Zer0 Aran: Chapter 5

Written by Brad Roberts
Published on the 10th September, 2008.

"Now then, I know that you just lost your friend and as much as I would love to help you out with whatever you were doing, I can't." Samus said as she readied herself to go outside. "Why, you want revenge on the pirates too don't you." Lily said as she was trying to hold back her tears. "I want to stop the pirates but not out of revenge." Samus said as she finished preparing and walked over to her lift. "But you should want revenge, I mean they killed your parents and they just killed your brother." Lily said as Samus walked up to her and shoved her into the wall. "No... my brother was killed along side my parents, he couldn't have been here..." Samus said as she walked on the lift. "Oh, and you both better be out of here before I came back you dirty pirate scum!" Samus said as she left the ship. "Well, someone is full of herself." Lily said. "Come on, Lily lets go while we can." Mio said. "Right, lets go to that Impact Crater." Said Lily "Impact Crater, what's that, Lily?" Mio said, "It's the place where the ship crashed. I don't think Zer0 is dead Mio, he couldn't be." Lily said as she left the ship. "Which is better, getting killed by the bounty hunter, or finding a dead guy." Mio wondered out loud as he followed Lily out of the ship.


"Ok... this way, Mio" Lily said as she went into the Impact Crater. "Five hours... five hours it took for us to get here and you aren't tired..." Mio said as he tried catching his breath. The two went up to the Impact Crater when a guard stopped them. "Hold it! You cannot go any further, those who do will be shot, chief's orders!" The guard said in an almost screeching voice. "Come on let us in, we are part of the pirates." Lily said. "You don't look like a pirate! Therefore I cannot let you pass!" The guard said. "Shoot them, stab them, do whatever it takes to get them out of my site." An evil creature said in a alien language that neither Lily or Mio could understand. "Yes Master Ridley!" the guard said as he was about to open fire on the two. Just then there was a golden flash of light then the guard's gun was destroyed. "Run now!" said a voice that sounded familiar to Lily. The two then ran off into the forest as the figure grabbed a gun and opened fire on the pirates working there. "Destroy them," the evil voice said. The figure ran into the forest after Lily and Mio.


"Thank...you..." Lily said as the three stopped in a cave that the pirates passed. "Who... are...you..." Mio asked the figure. The figure passed for a moment before answering in a chuckling voice.  "That's not nice to say to a friend who just saved you." Said the figure. "I know you... you're Sky, the golden shooter." Lily said in excitement. "That's right, Lily." Said Sky. "Now what are you two doing here, I don't recall you two having to come here." Sky said. "Snarl sent us to the space station, but it crashed. We hitched a ride with a bounty hunter before the explosion though." Mio explained. "Hmm... I think I understand now, but where is Zer0?" Sky asked. Both Mio and Lily were silent and were looking at the ground. "Oh... I didn't think something like that could have happen to the kid..." Sky said as he went into the silence also. "We think he might still be alive..." Lily said. "Well then I will help you guys look for him, so don't look so sad." Sky said trying to cheer Lily up. "I would bet anything if he were alive then the pirates would have already taken him for medical treatment. Or... they could have been so confused by how he survived that they took him for research. That could also be why the pirates attacked you." Sky said. "What would they use him for?" Mio asked. "Probably for testing with Phazon." Sky answered. "Phazon?" Mio asked. "Yes, it is a type of disease. It has been killing everyone on this planet. It is more hot then lava, and more poison then about 5 skin veners." Sky said. "So what we need to do is go to the pirate HQ and save Zer0 before they add the toxic Phazon." Said Sky. "Okay, follow me, I know of a place where we can get supplies and rest." Sky said as Mio and Lily followed him out of the cave and into the forest.


"She... can't be right... Zer0 can't be alive..." Samus thought as she moved through the Tallon Overworld. Just then she received a radio transmission from Galactic Federation HQ. "Samus, unknown Space Pirate activity is occurring near the Magmoor Caverns, go investigate." Said her CO. "Right, I will move out as soon as possible, Sarge." Samus said as she moved towards the Magmoor Caverns.

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