Zer0 Aran: Chapter 10

Written by Brad Roberts
Published on the 27th September, 2008.

"So, Miss Aran, as you can clearly see you are out numbered." Claw said smiling evilly. Samus started opening fire on Claw and the Metroids. Claw skillfully dodged the power beam; Samus was able to kill a few Metroids. The Metriod Core started bringing more and more Metroids into the battle. The Metroid Core started ordering the Metroids to attack the team. The team was no match for the Metroids as they easily attacked the battalion. "Surrender now, Miss Aran, or I will completely obliterate you all." "I wont let you get that chance!" Zer0 said, interrupting Claw. Zer0 and Claw got into another sword lock. "You really are annoying you know." Claw said as Zer0 moved his sword free cutting Claw on his arm. Samus and the battalion were killing the Metroids. Samus in particular was attacking the Metroid Core.

"We are going to need more men..." Adam said as the team continues battling the Space Pirates. "Samus, Zer0, report! Samus! Zer0! Respond! Damn it! Keep shooting, men!" "Sir, we are starting to suppress the pirates into a retreating position." The Black Team Leader said. "Good work, Commander! Keep firing!" Just then a loud explosion was set off as about half of the GF army was destroyed. "What the hell was that!" Adam exclaimed. "Sir! They are using some type of secret weapon!" a Leader said. "Okay, move your battalion in, destroy that cannon!" Adam ordered.

Claw and Zer0 were still attacking each other, not being able to make a scratch besides Zer0's beginning attack. Samus and her battalion were starting to come close to destroying the Metroids. Samus was then sent flying by the Metroid Core. "Samus!" Zer0 yelled, Claw saw his chance and got a slash off of Zer0's arm. "CLAW! YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF GARBAGE! I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!" Zer0 said as he got a giant surge of power, but all too quickly it left him. He saw Claw grab Lily ready to shoot her! "Claw, let her go..." Zer0 said as he tried to negotiate. "Your choice: Her life, or the life of Miss Aran." Claw said laughing. "Claw! LET HER GO!" Zer0 yelled. "Choose!" Claw ordered. Zer0 paused for a moment before Claw loaded his gun! "Fine! I'll choose for you!" Claw said, as he was ready to shoot Lily! Just then, the Metroid that followed Zer0 attacked Claw releasing Lily! "I knew all Metroids were bad!" Claw said ripped off the Metroid. "DIE" Claw shot the Metroid, but not killing it. The Metroid Core saw this as it started to order all the Metroids to attack Claw and all the other Pirates.

"Sir, I am not sure how much more we can take of this!" The White Leader said. "What is this?" Adam said as Metroids came and started attacking all the Pirates there. "Sir, it looks like the Metroids are helping us..." The White Leader said in confusion. "But why would they do that?" Adam asked himself. "Well, lets not count our blessings. All troops this is our chance! Attack the pirates!" Adam ordered as the GF battalion started attacking.

"Sa...m... ar..y..o...o..ay" Zer0 said trying to get in contact with her. "Come on, we have to go find her." Zer0 said. "Lily, go find Mio, tell him to go find Samus' ship, and to get ready to leave. If I am not there within 7 minutes, leave without us." Zer0 said, as Lily was shocked. "Good-bye, Lily..." Zer0 said as Lily hugged him for a moment and then left to find Mio. Zer0 then started running, dodging fire, into the area where Samus was sent flying. "Samus!" Zer0 yelled repeatedly as he tried to find her. "DIE, BOY!" Claw said as he tried killing Zer0 from behind. Zer0 blocked the attack and dealt a fatal blow into Claw's chest. "Good riddance, you no good piece of hell..." Zer0 said as he saw Samus running towards him. "Sa-" before Zer0 could say anything Samus grabbed his hand as they were running towards the ship. "Your team set the bomb and said everyone is evacuating the planet." Samus said. "Well, at least one team did their job..." Zer0 said as they continued running towards the ship.

"Sir, everyone is on their ships ready for the order to leave." The Black and White leader confirmed. "Good, tell them to take off commanders." Adam said. "Yes sir!" the leaders said as they moved back towards their ships. "I am sorry Zer0 but we have to leave now..." Adam said as he turned to go to his ship. Samus and Zer0 were running through the planet and were 3 minutes away from the ship. They had 4 minutes until the bomb went off. "We aren't going to make it..." Samus said sadly. "Over my dead body!" Zer0 said as he ran in front of Samus and he started glowing gold again! "Chozo God of Speed! Lend me your power!" Zer0 said as he started running ten times faster! He threw Samus onto his back as the team approached the shipyard. "LILY! EVERYONE! TAKE OFF! GET OUT OF HERE!" Zer0 yelled as he ran towards Samus' ship. The ships took off leaving the planet. Zer0 managed to jump onto Samus' ship as the team started gaining elevation. "Look!" Samus said as Zer0 and Samus saw the Metroid Exo. Then a tentacle was coming right at Samus! Zer0 ran in front of it but the tentacle was strong enough to penetrate them both taking some type of energy from them! "What the hell was that?" Zer0 said as he and Samus stand up. The two decided not to think too much of it as they entered the ship and it took off towards the GF HQ.

"Lily, Mio, and Zer0. Because of your heroic efforts to stop the intoxicating Phazon, I declare you three members of the GF and your Space Pirate records destroyed." Adam said. Zer0 walked back to his room. He removed a cover to reveal the Metroid that had helped him. "Don't worry little guy, your race of Metroids are not completely destroyed." But Zer0 didn't know how right he was...

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