the top of the ladder to find a room containing Missile S4.01. With the missile in hand go back down to the room with the electrified water.

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Serris X certainly knows how to use the Speed Booster.

Once you drop down into the room, bomb open the wall on the left and continue on through the door ahead. In this next tall shaft, the door directly ahead leads to the Pump Control Unit but you won't be able to get through the Speed Booster blocks. Instead climb up the shaft and head through the door at the top. Save your game in the next room and shoot the small cracked block in the right wall to uncover a hidden tunnel.

Crawl through and bomb open the tunnel in the next room to reach the door ahead. The following room is Serris' breeding tank and where you need to be, but you'll find the massive skeletal remains of Serris in the watery tank here - so the X have already killed it. Wade through the tank and go through the door at the end. Climb up the shaft and fry the Eyeball Door you'll find. In the next room you'll face Serris X, the X parasite that has consumed and mimicked the original Serris. Check the bosses guide for tips on taking this giant serpent down. With the serpent dead you'll recover the Speed Booster ability, so it's time to lower the water level in this area so you can explore further. Leave the room via the door up on the right and run down to the end of the narrow corridor you'll find.

At the end are two Speed Booster blocks in the floor blocking the hole leading down, bomb open the small wall to the left and fry all the Owtchs down the corridor. Run back over to the door and dash back to activate the Speed Booster to break through the two blocks. Down below in the next large room you'll find a Save Room through the door on the right, Missiles S4.02 & S4.03 are also hidden in here.

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The Speed Booster plays a vital part in this quest.

With both missiles tucked away, drop down through the hole in the bottom left corner of the room to reach the first electrified water-filled room. From here go left and make your way over to the Pump Control Unit room. Once inside run to the left to eventually activate the Speed Booster. You'll break through a wall into a small room containing a control station. Stand on the pad to lower the water level in this area, opening up new areas to explore. Once the water fully lowers, drop down below the control station to find Missile S4.04 in plain sight. Leave the room (don't touch the electrified conduits on the walls) and go back into the long room that used to contain electrified water. Drop down below to the lower area of the room and clear out any enemies down here.

Go over to the left corner of the room and run across to the right side to break through the wall with the Speed Booster. Inside you'll find a long corridor containing Missile S4.05. Once you've grabbed it use the Speed Booster to run through the wall on the right side of the corridor so you can reach the first large room that used to contain electrified water. That's about all we can explore for now, head back to the Navigation Room from here for your next objective (you should be getting the hang of the objective system by now).

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