Zer0 Aran: Chapter 3

Written by Brad Roberts
Published on the 28th July, 2008.

"Zer0, wake up! Zer0!" Snarl said as he tried everything to wake Zer0 up. Finally, Zer0's eyes open and he sat up.

"What is it Snarl, do you know what time it is?" Zer0 asked. "Do you?" "It's 8:24 a.m. ... Wait... 8... " Zer0 said looking worried. "Yes, hours past departure time, its even 2 hours past arrival time." Snarl said. "Why in the great Chozo name didn't you wake me up!" Zer0 said. "Because..." Snarl begin, but Zer0 didn't hear as he saw a white flash come over his eyes.

He then saw Lily and two other pirates being attacked by a Parasite Queen. The two pirates were killed by the Parasite Queen but some other creature attacks Lily. Then the vision end. "Is there still a way to get to the station?" Zer0 asked as he grabbed his sword. "Yes, there is still a single ship left. Why? ... You're not planning on going are you? You will be killed!" Snarl protested. "If I don't Lily will most defiantly die... If I do go there is a chance, I can save her..." Zer0 said as he headed for the ship. "I'll be back soon..." Zer0 said as he flew out of HQ and headed to the station.

At the station Lily was looking at some of the parasites that were being held there. Just then she started to feel a piercing pain in her chest. She then looked at a containment case and saw a creature with a green head, and a visible brain, it also had four fangs. It looked as if the creature was trying to attack her. Lily then fell to the ground screaming in pain! "Hey, Lily are you okay!" said a pirate named Mio. "Hey, someone take her to the infirmary!" Mio yelled! A group of pirates came to take Lily to the infirmary.

About an hour passed and Zer0 started to approach the station. "Hmm...that's strange, the power is out, and the shields are gone." Zer0 thought. "No air lock, hmm... there is more than one way into this station." Zer0 then flew his ship through the side of the station. Zer0 then exited the ship through the windshield. Zer0 then went into the main hall... Once there he saw the vision happening! Lily and a pirate and Mio were standing in front of a giant Parasite Queen! The one pirate was batted away and Lily and Mio stood alone in front of the creature!

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