Zer0 Aran: Prologue

Written by Brad Roberts
Published on the 28th June, 2008.

For years people have only know of the story of Samus Aran, a lone human being that had her parents were killed when Space Pirates attacked her home. But what the Galactic Federation didn't know was that Samus wasn't the only one who survived the onslaught. Zer0 Aran. The older brother of Samus Aran survived the battle. But according to the Galactic Federation Zer0's body was never found. His body was never found because Zer0 did the only thing he could to save his younger sister, he joined the Space Pirates in exchange for Samus to live.

The story of Zer0 begins one morning as Zer0 was watching Samus as their parents Joseph Aran and Marie Aran were working outside looking for Chozo artifacts. "Look at this!" Joseph said.. Joseph discovered an artifact that resembled some type of map. "I wonder where it leads to." Marie said. "Zer0 come that a look at this." "What is it mom" Zer0 asked. "Look at this artifact. Isn't it interesting?" Marie asked. Zer0 then replied in sarcastic voice, " Yeah real interesting, maybe it's the map to the lost city of the Chozo" "You know not to joke about that Zer0, it could acutely lead there." Joseph said. "Yeah that is about the same possibility of Space Pirates attacking the village." Zer0 said as he left to go back to feeding Samus.

"I swear that boy is more interested in combat than artifacts." Marie said. "You're right, just hope somebody doesn't end up digging him up as an artifact." Joseph said. Marie then got up and put the artifact onto a box. "Well at least he is concern about his sister." Marie said. "Yeah that's true" Joseph said as he started loading boxes onto a cargo transporter. "Well it's getting late, we all should probably head inside." Joseph said. " Yeah, this place does get dangerous at night. Hey Zer0 get Samus and come inside!"

"Okay Mom! Lets go Samus." Zero said. "Hopefully I will be around for your fourth birthday. Especially since the Galactic Federation will let me join next year as a 13 year old." "Zer0!" Joseph yelled. "I'm coming, man I told them once already." Zer0 said to himself as he carried Samus over to where his father yelled.

"I'm here." Zer0 said. "Excellent, now we can make sure there are no more witnesses." Zer0 stared in shock as he saw a Space Pirate with a sword stabbed into the chest of his father. "What's wrong boy you seem surprised, after all, what are the chances of Space Pirates attacking." He said. " The same possibility that." Zer0 then ran off carrying Samus in his arms towards the place where the artifact map was. "Go after him, I'll deal with this one." The Pirate said as he pointed at Marie. "Yes, Claw." The pirates said as they ran after Zer0. "You're a brave one just to stand there watching." Then Claw fired a single round into Marie's head. "But bravery will get you nowhere." Zer0 grabbed the map and started running in the direction it lead, with Space Pirates not far behind.

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